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Symbols used

($) Indicates that the system indicated is out of print.
(-) Indicates a game not available in the U.S.
(^) Indicates that the game listed is a "Universal" Game supplement
(*) Indicates that the game is pending release
(?) Indicates that the game in question may not actually exist
Other parenthetical comments are specified at the bottom of the section they appear in.

Game Category Definitions

Please note that my pigeon-holing of games for this list is primarily as a convenience for reference purposes. Many games represented as belonging to a certain genre would properly belong in multiple genres

"Universal" Role-Playing Games
Traditional Fantasy Historical Fantasy
Literary Fantasy "Pure" Fantasy
Science Fantasy Space Opera
Science Fiction Combat Time Travel
Mecha Cyberpunk
Other Science Fiction Alternate Reality
Conspiracy Action-Adventure
Espionage Military/Post Holocaust
Horror Monster
Supplement Lines for Any Game
RPG-relate Board Games
RPG-Style Miniatures Games
Role-Playing Games that Defy Categorisation
Games that are not really RPG's, but claim to be

"Universal" Role-Playing Games

Universal Role-Playing Games are games that provide a system, without tying it to any specific genre or background, generally providing a number of alternate genres to choose from.

Adventure! ($)Tori Bergquist
Adventure Maximum ($)Worldmaster Designs
Alternatives 2.0 (-)Presses alternatives
Amazing Engine
For Faerie Queen and Country
Galactos Barrier
Metamorphosis Alpha to Omega
Once and Future King
Kromosome (*)
Tabloid (*)
Anywhen Universal Role-Playing System($)
Imperial Earth
K Society
ARM (+)NETable project
Binary RPG (-)Triplet
BURPS ($)Maverick Games
Dangerous Journeys ($)
Game Designers' Workshop/TSR
Revolution: 2220
Wooden Suits & Iron Men
Nightshift Games & Crunchy Frog Enter.
Eternal Soldier ($)Tai-Gear Simulations
Faeriland (-)Graal
Free Style Role-Play
Avengers of Justice
Battle Born
Buccaneers and Conquistadors
Era Ten
Good Guys Finish Last
Rogue Swords of the Empire
Better Games
FUDGE (@)Wild Mule Games
Generic Game
Just Another Monster
Inner City Games Designs
GURPS Ancient Egypt (*)
GURPS Ancient Greece (*)
GURPS Arabian Nights ($)
GURPS Atomic Horror
GURPS Autoduel ($)
GURPS Aztecs
GURPS Bunnies & Burrows
GURPS Callahan's Crosstime Saloon
GURPS Camelot
GURPS Car Wars
GURPS Civil War ($)
GURPS Cliffhangers ($)
GURPS Cops and Robbers (*)
GURPS CthulhuPunk (*)
GURPS Cyberpunk
GURPS Cyberworld
GURPS Espionage
GURPS Fantasy
GURPS Fantasy II ($)
GURPS Harkwood ($)
GURPS Horror
GURPS Horseclans ($)
GURPS Humanx ($)
GURPS Ice Age ($)
GURPS Illuminati ($)
GURPS Imperial Rome ($)
GURPS International Super Teams ($)
GURPS Japan ($)
GURPS Lensman ($)
GURPS Mage: the Ascension
GURPS Mecha (*)
GURPS Middle Ages ($)
GURPS Old West ($)
GURPS The Prisoner ($)
GURPS Psionics
GURPS Riverworld ($)
GURPS Robin Hood
GURPS Scarlet Pimpernel
GURPS Special Ops ($)
GURPS Supers
GURPS Swashbucklers ($)
GURPS Terradyne
GURPS Time Travel
GURPS Uplift
GURPS Vampire: the Masquerade
GURPS Victorian Era (*)
GURPS Vikings
GURPS War Against the Cthorr
GURPS Werewolf: the Apocalypse
GURPS Wild Cards ($)
GURPS Witch World ($)
Steve Jackson Games
Hero System
At Rapier's Point (*) (%)
Champions in 3D
Cyber HERO
Danger, International
Dark Champions
Dark Space (%)
Fantasy HERO
Justice, Inc.
Mythic Egypt (%)
Mythic Greece (%)
Ninja HERO
Outlaw (%)
Pirates (%)
Robin Hood (%)
Time Riders (%)
Vikings (%)
Western HERO
Hero Games & Iron Crown Enterprises
Infinity ($)The Infinity Company
Ironhedge ($)
Empire Wargames
Legacy ($)Legacy Press
Les Maitres-Mondes (-)L'Arkalance
Persona (*)Tesarta Industries
Role (-)Casus Belli
Roleplayer ($)Roleplayer Enterprises
Simulacres (-)Casus Belli/Excelsior/Jeux Descartes
Simulacron I ($)Simulacron I
STOCS liteWasteland Games
System One (++)NETable project
Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain (*)
Backstage Press
To Challenge TomorrowRagnarok Enterprises
Kung Fu Dragons
Metaphysical Ninja Maniac Chainsaw Vitamin Junkies
Rocket Rangers
Space Cadets
Reindeer Games & Gamescience
World Action and Adventure ($)M.S. Kinney Corporation
Worlds of Wonder ($)

@ NET Project coordinated by Steffan O'Sullivan (
+ Anonymous FTP from in /pub/Beelzebub/Role-Playing/Generic
++ Anonymous FTP to, written by Paul Jason Clegg
% These Hero Games supplements also contain rules for use with Rolemaster
= See the GURPS book list for a complete list, maintained by Jeffrey Johnson (

Traditional Fantasy Role-Playing Games

Traditional Fantasy Role-Playing Games are sword and sorcery style fantasy games, typically including lots of magical effects and mythical creatures.

Abenteuer in Magira (-)Abenteuerrunde GBR
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Al-Qadim (Historical Fantasy)
Dark Sun (Fantasy)
Dragonlance (Fantasy)
Forgotten Realms (Fantasy)
Greyhawk (Fantasy)
Lankhmar ($) (Literary Fantasy)
Mystara (Fantasy)
Oriental Adventures ($) (Historical Fantasy)
PlaneScape (Fantasy)
Ravenloft (Dark Fantasy)
Spelljammer (Space Fantasy)
Advanced Fighting Fantasy ($)Puffin
AdventureQuest Jaern ($)Lafayette Simulations
Adventures in FantasyAdventure Games/Excalibre Games
Adventures in TekumelTheatre of the Mind/Clash of Arms
Animonde (-) ($)Croc
Aquelarre (-)Joc International
Archaeron ($)Archaeron Games
Arduin AdventureGrimoire Games
Arena (^)Inner City Games Designs
AriaLast Unicorn Games
Atlantis ($)Bard Games
Barony (^)Better Games
Bloodbath ($)TC International
Bloodlust (-)Siroz/Ideojeux
Bifrost ($)Skytrex
Castle FalkensteinR. Talsorian Games
Castle Perilous ($)West Wind Simulations
I Cavalieri del Tempio (-)E-Elle
Challenges Game System ($)Challenge International
Chroniques de Lynais (-)Jeux Actuels
Darkurthe LEGENDSBlack Dragon Press
Das Schwarze Auge (-)Schmidt Spiel & Freizeit
Dinky Dungeons ($)Doc's Games
Duel (^)Nightshift Games & Crunchy Frog Enter.
DragonfireHeartbreaker Hobbies & Games
DragonQuest ($)Simulations Publications, Inc./TSR
Dragonraid ($)Escape Ventures, Inc.
Dragonraid ($)Adventure Learning Systems
Dragonroar ($)Standard Games
Dragon Warriors ($) (-)Corgi Books
Drakar och Demoner (-)Aventyrspel
Dungeons & DragonsTSR
Elekhase (-)Ormekiane Productions
Empire of the Petal ThroneTSR/TOME/Gamescience/Different Worlds
Empires & Dynasties (-)Dragon Radieux/Presses du Midi
Fantasy EarthZody Games
Fantasy HERO (^)Hero Games/Iron Crown Enterprises
The Fantasy Trip ($)MetaGaming
Fantasy Wargaming ($)Stein and Day Publishing
Feeries (-) ($)Les Elfes
Fifth CycleShield Games
Fighting Fantasy ($)Puffin
Fireland (^) ($)K Society
GateWarEscape Ventures
GURPS Fantasy (^)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Fantasy II (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Harkwood (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
Halmabrea ($)Sutton Hoo Games
Hammer of ThorExcalibre Games
Heroes (-) ($)Tabletop Games
High Fantasy ($)Reston Publishing
Ironhedge (^) ($)Empire Wargames
KABAL ($)Kabal Gaming Systems
Kata Kumbas (-)E-Elle
Knights and Magick ($)Heritage USA
Legendary LivesMarquee Press/Sage Lore Productions
LegendQuestBoard Enterprises
Lex Arcana (-)Dal Negro
Lords of Light (-)
Machineguns & Magic ($)MG Games
Macht & Magie ($)
Magicworld (^)Chaosium
Magikon (-) ($)International Team
Manual of the Eternal SagesScott J. Compton
The MEGA SystemMEGA Games/Excalibre Games
MelandaWilmark Dynasty
Midgard (-)Klee-Spiele GmbH
Monsters & Slayers (-)Atlantis Enterprises
Mythus (^)Game Designers' Workshop
Mythworld ($)Hippogriff Publication
Oniros (-)Multisim
Palimpseste (-)Paule & Mike Corp
Phantasia [Darksword Adventures] ($)Bantam/Spectra
Phantasy Conclave ($)Phantasy Conclave
Powers & Perils ($)Avalon Hill
ProteusBruce Gomes Industries
Quest of the AncientsUnicorn Game Publications
Ragnarok (-)
Realms of Myth ($)Stormhawk Publications
Reve de Dragon (-)Nef/Ludodelire/Multisim
Rogue Swords of the Empire (^) (#)Better Games
Loremaster ($)
Iron Crown Enterprises
Royaume des Dragons (-) ($)Dragon Radieux
Ruf des WarlockGames-in Edition
RunequestChaosium/Avalon Hill
SAGA System (-)g+s Verlag
Scales (-) (*)Siroz/Ideojeux
Schimmen & Schaduwen (-)The Wise Tree
Shades of Fantasy ($)IDD
Shields of Power ($)Shield Maiden
I Signori del Caos (-)Black Out
Sun and StormStorm Press
Swordbearer ($)Heritage USA/Fantasy Games Unlimited
Sword's Path Glory ($)Leading Edge Games
SynnibarrWonderworld Press
TalislantaBard Games/WotC/Daedalus Games
TAQ ($)Peter's Press
La Terre Creuse (-)Les Silmarils
Thieves' Guild ($)Gamelords, Ltd.
Tunnels & TrollsFlying Buffalo, Inc.
TWERPS Fly-By Knights (^)Reindeer Games & Gamescience
Ultimate PowerThe Game Lords, Ltd.
L'Ultime Epreuve (-) ($)Jeux Actuels
Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play ($)Games Workshop
WarpWorld ($)BTRC
What Price Glory?! ($)James Lauffenberger
Wizards' RealmMystic Swamp/Gamescience
Wizards' World ($)Fantasy Worlds Unlimited
The Yellow Dragon ($)
YsgarthRagnarok Enterprises

# Entire game is contained in Spacegamer/Fantasygamer issue 2

Historical Fantasy Role-Playing Games

Historical Fantasy Role-Playing Games are games that have a medieval setting. They may or may not have magic, but the background is based largely on the European middle ages.

Ars MagicaLion Rampant/WW/Wizards of the Coast
At Rapier's Point (*)Hero Games/Iron Crown Enterprises
Aventures Extraordinaires (-)Descartes
By The GodsRagnarok Enterprises
Chivalry & Sorcery ($)Fantasy Games Unlimited
Druid (-)E. Giochi
Ecryme, la geste des traverses (-)Tritel/Delires
For Faerie Queen and Country (^)TSR
GURPS Arabian Nights (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Camelot (^)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Robin Hood (^)Steve Jackson Games
HarnmasterColumbia Games
Heroes of Olympus ($)Task Force Games
Hidden Kingdom ($)New Rules, Inc.
High King (*)Chaosium
Knights of the Round Table ($)Little Soldier Games
Lace and SteelThe Australian Games Group
Lands of Adventure ($)Fantasy Games Unlimited
Legacy: War of AgesBlack Gate Publishing
Legendes (-) ($)
Legendes Celtiques
Jeux Descartes
Maelstrom ($)Penguin Books
Man, Myth, and Magic ($)Yaquinto Publications
Mediterraneo (-)E. Giochi
Odysseus ($)Fantasy Games Unlimited
Oraculo (-)Joc International
Premieres Legendes (-) ($)
Premieres Legendes Celtiques
Legendes de la Table Ronde
Legende de la Valee des Rois
Jeux Descartes
Prince ValiantChaosium
Robin Hood (^)Iron Crown Enterprises
RusRus Games
Sphinx ($)Seventh Scarab
TapestryWhite Rose
2089 le jeu du tricentenaire (-)Jeux & Strategies/Excelsior
Valley of the Pharaohs ($)Palladium
Warlock: Black Spiral (*)Black Gate Publishing
Witch Hunt ($)StatCom Simulations, Inc.

Literary Fantasy Role-Playing Games

Literary Fantasy Role-Playing Games are fantasy games that are based upon some prior work. That work may be novels, movies, TV, or any similar work, but these games all share the distinction of being based upon some previous work.

The Adventures of Luther Arkwright (-)23rd Parallel Games
AmberPhage Press
Capitaine Vaudou (-)Descartes
Conan ($)TSR
GURPS Callahan's Crosstime Saloon (^)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Conan (^)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Horseclans (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Riverworld (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Witch World (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
Lord of The RingsIron Crown Enterprises
Manga World (-)
Masters of the Universe ($)FASA
Middle Earth Role-Playing GameIron Crown Enterprises
Midnight at the Well of Souls ($)TAGG
Les Petits Hommes (-)Faidutti
Project A-ko (*)Dream Pod 9
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesPalladium
Thoan (-)Descartes
WizardsWhit Publications

"Pure" Fantasy Role-Playing Games

Pure Fantasy Role-Playing Games are games with a completely made-up setting -- ones so fanciful that they run counter to established potentially "real" worlds -- while still designed as "serious" role-playing games.

Angeli (-) (*)Fantastische Spiele GdbR
Bunnies and Burrows ($)Fantasy Games Unlimited
Demons (-)
Enfer & Damnation (-)Jeux & Strategies/Excelsior
GURPS Bunnies and Burrows (^)Steve Jackson Games
In Nomine (*)Steve Jackson Games
In Nomine Satanis / Magna Veritas (-)Siroz/Ideojeux
Laborinthus (-) ($)ECG
Lost SoulsMarquee Press/Sage Lore Productions
Le Petit Peuple (-)Casus Belli/Excelsior
Le Roi-Chat (-)Sicart
Shattered Realms (*)CyberRealms, Inc.
Uuhrah! ($)Blackhawk Games
Woof Meow ($)Game Systems, Inc.

Science Fantasy Role-Playing Games

Science Fantasy Role-Playing Games are games which have elements of science fiction, without losing the "feel" of a fantasy game. The emphasis is generally on a fantastic setting, without overly much thought to scientific consistency.

AlbedoThoughts & Images/Chessex
Element Masters ($)Escape Ventures
ExpendablesStellar Games
Flash Gordon & the Warriors of Mongo ($)Fantasy Games Unlimited
Forgotten Futures 1:The ABC Files (@)Marcus Roland
Forgotten Futures 2:The Log of the Astronef (@@)Marcus Roland
Gamma WorldTSR
GURPS Lensman (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
John Carter, Warlord of Mars ($)Heritage
Judge Dredd ($)Games Workshop
JustifiersStarChilde Publications/CTS
Lords of Creation ($)Avalon Hill
ManhunterKingslayer/StarChilde/Whit/Myrmidon Prs
Metamorphosis Alpha ($)TSR
Metamorphosis Alpha to Omega (^)TSR
MutazoidsWhit Publications
Nuts and Voltz (#)White Wolf
Phase VII ($)Cheshire Games
Rhand: Morning Star Missions ($)Leading Edge Games
Second Dawn ($)RBA Enterprises
Silrin (-)Siroz
Skyrealms of JoruneChessex/Skyrealms Publishing
Space:1889Game Designers' Workshop
Tales of GargentihrSanctuary Games & Mind Ventures

# Contained in White Wolf #10 @ Shareware NETable project. At @@ Shareware NETable project. Available by FTP to in in pub/doc/games/frp/forgotten-futures-2.

Space Opera Role-Playing Games

Space Opera Role-Playing Games are games in which mankind (or some other race) has colonized the stars and may travel among the various worlds, often meeting various interstellar races, as they desire.

A.I. RPG (?)Digest Group Publications
Alter-Ego (-)3D Production
Buck Rogers High Adventure GameTSR
Empire Galactique (-)Robert Laffont Editeur
Era Ten (^)Better Games
FTL:2448Tri-Tac Systems
Future Worlds ($)Stellar Gaming Workshop
Galactica (*)Coltrane Productions
Genesis ($)IUV
Guardians of Sol (#)Better Games
GURPS Humanx (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Space (^)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Uplift (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS War Against the Cthorr (^)Steve Jackson Games
Imperial Earth (^) ($)K Society
IncursionTri Tac Systems
Laserburn ($)Tabletop Games
MegaTravellerGame Designers' Workshop
Messager (-)Role Mag
Mimetis (-)Editions des 7 pierres
Omnigon ($)Omnigon Games
The Once and Future King (^)TSR
Other SunsFantasy Games Unlimited
Perry Rhodan RollenspielAgema
Prime DirectiveTask Force Games
Realm of Yolmi ($)West Coast Games/Avante-Guard
Ringworld ($)Chaosium
S.H.A.L.T. ($)Coltrane Productions
Small Space ($)Doc's Games
Space Delirium (-)Lapointe
Space OperaFantasy Games Unlimited
Space MasterIron Crown Enterprises
Space Quest ($)Tyr Gamemakers
Star Ace ($)Pacesetter
Starfaring ($)Flying Buffalo, Inc.
Starfleet Voyages ($)Terra Games
Star Frontiers ($)TSR
Starhedge (^) ($)Empire Wargames
Star HERO (^) ($)Hero Games/Iron Crown Enterprises
Star Patrol ($)Gamescience
Star Rovers ($)Archive Miniatures and Game Systems
Starships and Spacemen ($)Fantasy Games Unlimited
Star Trek ($)FASA
Star WarsWest End Games
Tigres Volants (-)Les Creatures Genevois
Traveller ($)Game Designers' Workshop
Traveller: The New EraGame Designers' Workshop
TriadRagnarok Enterprises
Traveller: 2300/2300 ADGame Designers' Workshop
TWERPS Space Cadets (^)Reindeer Games & Gamescience
TWERPS Twek (^)Reindeer Games & Gamescience
Universe ($)Simulations Publications, Inc.
Warp 9 (-)Warp 9
Worlds Beyond ($)Other World Games
XXVC: Buck RogersTSR

(#) Completely contained in Space Gamer #5

Science Fiction Combat Role-Playing Games

Science Fiction Combat Role-Playing Games are science fiction games where the primary focus seems to be combat.

Aliens ($)Leading Edge
Battle Born (^) (#)Better Games
Corps WorldsCrunchy Frog Enterprises
Interstellar Elite Combat ($)Game Masters Assoc/Wizards Of the Coast
Les Divisions de L'Ombre (-) ($)Flamberge
Mutant ChroniclesHeartbreaker
Renegade Legion:LegionnaireFASA
Space Infantry ($)D&R Game Design
Star Leader : Assault ($)Metagaming
Whog Shrog (-) ($)Siroz/Ideojeux

# Contained entirely in Spacegamer/Fantasygamer issue 1

Time Travel Role-Playing Games

Time Travel Role-Playing Games are those games where the focus of play is on travelling to different eras in history (past and future).

Chronos (-)Les Createurs Genevois
Doctor Who ($)FASA
GURPS Time Travel (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
Outime ($)Valhalla Simulation Games
Time and Time AgainTimeline, Ltd.
Time Drifters ($)Dimensional Strategies, Inc.
Time Lord - The Dr. Who RPG ($)Virgin Games & Task Force Games
TimemasterPacesetter/54 40' Orphyte
Time Riders (^)Hero Games/Iron Crown Enterprises
Timeship ($)Yaquinto Publications

Other Science Fiction Role-Playing Games

Other Science Fiction Role-Playing Games covers any form of science fiction not mentioned in other categories, including "Hard" Science Fiction (science fiction based on present scientific knowledge), futuristic settings of more limited scope than Space Opera and various near-future games.

Alienoids (-)Editions de la Lune & Siroz/Ideojeux
Athanor (-)Siroz
BattleLords of the 23rd CenturyOptimus Design Systems
Blackwatch ($)Different Worlds Publications
Bughunters (^)TSR
Cassiopean Empire ($)Norton Games
La Compagnie des Glaces (-)Jeux Actuels
Confederate Rangers ($)SoLar-Way Games
DominationStarChilde Publications/CTS
FringeworthyTri Tac Systems
Future Earth (*)Zody Games
Futureworld (^)Chaosium
GateWarEscape Ventures
The GiftedDark Arts
GuardiansStarChilde Publications/CTS
GURPS Chtorr (^)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Terradyne (^)Steve Jackson Games
High ColoniesWaterford Publishing House/Columbia
JourneymanInfinity Games
Koros (-)Siroz
LegacyDiscordian Games
Legio VII (-) ($)International Team
Luna: Seat of the Regent (*)Discordian Games
Mach ($)Alliance Publications
MetaScapeThe Game Lords, Ltd.
Multimondes (-) ($)Oriflam
Raven StarRaven Star Game Design
Reich Star ($)Creative Encounters
Role (-)Spellbook
Revolution: 2220 (^) (*)Nightshift Games & Crunchy Frog Enter.
ShatterzoneWest End Games
Simian Combat ($)Avant-Garde Simulations Perspectives
Space Gothic (-)Fantastische Spiele GdbR
Space Infantry ($)D&R Game Design
Star Khan ($)Khan Games
Star Rovers Module I ($)Archive
Stella Inquisitoris (-)Siroz/Ideojeux
TWERPS Rocket Rangers (^)Reindeer Games & Gamescience

Alternate Reality Role-Playing Games

Alternate Reality Role-Playing Games are those games in which the main theme is the twisting of reality by one mechanism or another.

GURPS Mage: the Ascension (^)Steve Jackson Games
Khaotic!Marquee Press
Mage: the AscensionWhite Wolf
La Methode du Docteur Chestel (-)Les Presses du Midi
Morpheus ($)Rapport/Crunchy Frog Enterprises
PsychosisChameleon Eclectic
SandmanPacesetter/54 40' Orphyte
Shattered DreamsApex Publications, Inc.
Wraith: the OblivionWhite Wolf

Mecha Role-Playing Games

Mecha Role-Playing Games are those games where the focus is on human-controlled humanoid robots.

Cyborg Commando ($)New Infinities
Droids ($)Integral Games
GURPS Mecha (^) (*)Steve Jackson Games
Heavy GearDream Pod 9
Living SteelLeading Edge Games
Macross IIPalladium
Marauder 2107Maelstrom Hobby
Mechanoids ($)Palladium
Mekton/Mekton IIR. Talsorian Games
Robot Warriors (^) ($)Hero Games/Iron Crown Enterprises
TWERPS M.E.C.H.I.-Tech (^)Reindeer Games & Gamescience

Cyberpunk Role-Playing Games

Cyberpunk Role-Playing Games are those games which are set in the grim, gritty near-future environment known as cyberpunk.

Aesia (-)Bottet
Berlin XVIII (-)Siroz/Ideojeux
Cyber Age (-)Descartes
Cyber HERO (^)Hero Games/Iron Crown Enterprises
CyberiaRagnarok Enterprises
Cyberpunk/Cyberpunk 2020R. Talsorian Games
CyberspaceIron Crown Enterprises
GURPS Cyberpunk (^)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Cyberworld (^)Steve Jackson Games
Heavy Metal (-)Siroz/Ideojeux
Magitech (^)TSR
NeoTech (-)NeoGames AB
Road Rebels (-)
SLA IndustriesNightfall Games
SpaceTime ($)BTRC
TWERPS Robopunk (^)Reindeer Games & Gamescience

Conspiracy Role-Playing Games

Conspiracy Role-Playing Games are games which make the assumption that a (typically modern) setting is actually secretly under the control of unidentified groups with hidden motives and agendas.

CORPS Global ConspiracyBTRC
GURPS Illuminati (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
Phase I (*)Wasteland Games
Over The EdgeAtlas Games
They're HereNightshift Games & Crunchy Frog Enter.
TRAUMA ($)Chroniques d'Outre Monde/Aujourd'hui Communications/Darcsyde Prod.
Where Fools Dare to Tread (#)Better Games
Zone (-) ($)Siroz/Ideojeux

# Contained entirely in Space Gamer #6

Action-Adventure Role-Playing Games

Action-Adventure Role-Playing Games are games which focus on the "pulp" action adventure of novels and movies.

The Adventures of Indiana Jones ($)TSR
Les Aventuriers (-) ($)Stonehenge
Crime Fighter ($)Task Force Games
Crimefighters (#)TSR
DaredevilsFantasy Games Unlimited
Ganghedge (^) ($)Empire Wargames
Gangster! ($)Fantasy Games Unlimited
GURPS Atomic Horror (^)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Cliffhangers (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Cops and Robbers (^) (*)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS The Prisoner (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
Hostages (-)Force Four Games
Indiana JonesWest End Games
Inner CityInner City Games Designs
Justice, Inc. (^) ($)Hero Games/Iron Crown Enterprises
Mugger! ($)Kevin Dockery
Polar (-)Legrand
Private Eye ($)B&B-Productions
Randomania ($)Gamescience
Street Figher (*)White Wolf

# Contained in Dragon Magazine #47

Monster Role-Playing Games

Monster Role-Playing Games are those games designed for the players to play creatures generally classified as "monsters" (vampires, werewolves, etc.)

Chimeres (-)Multisim
Dragons over Arthe (#)Vortext
GURPS Vampire: the Masquerade (^)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Werewolf: the Apocalypse (^)Steve Jackson Games
Hurlements (-)Dragon Radieux/Siroz
Just Another Monster (^)Inner City Games Designs
Monsters! Monsters! (*)Flying Buffalo, Inc.
NightlifeStellar Games
Predateurs (-) ($)Flamberge
Vampire: The MasqueradeWhite Wolf
Werewolf: The ApocalypseWhite Wolf

# Contained in Vortext Magazine #7

Superhero Role-Playing Games

Superhero Role-Playing Games are games concerning super-powered beings existing in the same setting with ordinary, every-day people.

Avengers of Justice (^)Better Games
Batman RPG ($)Mayfair
Brand X (+)Shareware, by Anonymous FTP
ChallengersRagnarok Enterprises
Champions (^)Hero Games
Champions in 3D (^)Hero Games
Dark Champions (^)Hero Games
DC Heroes ($)Mayfair
Enforcers ($)21st Century Games
Golden Heroes ($)Games Workshop
Good Guys Finish Last (^) (#)Better Games
GURPS International Super Teams (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Psionics (^)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Supers (^)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Wild Cards (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
Heroes and HeroinesExcel Marketing
Heroes UnlimitedPalladium
Marvel Super Heroes ($)TSR
Mutantes en la sombra (-)
PSI WorldFantasy Games Unlimited
Super BabesTri-City Games & Collectibles
Supergame ($)DAG Productions
Superhero: 2044 ($)Gamescience
Super Squadron (-) ($)Adventure Simulations
Superworld (^) ($)Chaosium
TWERPS Kung Fu DragonsReindeer Games & Gamescience
TWERPS Metaphysical Ninja Maniac Chainsaw Vitamin Junkies (^)Reindeer Games & Gamescience
TWERPS Superdudes (^)Reindeer Games & Gamescience
Villains & VigilantesFantasy Games Unlimited
Villains Finish First (")Better Games
Washington Heroes ($)Mayfair

# Contained in Spacegamer/Fantasygamer issue 3
" Contained in Spacegamer/Fantasygamer issue 7
+ FTPable from in /Role-Playing/Superheroes/Brand_X

Historical Role-Playing Games

Historical Role-Playing Games are games where the players take on characters from a specific era in history. Among others, this includes Old West RPGs, Buccaneer RPGs, Victorian RPGs, and Medieval Oriental RPGs.

Avant Charlemagne (-) ($)Robert Laffont
Aux Armes Citoyens (-)Cubic 6
Boot HillTSR
Boucanier (-)Le Korrigan
Buccaneer ($)Adversary Games
Buccaneers and Conquistadors (^)Better Games
BushidoTyr/Phoenix/Fantasy Games Unlimited
Crimson Cutlass ($)Better Games
Dawn Patrol ($)TSR
DesperadoSkycastle Publishing
Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain (*)(^)Backstage Press
En Garde!The Small Furry Creatures Press/GDW
En Garde! (-)Ragnarok Speldesign
Flashing BladesFantasy Games Unlimited
GURPS Ancient Egypt (^) (*)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Ancient Greece (^) (*)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Aztecs (^)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS China (^)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Civil War (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Ice Age (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Imperial Rome (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Japan (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Middle Ages (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Old West (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Scarlet Pimpernel (^)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Swashbucklers (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Victorian Era (^) (*)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Vikings (^)Steve Jackson Games
Holmes & Company (-)E-Elle
Land of the Rising Sun ($)Fantasy Games Unlimited
London By NightRagnarok Enterprises
Midgard 1880 (-)Klee-Spiele GmbH
Nil (-) ($)Fondation du Stratege
Ninja Hero (^)Hero Games
Once Upon a Time in the WestTabletop Games
Outlaw (^)Hero Games/Iron Crown Enterprises
Pirates (^)Hero Games/Iron Crown Enterprises
Pirates and Plunder ($)Task Force Games
Privateer (^) ($)Hero Games/Iron Crown Enterprises
Privateers and GentlemenFantasy Games Unlimited
Skull and Crossbones ($)Fantasy Games Unlimited
Silex & Mammouths (-)
Taste My Steel! ($)Phantasy Network
$10000 Reward (-) ($)Warlords
Les Trois Mousquetaires (-)Hexagonal
Victorian Adventure ($)Kestrel Design/SKS Distribution
Vikings (^)Hero Games/Iron Crown Enterprises
Western (-)Lancelot Games
Western HERO (^)Hero Games/Iron Crown Enterprises
Westhedge (^)Empire Wargames
Wild West ($)Fantasy Games Unlimited
Wooden Suits & Iron Men (^)Nightshift Games/Crunchy Frog Enter.
World Action and Adventure ($)M.S. Kinney Corporation

# Contained in Spacegamer/Fantasygamer #4

Cross-Genre Role-Playing Games

Cross-Genre Role-Playing Games are those games whose environment includes several distinct genres within a single setting.

Chronos (-) (*)Les Createurs Genevois
Dream Park ($)R. Talsorian Games
GrimRules (+)NETable project
Mega (-)Jeux Descartes/Excelsior Publications
Nexus:the Infinite CityDaedalus Games
TORGWest End Games

+ By Sam Robb (

Military/Post Holocaust Role-Playing Games

Military/Post Holocaust Role-Playing Games are those games which focus on a modern or near future military setting, potentially following a world-shattering holocaust.

AftermathFantasy Games Unlimited
AfterWarsStellar Games
Age of RuinCutting Edge Games
Behind Enemy Lines ($)FASA/The Companions
Bitume (-)Siroz/Ideojeux
Blood Dawn (*)Optimus Design Systems
Commando ($)Simulations Publications, Inc.
La Compagnie des Glaces (-)Jeux Actuels
Cyb (-)K. Magazine
Deepsleep ($)Godiva Production
Delta Force ($)Task Force Games
Duck TrooperTri Tac Systems
Figli dell'Olocausto (-)Black Out
Freaks and Friendlies ($)Doc's Games
Freedom Fighters ($)Fantasy Games Unlimited
GURPS Special Ops (^) ($)Steve Jackson Games
HOLDirt Merchant Games/Black Dog Games
MercFantasy Games Unlimited
Mercenaires (-)Presses du Sud/Fleo
Merc 2000Game Designers' Workshop
Millennium's EndChameleon Eclectic
The Morrow ProjectTimeline, Ltd.
Mortal CombatWaynflett Games
Mutant (-)Aventyrspel
9th Generation ($)Jeff Siadek Enterprises
Phoenix CommandLeading Edge Games
The Price of Freedom ($)West End Games
R.A.I.D.Centurian Pub & Mgt
ReconRPG, Inc./Palladium
Tank Girl (*)West End Games
Thundering SteelMinds in One Prods
Twilight 2000Game Designers' Workshop
Year of the Phoenix ($)Fantasy Games Unlimited

Espionage Role-Playing Games

Espionage Role-Playing Games are those games in which the players run modern secret agent style characters on spy missions.

ACE AgentsStellar Games
Danger, International (^) ($)Hero Games/Iron Crown Enterprises
EsperAgentsRagnarok Enterprises
Espionage (^) ($)Hero Games/Iron Crown Enterprises
GURPS Espionage (^)Steve Jackson Games
James Bond, 007Victory Games/Avalon Hill
Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes ($)Flying Buffalo, Inc.
M.I.S.S.I.O.N. ($)Kabal Gaming Systems
Night of the Ninja ($)IIE Games
Ninjas & SuperspiesPalladium
Top Secret ($)TSR
Top Secret/SITSR

Horror Role-Playing Games

Horror Role-Playing Games are those games in which the players play characters thrust into horrific situations, generally to do battle with the horrific causes of those situations.

American Excess (-) (#)Fantasy Chronicles
Attack of the Humans ($)Rapport Games
Beyond the SupernaturalPalladium
Blood (-)Underground Games
BloodshadowsWest End Games
Bureau 13: Stalking the Night FantasticTri-Tac Systems
Call of CthulhuChaosium
Chock (-)Aventyrspel
Dark ConspiracyGame Designers' Workshop
Dark ContinentsRagnarok Enterprises
Don't Look Back (*)Mind Ventures
DraculaLeading Edge Games
Il gioco di ruolo di Dylan Dog (-)Pub DaS Production
GURPS CthulhuPunk (^) (*)Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Horror (^)Steve Jackson Games
Kabal (-)Edizioni Rune
KULTAventyrspel/Metropolis, Ltd.
Lawnmower ManLeading Edge Games
Malefices (-) ($)Jeux Descartes
Sombre Cauchemar (-)Lapointe
Vampire Hunters (*)Nightshift Games & Crunchy Frog Enter.
The Whispering VaultPariah Press

(#) - Contained in Fantasy Chronicles #6

Humour Role-Playing Games

Humour Role-Playing Games are those games whose main focus is to be fun and humourous, reality generally taking a back seat to farce or general silliness.

Alma Mater ($)Oracle Press
Beach Bunny Bimbos with BlastersTri Tac Systems
Bullwinkle and Rocky ($)TSR
Cadillacs and DinosaursGame Designers' Workshop
Creeks and Crawdads ($)Crustacium Games
Excursion into the bizarre ($)Blind Dog Games
GatecrasherHot Tub Dragon
Ghostbusters, InternationalWest End Games
Hunter PlanetHPAC Pty. Ltd./TAGG
It Came from the Late Late ShowStellar Games
Macho Women With GunsBTRC
Murphy's WorldPeregrine
Neighborhood ($)Wheaton Publications
NUELOW (+)Wordsmiths
PandemoniumMIB/Atlas Games
ParanoiaWest End Games
PixieNew World
S.L.U.G.S.Donner Games
The Spawn of Fashan ($)The Games of Fashan
Star RidersIanus Publications
Tales from the Floating VagabondAvalon Hill
Teenagers from Outer SpaceR. Talsorian Games
ToonSteve Jackson Games

+ Net project; Contact for the ASCII text.

Role-Playing Games that defy categorisation

Role-Playing Games that defy categorisation include those games which cannot easily be fit into any of the previous loose genres.

All-Time Wrestlers (-)Afterthoughts Images
HellraiserCore Creations, Inc.
InfernoDeath's Edge Games
PeripheryEpitaph Studios
Pluesch, Power, Plunder (-)phase-Verlag
So Ya Wanna Be A Rock N' Roll Star!Bill Barton Games
World Wrestling Federation RPGWhit Publications

Supplement Lines for Any Game

Supplement Lines for Any Game are individual products or lines of products designed to work with one or more genres of role-playing game, without being tied to a particular system (although some are written to work with one or more systems in particular.)

The Adventurers' Cauldron ($)Playing Board Products
Adventurers' Guild ($)Adventurers' Guild
All the World Monsters ($)Chaosium
Apothecary on the Street of Dreams ($)Pandora's Treasures
Authentic Thaumaturgy ($)Chaosium
The Black Vial ($)Infinity Unlimited
Book of Artifacts ($)Dragon Tree Press
The Book of Mars ($)Image Game Co.
Booty and the Beasts ($)Fantasy Art Enterprises
Central CastingTask Force Games
Citybooks (Catalyst System)Flying Buffalo, Inc.
City-State of the Invincible Overlord($)Mayfair
The Compleat Fantasy SeriesBard Games/Wizards of the Coast
The Compleat Tavern ($)Gamelords
Creature Creation ($)Fugitive Games
Death on the High SeasRagnarok
Dungeon Traps ($)Reilly Associates
E'A ($)David M. Fitzgerald
The Enchanted Books ($)Role-Players
Fantasy Gamer's Compendium ($)Gamescience
Field Guide to EncountersJudges Guild
Grimtooth's Traps (Catalyst System)Flying Buffalo, Inc.
Guns! Guns! Guns!BTRC
The Handbook of Traps & Tricks ($)Dragon Tree Press
HarnworldColumbia Games
Heaven and Hell ($)Gamemaster Guides
Islandia Campaign ($)The Companions
Judges Guild ($)Judges Guild
The Kingdoms of Kalamar (*)Kenzer and Company
LejentiaTask Force Games/Flying Buffalo, Inc.
Lionheart ($)Columbia Games
Lore of the CryptUnderworld Publishing
Manual of Aurania ($)International Gamers Association
Midkemia ($)Midkemia Press
The Necronomicon ($)Fantasy Art Enterprises
Order of St. Talis ($)Zeppelin Publications
Palladium Weapon SeriesPalladium Games
The Potions of the Anathar ($)Phil Martin
The Primal OrderWizards of the Coast
The QuestIcarus Games/Excalibre Games
RoleAids ($)Mayfair
Roshia's Gauntlet ($)Far Reaches
Sage LoreSage Lore Productions
Shadow WorldIron Crown Enterprises
Siege and FortressRagnarok
Skinwalkers and Shapeshifters ($)Morningstar Publishing
Societies Sourcebook ($)Marquee Press
Story Paths ($)Lion Rampant
The Tavern ($)Genesis Gaming Products
The Times Ten Adventure GuideCliffhangers Unlimited
Trap Manual ($)Varanae/Role-Players
Thieves' World Campaign Setting ($)Chaosium
World of Silverdawn ($)Entertainment Concepts
Whimsy Cards ($)Lion Rampant
The Wyrmship Technical ManualStorm Press

RPG-Style Miniatures Games

RPG-Style Miniatures Games are those miniature (or combat) rules that work on the level of individual characters, providing statistics for each character individually, what I would consider Role-Playing Games without the role-playing. I am specifically not including unit-based historical games in this category, to save work.

BattleLustColumbia Games
BladestormIron Crown Enterprises
ChainmailGary Gygax
Critter CommandosCrunchy Frog Enterprises
Down Styphon!Fantasy Games Unlimited
Fields of HonorChameleon Eclectic
Fuzzy HeroesInner City Games Designs
Rapier & DaggerFantasy Games Unlimited
Star CorpsCrunchy Frog Enterprises
Universal SoldierRAFM
War LawIron Crown Enterprises

RPG-relate Board Games

RPG-related Board Games are those board games that either share a setting with an existing role-playing game, have traits in common with role-playing games, or were mistaken for role-playing games either by me or by someone who sent me mail.

Arkham HorrorChaosium
Armored AssaultIron Crown Enterprises
Assault on HothWest End Games
Battle For EndorWest End Games
Battlestar Galactica ($)FASA
Buck Rogers, Battle for the 25th Cent.TSR
Car WarsSteve Jackson Games
Citadel of Blood ($)Simulations Publications, Inc.
Combots ($)FASA
Deathmaze ($)Simulations Publications, Inc.
Delta Vee ($)Simulations Publications, Inc.
DraculaLeading Edge Games
Dragon PassAvalon Hill
DragonStrike (*)TSR
Escape from the Death StarWest End Games
Fellowship of the Ring ($)Iron Crown Enterprises
Go Robo (#)Better Games
Kar Kombat (#)Better Games
Knight Hawks ($)TSR
Knights of Camelot ($)Chaosium
Lost WorldsNova Games
Last BattleGame Designers' Workshop
Magic RealmAvalon Hill
Mecha!Seventh Street Games
NeoBunnies (-)NeoGames AB
Nomad Gods ($)Chaosium
Oregon Trail ($)Fantasy Games Unlimited
Oversized Heavy Mechanized UnitsTBA Games
PlateauMagnolia Game Company
Renegade LegionFASA
1789 (-)
Silent DeathIron Crown Enterprises
Sky Galleons of Mars ($)Game Designers' Workshop
Space HulkGames Workshop
Star CruiserGame Designers' Workshop
Star Explorer ($)Fantasy Games Unlimited
StarfireTask Force Games
Star Fleet BattlesTask Force Games
Star StrikeIron Crown Enterprises
Star Trek Tactical Combat SimulatorFASA
Star VikingGame Designers' Workshop
Star WarriorWest End Games
Striker ($)Game Designers' Workshop
Stuff O'Legends (#)Better Games
Swords & Sorcery ($)Simulations Publications, Inc.
TalismanGames Workshop
Temple of the BeastmenGame Designers' Workshop
Terrain Vague (-)Ludodelire
Ultramodern FirearmsChameleon Eclectic
Wabbit Wampage54 40' Orphyte
Wabbit's Wevenge54 40' Orphyte
Warhammer Fantasy BattlesGames Workshop
Warhammer 40KGames Workshop
War LawIron Crown Enterprises
War of the Ring ($)Simulations Publications, Inc.
War of Wizards ($)TSR
White Bear, Red Moon ($,now Dragon Pass)Chaosium

# Contained in Spacegamer/Fantasygamer #7

Games that are not really RPG's, but claim to be

Games that are not really Role-Playing Games, but claim to be are those games which bill themselves as role-playing games which do not fit the traditional definition of pen-and-paper RPGs.

Dallas, the Role-Playing Game ($)Simulations Publications, Inc.
Realms of the Unknown ($)The Walnut Group