Magic: The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast's main Web page
Any of you folks heard of a collectable trading card game called Magic: The Gathering? These are the people who make it.

Tom Christiansen's Magic page
Including a card search engine which uses Tom's card database (It's a GZipped Perl module.) [Check the modtime]
I've got a local copy.

WotC's other home page
(on ITIS)

WotC's FTP site

Neutral Ground
This is a games store in New York, NY, USA. They often release some of the first expansion spoilers.

Mirage rumours (old) and story

A "braided tale" about Mirage (from Wizards of the Coast)

Magic: The Database

Calling All Magi

Single Card Strategies
The archives of Jeff Franzmann's SCS articles, maintained by Edwin Million

Gabriel Huecas Fernandez-Toribio's Card Information page


The Library of Dominia
Gilles Dignard's Magic pages

Robert S. Hahn's Home Page

MtG: PC Game by MicroProse

Mage's Library

Magic Scribe

A Strategy Page

Aracron's Ice Cauldron
A bunch of decks and card strategies submitted to Aracron by various people.

Vault magazine
An online guide for trading card games

Keith's Card Crypt

Magic in Belgium

Magic: the Gathering Email Club

Joseph W. DeVincentis, Jr.'s home page
/dev/joe's Magic page has a link in his "Bigger list of cool places" page

The Mana Pool

The Ice Mage

Alternate Magic Cards

Karel's page
Karel is a Belgian Magic player who has actually updated his page this year! Wow!

Michael Moore's deckulator

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