Hacker culture

Information wants to be free
Here I've collected together much that is weird, funny, interesting or just plain outrageous about people who do bizarre things with computers. Note that the word "cracking" now carries much of the meaning formerly associated with "hacking" in an illegal/information-piracy context.
Eric Steven Raymond's home page
Also check out OpenContent.org's OPL and the Free Software Foundation for good licences for freely distributable stuff.

Simon "Bastard Operator From Hell" Travaglia's home page
See also the new BOFH articles.

techs' page

.rain.forest.puppy.'s home page
Weird name, cool stuff

Ian Jackson's collection of interesting miscellanea

Thomas Boutell's site

David Rothman's homepage

Andrew Tanenbaum's site
The author of many quality geek books.

A joke play called "The Vaxorcist"
For DEC (RIP, eaten by Compaq) fans everywhere

The International Alliance for Compatible Technology

Diamond Multimedia
This bunch makes a portable MP3 player

Classic moments in hacker history

The ORCA-1 page
Documents MIT's entry in the 1998 International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition. Their sumbarine hack was really hoopy!

Some crazy Norwegian dudes implemented IP-over-carrier-pigion


The University Computer Club
The UCC (at UWA) is the ultimate geek refuge: the clubroom, in the Guild's Cameron Hall, has a plethora of terminals, Macs, PCs, X-terms, various Unix boxes and tons of other working and non-working junk.

Hackers do things differently. That's the way it is. Check out the Dvorak keyboard to find out how different you can get...


And of course, there's Segfault.org

Jargon and Habits

Geek acronyms

Collected phrases
There are many hacking terms not covered in the "mainstream" literature. Some of these include:
On-the-blocks mode
running with the case off
(verb/excl.) to grab or snatch something. Frequently said during the act of doing so.


The Jargon File


Geeks and hackers enjoy odd foods, beverages and recreational substances. Some examples include:

Ha Ha Only Serious

One of the things which characterise hackers is their off-beat, subtle sense of humour.
Geeks news of a rathy nutty variety.

Conventions, conferences and crews


The New Graffiti

A list & archive of cracked web sites


I am a geek. The following resources are placed here to help you relate to your inner geek, whether you are one or not.
The Geek definition page at the Marshmallow Peanut Circus

Visit the Nerdiplex

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