Alvy Sarantyr-Falconbridge

Alvy Sarantyr-Falconbridge is a character of mine in Sophie's campaign. It has been playing for over 4 years real time now, playing every second week. I have written up two versions of his story, one is the bare bones the other is the story as he would have written it. Each is also broken up into 10Kb files for easy reading. It will be updated whenever I get around to finishing up the last six months of game time for his diary.

I also have other PC's

  • Alvy's history
  • Alvy's Diary.
    1. Part 1
    2. Part 2
    3. Part 3
    4. Part 4
    5. Part 5
    6. Part 6

  • Alvy's and Miior's spells (23Kb)
  • Nightshade's spells
    Glenn Butcher / knight