Combat Equipment used in Medieval combat

Over the past 1000 years, equipment used in combat has changed immensely, from the old wooden and leather armour to the full body plate mail armour - there are many sorts of armour. Listed below are most of the arms and armour of the past split up into categories of armour for the protection of the body, the clothes worn beneath the armour for comfort,, weapons for getting past the armour protecting the body, shields to stop the weapons from hitting the armour or the body and the helms used to protect the head from getting hit.

Each category is then further split to cover the different aspects of the equipment that is covered in that area, like swords and axes are both different weapons and would have their own category under weapons as they are different in the ways they are used in combat.

Some of the pages above also have links to other pages covering that item under another subject, like clothing for armour is also covered under 'Costumes'.

You can also find pages here for SCA fighting equipment and standards along with the standards for other groups like Circle of the Sword and The Grey Company.

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