Armour, Weapon & Clothing Production

Here you can find out the equipment and the technique and skills used to make the armour, weapons and clothing for Medieval groups. Click on a link or picture below to go to the section you want to look at.

There is also a link for people wishing to know how to brew their own beer for drinking.

Please read the notices below about safety aspects and contacting me for details or concerns on the making of Armour, Weapons and Clothing.

Arms & Armour Production

Armour and Weapon Production


Clothing and Leather Production


Beer Brewing

A few notes before going on

I have written the instructions in the way that I have found to best work for me. The way that I do things may not be the best way for you but if you find a better way or want to try a different method of making something then contact me and let me know.

I have also attempted to provide the instructions to be used as a recipe like in cook books. This will assist in the working out of the tools and equipment needed to produce the item.

Above all, I have tried to make sure that the instructions follow safe procedures to minimise the risk of injuries but working with metal and sharp tools is a risky business - so beware if you don't do things in a safe manner. However, if you do happen to find a practise that I use that you deem to be reasonably unsafe then let me what it is that I am doing that is unsafe and the method I should employ to make sure it is done safely by contacting me.

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