Zarquins music page

this page has some notes on my music and stuff

well. myself and some friends played in the 2002 NCBC. you can read about ithere

I was also in a band called The Judy Planes

In my opinion, we don't suck :P
i also used to play in a band called cutlass and one called Silky Krusher and the Sex
Silkies not dead.. he's just resting.
The latest musical projects (as of 2008) are RATS and Boys Boys Boys!.

Like most musicains, i have a severe case of GAS and a very small amount of funds with which to spend on it. thats probably a good thing.
Anyway, i currently want the following
  • Nord Modular G2, (3 oct keyboard version)
  • TC Electronic Fireworx
  • Fender Telecaster '72 Deluxe
  • Peavey Classic 30 head (preferably in black if they are made that way)
  • Electron MachineDrum UW-1 expansion
  • lots of effects pedals
  • adrenalinn
  • evolver