Gigs I've been to in the past

The Big Day Out 1997

1-Nov-1997: Faith No More
at the Perth Entertainment Centre

12-Apr-1998: Metallica
at the Perth Entertainment Centre

The Big Day Out 1999

Fear Factory
Supported by Choke
at Metropolis Fremantle

26-Nov-1998: The Mark of Cain
Supported by N.I.L.
at the Lookout

The 1999 WAMI Punk Gig
The Pimps, The Ratts, The Twats and Mutt
at the Swanbourne Hotel (RIP)

Frenzal Rhomb's Gambling, Vomit and Sleeping in the Bin tour
Also featuring Less than Jake and 28 Days
at Metropolis Perth

30-Sep-1999: Suicidal Tendencies
at Metropolis Perth

15-Oct-1999: The Living End
With Eskimo Joe and Bodyjar

31-Oct-1999: "Scary Slam"
Featuring Broken, Salem, Caddis, Madder Spiral, Mind's Eye and Skin, Inc.
at the Newport Hotel

20-Dec-1999: Toe to Toe, 28 Days, Boredumb, gyroscope.
At the Grosvenor Hotel's back room

2-Jan-2000: The Tea Party
at Metropolis Perth

6-Feb-2000: The Big Day Out 2000

14-Mar-2000: Mr Bungle
at Metropolis Fremantle

7-Apr-2000: Grinspoon and Shihad
at Metropolis Fremantle

14-Apr-2000: Primus
at Metropolis Fremantle

17-Apr-2000: Rollins Band (mk II)
with Nokturnl and Jed Whitey
at the Lookout

27-Apr-2000: Veil
supported by Paradox
at the Loft

8-Jun-2000: Hyperdrive, Headshot, Hobyards, Floating Widget, Radical Phallus
At the Grosvenor Hotel's front room: a "20 minutes of fame" gig

9-Jun-2000: Rhino Ted CD launch
with T-Cells, Kin, Caddis and Full Scale Deflection
at the Amplifier bar

29-Jul-2000: Frust, Psychonaut, Centaur, Plague, Dethlehem and Pagan
At the Norwood Hotel

29-Sep-2000: Last Hemeroids, Special Patrol Group, Mum's Tennis Friends, World on Welfare, Turtleslime, Dropzone, The Dirty Sluts and The Trots
at the Iron Duke Hotel (Sydney)

10-Oct-2000: The Cure
at the Perth Entertainment Centre

13-Oct-2000: T-Cells, Frust, Syzygy and Black Steele
at the Amplifier bar

20-Oct-2000: Mr Miagi, Headshot and T-Cells
at the Loft

22-Oct-2000: Rock-It
Weta, John Butler Trio, Shihad, Grinspoon, 28 Days, Powderfinger and Green Day

27-Oct-2000: Effigy
supported by Capital City and Team Jedi
at the Loft

17-Nov-2000: Allegiance reformation gig
Supported by Heavyweight Champ and Kayjun
at the Raffles Hotel

26-Nov-2000: Pennywise
Supported by Frenzal Rhomb
at Metropolis Fremantle

2-Dec-2000: Segression
Supported by Heavyweight Champ and Coloured
at the Amplifier bar

15-Dec-2000: PC Thug reformation gig
Supported by Negative Reply, Billings Method, Ballpoint and No Wonder
at the Hyde Park Hotel

23-Dec-2000: Hail! Hail! Hail!
I saw the Skinny White Guys, Lou-Weeze De'Ath, Headshot, The Panics and Ikey Mo.

31-Dec-2000: World Domination
Dominion's NYE event, featuring Lux Voltaire and Immaculata.

28-Jan-2001: Skint, Psychonaut, Frust, Malice Unity and Enforce
At the Taipan Room

4-Feb-2001: The Big Day Out
I saw Sunk Loto, Mudvayne, Frenzal Rhomb, 28 Days, Killing Heidi, Nitocris, Placebo, The Meanies and Rammstein.

24-Feb-2001: Blood Duster
Supported by Humonic and Immpact Winter
At the Grosvenor Hotel's back room

9-Apr-2001: Blink 182
Supported by Motor Ace and Bodyjar
at the Perth Entertainment Centre

17-May-2001: Cognition (featuring Effigy)
at the Amplifier bar

19-May-2001: Superheist
Supported by Rhino Ted and Karnivool
At the Grosvenor Hotel's back room

20-May-2001: Pantera
Supported by Segression and Corrosion of Conformity
at the Perth Entertainment Centre

24-May-2001: The Spinsters
at the Amplifier bar

1-Jun-2001: The Amplifier Bar's 1st birthday
GC-161, The Critics, Dropsick Injektors, Purrvert and Jed Whitey

16-Jun-2001: Alchemist
Supported by Humonic and Kin
At the Grosvenor Hotel's back room

14-Jul-2001: Frenzal Rhomb
Supported by Boredumb and Strung Out
At the Grosvenor Hotel's back room

8-Sep-2001: Inahkis
Supported by Maximum Perversion, Ominence, Salem, Scream Age and Syzygy
at the Rosemount Hotel

15-Sep-2001: Tragic Delicate, Mr Miagi, Heavyweight Champ and Karnivool
At Leederville Tafe

15-Sep-2001: Local Pricks, Waste of Space, The Critics, gyroscope. and Hyperdrive
at the Rosemount Hotel

16-Sep-2001: WAMIs closing party
Jaluka, Longbo Tom, Rollerskates & Fourth Floor Collapse
Lo-Key Fu, Echoic, Cambion & Rawbone
at the Amplifier Bar and the Globe

29-Sep-2001: Skeletons Of Society (Slayer Tribute)
Supported by Frust, Centaur and Enforce
At the Grosvenor Hotel's back room

4-Oct-2001: The Dirty Whittler, Rhino Ted, Split King and Coloured
at the Amplifier Bar

19-Oct-2001: The Mark of Cain
Supported by Heavyweight Champ and Subtruck
at the Raffles Hotel

25-Oct-2001: Guttermouth
with One Dollar Short and gyroscope.
at the Lookout

28-Oct-2001: One Dollar Short
with The Critics and gyroscope.
at the Rosemount Hotel

30-Nov-2001: Judas Priest
Supported by Black Steel
at Metropolis Perth

1-Dec-2001: Unwritten Law
Supported by Last Year's Hero
at the Globe

5-Dec-2001: They Might Be Giants
at The Globe

8-Dec-2001: Greenroom CD Launch
Supported by Kingpin and Subtruck
at the Lookout

9-Dec-2001: Fear Factory
Supported by Pathogen and others
at Metropolis Perth

15-Dec-2001: Pathogen's 6th birthday show
Supported by Smashed, Omniance, Vesper's Descent and Enforce
At the Grosvenor Hotel's back room

22-Dec-2001: Hail! Hail! Hail!
I saw Headshot, Karnivool and Rhino Ted (maybe others too, it was a while ago)
at the Grosvenor Hotel

3-Feb-2002: The Big Day Out
I saw NoFX and some other bands
27-Apr-2002: Ravens'head
Supported by Syzygy, Psychonaut, Subtruck, Omen and Evil Genius
at the Raffles Hotel

19-May-2002: Identity Theft and Secondbest
with Waste of Space and others
At Leederville HQ

19-May-2002: Irix
At the Liars Saloon

14-Jun-2002: Closet Panic Sniveller (final show)
with The Dirty Whittler, Headshot and Ward 13
at the Amplifier bar

23-Jun-2002: Grinspoon and Front End Loader
at the Globe

14-Jul-2002: One Dollar Short
with Last Year's Hero and gyroscope.
at the Newport hotel

20-Jul-2002: Headshot (t-shirt launch)
supported by Tragic Delicate, Civilised and Thumb
at the Grosvenor Hotel's front room

4-Aug-2002: Bodyjar
with foramusementonly and the Critics
at the Newport hotel

11-Aug-2002: Local Pricks and Mindsnare
with Killed in Action, From the Ruins, Negative Reply and the Critics
At Leederville HQ

20-Sep-2002: Mayhem
Supported by Pathogen and Vesper's Descent
at the Raffles Hotel

13-Oct-2002: Rock-It
I saw Grinspoon, John Butler Trio, Pacifier, Machine Gun Fellatio, Motor Ace, Bodyjar, Superheist and few more

7-Nov-2002: Reel Big Fish
Supported by Waste of Space and Times Up
at the Raffles Hotel

13-Dec-2002: Day of Contempt

at the Amplifier bar

27-Dec-2002: Thrash metal tribute night
Psychonaut and others
at the Amplifier bar

9-Jan-2003: Pungent Stench
Supported by Black Steel and pathogen
at the Amplifier bar

2-Feb-2003: The Big Day Out
I saw 28 Days, Bexta, Chicks on Speed, The Murder Dolls, Jane's Addiction, Jimmy Eat World, The Foo Fighters, The Deftones, Pacifier (née Shihad), Frenzal Rhomb, Millencolin and The Hard Ons.

15-Feb-2003: Anti-ARIA-censorship gig
Beside the Point, Pyromesh, Oddlaw and Hypercentre
At Leederville HQ

15-Feb-2003: Western Front metal band awards
Pyromesh, Maximum Perversion, Voyager and Pathogen
at the Globe

7-March-2003: Civilised EP launch
Supported by Tragic Delicate and Ikey Mo
at the Amplifier bar

21-Mar-2003: Pathogen's 7th birthday gig
Supported by Imprint, Dethlahem and Pryomesh
at The Raffles

14-Apr-2003: Opeth
supported by Vesper's Descent and Pathogen
at The Globe

25-Apr-2003: Guttermouth
supported by Times Up, Change of Face, For Amusement Only and PC Thug
at Amplifier/The Globe

2-May-2003: Civilised, Anoxia, The Wire Complex and Temple of Tears
at Mojo's, Fremantle

4-May-2003: Frenzal Rhomb
supported by Last Year's Hero and Useless ID (Israel)
at The Globe

5-Jul-2003: Sheep On Drugs
Supported by Civilised, Immaculata and The Chaos Engine
at the Rosemount

11-Jul-2003: Sheep On Drugs
Supported by Tankt and The Chaos Engine
at Inflation Nightclub (Melbourne)

19-Jul-2003: Jerk
Supported by Phantombola, From the Inside and Full Scale
at the Hi-Fi Bar (Melbourne)

22-Jul-2003: Rollins Band (playing mostly Black Flag songs)
Supported by Mindsnare
at the Corner Hotel (Richmond, near Melbourne)

5-May-2003: WAMi metal gig
Black Steel, Full Scale, Heavyweight Champ, Pathogen, Subtruck, Voyager, Pyromesh, Hypercentre, The Meaning Of and Beside The Point
at Amplifier/The Globe

4-Nov-2003: Strapping Young Lad
supported by Heavyweight Champ
at The Lookout

16-Jan-2004: Evanescence
supported by Finger Eleven and Full Scale
at Challenge Stadium

17-Jan-2004: Alchemist (all-ages gig)
supported by Dyscord, Vesper's Descent and Pyromesh
at The Amplifier Bar

01-Feb-2004: The Big Day Out
I saw Skulker, Blood Duster, The Black Eyed Peas, The Butterfly Effect, The Dandy Warhols, Muse, The Mars Volta, The Butterfly Effect, Metallica, The Flaming Lips and Basement Jaxx
at Claremont Showgrounds

09-Feb-2004: Korn
supported by Fear Factory and Static X
at Claremont Showgrounds

20-Feb-2004: Sin City (nèe The Local Pricks)
supported by The Fuzz, etc.
at The Amplifier Bar

27-Feb-2004: A Perfect Circle
at Claremont Showgrounds

27-Mar-2004: Frankenbok
supported by Lockdown and The Meaning Of
at The Rosemount Hotel

14-Apr-2004: Entombed
Supported by Pathogen
at Club A

22-Apr-2004: Covenant
Supported by Temple of Tears
at Metro City

2004-05-21: The Wire Complex: EP Launch
Supported by Tragic Delicate, Civilised, Heathcliffe and Nina X
at the Rosemount

2004-05-23: Army of Darkness Tour: Full Scale and 8ft Sativa
(Sunk Loto cancelled) Supported by Head Filled Attraction

2004-06-20: Exhumed
supported by Ebolie, Bludgeoner, Maximum Perversion and Vespers Descent
at the Amplifier Bar

2004-06-24: The Offspring
supported by Bodyjar and ?
at Claremont Showgrounds

2004-07-25: DaysEnd
Supported by Pathogen, From the Ruins, etc.
at Leederville HQ

2004-09-17: Macquarie University's Conception Day festival
I saw The Tremors, Nunchukka Superfly, Unpaid Debt, Brace, After the Fall, Bodyjar, Skulker, The Bird, 28 Days, Primary and Many Machines On Nine
2004-09-17: Frenzal Rhomb
Supported by Too Green for Summer, The Heard, etc.
at the Metro (in Sydney)

2004-09-18: Brace
Supported by Tripguage and King Mungi
at the Excelsior Hotel (in Sydney)

2004-09-21: World Battle of the Bands heat 1
The Brazen Heats, N.R.N.R., Equilibrium, Triangle
at the Marquee (in Sydney)

2004-09-22: In Flames
Supported by Chimaira and DaysEnd
at the Manning Bar (in Sydney)

2004-09-23: Anxiety Whispers
Supported by Dead Inside the Chrysalis, The Angel Affair and Hexx
at Club 77's Batcave night (in Sydney)

2004-10-01: Sounds for Sudan benefit gig
Staying At Home, Mighty Few, etc.
at the Gaelic Club (in Sydney)

2004-10-02: Machine Head
Supported by Contrive and Switchfoot
at the UNSW Roundhouse

2004-10-05: Machine Head
Supported by Contrive
at the Lookout

2004-10-22: Nina's birthday gig
Maximum Perversion, Hated by Humanity, Neverborn, Frust and Enforce
at Heat

2004-10-29: The Beverly Killbillies, etc.
at The Castle

2004-10-31: Intrasonic
Supported by Temple of Tears and Acetate
at The Amplifier Bar

2004-11-05: Devolved
Supported by Kin, Plague and Fool the World
at the White Sands Tavern

2004-11-14: Blood Duster
Supported by Pathogen, Plague, PC Thug and Maximum Perversion
at Leederville HQ

2004-12-10: KMFDM
Supported by Temple of Tears and Intrasonic
at the Monkey Bar

2005-01-07: Voyager
Supported by Vespers Descent, Red Descending and Life on Mars
at the Amplifier Bar

2005-01-15: Dimebag Darrel tribute gig
at the Monkey Bar

2005-02-06: Big Day Out
I saw The Donnas, Crawlspace, The Music, TKO, Le Tigre, Grinspoon, Slipknot, System of a Down, Blues Explosion, The Beastie Boys and Regurgitator
at Claremont Showgrounds

2005-03-03: Pungent Stench
Supported by ??
at the Amplifier bar

2005-03-11: Tidal
Supported by Head Filled Attraction, etc.
at the Amplifier bar

2005-03-18: New Rules for Boats, etc.
at the Amplifier bar

2005-04-08: Intrasonic, Temple of Tears, [cell 7]
at Nu Vibe

2005-05-12: Atreyu, Unearth and Norma Jean
Supported by From the Ruins
at the Monkey Bar

2005-05-28: Fuck, I'm Dead
Supported by Plague, etc.
at the Amplifier bar

2005-08-26: Blood Duster
Supported by Hated By Humanity and Maximum Perversion
at the Swan Basement

2005-11-13: Contrive
Supported by Voyager and Psychonaut
at the Newport

2005-12-10: "Blackjack"
I saw The Fireballs, The Casanovas, Mötley Crüe and Mötorhead
at Claremont Showgrounds

2005-12-31: "Monochrome"
Temple of Tears
at Bluprint nightclub

2006-02-11: Voyager return show
supported by Chaos Divine, Pyromesh and Mysteria
at the Amplifer Bar

2006-02-18: Nina's birthday gig
featuring Enforce, Plague, Vespers Descent and Fool the World
at the Lookout


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