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For general enquiries, contact the UCC committee at:

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You can also contact us on Discord or by messaging us on our Facebook page.


The UCC has a telephone, and you may call the clubroom by dialling (08) 6488 3901. From overseas, add your international access code to +61 8 6488 3901. We do not have a fax machine in our clubroom.

Postal Address:

The UCC's postal address is:

[Name of member if specified]
University Computer Club
M300, 35 Stirling Highway


The University Computer Club is located on the upper level of Cameron Hall, above the Tavern, at the University of Western Australia. There is a map to assist you getting to the clubroom. Coordinates are -31.980983 115.819754

Directions to the UCC Clubroom:

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  • From the main entrance of UWA at the corner of Stirling Highway, Winthrop Avenue, and Mounts Bay Road, head east towards Perth on Mounts Bay Road about 300 metres to first set of traffic lights.
  • Turn right here (and head south), at corner of Mounts Bay Road and Hackett Drive, and travel about 650 metres south on Hackett Drive, around Matilda Bay foreshore.
  • At this point, there will be a roundabout where you need to turn right into the UWA carparks. This is Hackett Entrance 2, turn into this entrance (heading west). There is also a bus stop for Transperth route 97 next to this entrance.
  • To the right and left there are car parking areas. Turn right (heading north) and park right here. Between 8:00am and 5:00pm, most parking is reserved for students and staff, although there is some paid parking available. UWA and City of Subiaco parking wardens are vigilant about parking, and the UCC does not recommend taking the risk of parking in reserved bays or not paying for a ticket.
  • After parking, you can find the UCC by walking. Look for the large black fence which surrounds the UWA tavern (an area which may be filled with carousing students). Head westward (left as you are facing the fence) about 20 metres along this fenceline and turn right. After the bike rack sign on the wall, turn right again, go up the 3 steps, and through the double doors to your right. This is the bottom door to the Cameron Hall loft and should be unlocked, although it may not be left open. If it's locked, trying calling the clubroom on (+61 8) 6488 3901 to get someone to unlock it for you.
  • Through the doors is a stairwell. Climb up to the second floor (six sets of stairs), and you will be on the upper level. The UCC is not currently accessible by people who have difficulty with stairs. From this level, you will see a door to your right (the Solid Gold club), a double door straight ahead of you (which is the door to the Cameron Hall upper floors, and a set of stairs to your left (the roof hatch). If the door is open, travel through the double doors ahead of you. If they are not open, you will need a door member to locate the keys.
  • Once through the double doors, you will be in a large, high-roofed area. Ahead of you are a set of stairs (which go up to the Loft), and to your right, a set of opened, glass double doors. Turn to the right and go through these doors.
  • After passing through the glass double doors, you will see a white door to your left (the UCC door), and a door further down to your right (the UniSFA door). Enter the door to your left.
  • Congratulations, you are now in the University Computer Club.