Clothing & Leather Production

Welcome to the clothing and leather production page. Here you will find the patterns and the techniques to make costumes from a simple tunic to elaborate dresses. This section will also cover the design and making of equipment in leather which will be in a separate section.

I also have a page on the gear needed for feasts as Medieval feasts are quite different to the modern way of eating. The gear that you will need to buy can be purchased from op shops for a relatively low cost.


  1. Tunic
  2. Cloak
  3. Baggy Pants
  4. Ladies Dress
  5. Gambeson (Armour Coat)
  6. Tabard
  7. Scottish Kilts


  1. Bottle & Drink Covers
  2. Feasting gear carry bags
  3. Gear needed for feasts

The tools needed for making these costumes are general costume making tools such as a sewing machine, cotton or other suitable material, needles, dyes etc. The instructions and patterns are designed to be used by people who have only a basic knowledge of costume making. Some costumes may require a more advanced level of knowledge but this will be indicated where necessary.

Leather Making**


  1. Pouch
  2. Scabbard or 'sheath'
  3. Belt
  4. Shoes
  5. Boots
  6. Arrow Quiver

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