UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-04-02

Meeting opened at 13.23.

    It's not like Guild reads our minutes.
    - [GOZ] 02/04/2018



  • [GOZ] Andrew Gozzard [President]
  • [JWB] William Chesnutt [Vice President]
  • [CFE] Zack Wong [Treasurer]
  • [FVP] Felix von Perger [Secretary]
  • [GIR] Caira Bayman [Fresher Rep]
  • [KAT] C. C. 'Blake' [OCM]
  • [CHB] Alden Bong [OCM]


  • [LCY] Chien Yi Lo [OCM]


  • [CHS] Oscar Hermoso
  • [MMM] Shahzad Siddiqui
  • [TFM] Thomas Miller
  • [MVP] Matthew Winslode
  • [EAR] Elton Rodrigues (who at time of meeting is not a paying member of UCC)
  • [LDT] Roland Kerr

Confirmation of minutes from previous meeting

  • [GOZ] We did not make any official decisions last time that I can remember.
  • [GOZ] Moves to formally ratify minutes and decisions of previous meeting.
    • All present vote in favour.
  • [JWB] Has comments on formatting of minutes.
  • [FVP] Misspelling of 'cheque account'.
  • [GOZ] Accounts have been locked (with some technical difficulties)

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Second session of Intro to Programming
    • The attendees now know C! That's an entire unit worth of content.

Vice President's Report

  • Submitted Event Management Plan (EMP) to the Guild which has been approved
    • Have not been asked for Risk Management plan.
    • [GOZ] Not necessary for minor events.
  • Worked a bit on Easter LAN plan.
    • People are informed and know of the correct date.
  • Sent email and made Facebook event for Easter LAN

    • Poster has been produced thanks to [CHS]. Also on Cerberus.
  • Talked to Oscar [CHS]

    • [CHS] remains unapologetic regarding replacement of null coke with V.
    • [CHS] says that there should only be one machine key in the safe ([BOB] agrees with this)

Secretary's Report

  • Formatting minutes with markdown worked! (sort of)
  • Failed to send meeting reminder in time. Twice.
  • AGM minutes now available and properly formatted online.
  • Cleaned up stuff on top of tool cupboard and project bench resulting in a fair bit of controversy.
  • It's my birthday today!

Treasurer's Report

Account status

  • Cheque: $5914.47
  • Mastercard: $49.87
  • Guild: $1425.71
    • [COF] Guild finance is truly terrifying. However, interest rates are good.

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Nothing to report.

OCM Reports


  • Latest movie night (Big Hero 6) was extremely popular
    • 19 people in attendance. [GOZ] finds that weirdly reminiscent of his days as a fresher.
  • Access to club card would be helpful so that people can order pizza and pay exact amount.
  • Delegated poster production to [CHS] which has been done.
  • Have been reimbursed for drinks and printing costs.
  • [FVP] thanks [KAT] for baking goodies on Thursdays.

[LCY] and [CHB] have nothing to report.

Machine Technical Reports


  • [CFE] A hard disk in motsugo has started to fail.
    • Currently not an issue. A spare WD Black 2TB (already purchased) will be installed when failure is complete.


  • [CFE] VPN is now on Active Directory.
  • WiFi is still unreliable.


  • [JWB] suggests moving desktops so that they are in back-to-back pairs.

[JWB] walks out of room at 13.53 [JWB] enters room with [LCY] at 13.55

External Affairs


  • [FVP] mail has not been checked.
  • [CFE] Westpac cards should arrive soon.


  • Reminder to [GOZ], [CFE], [GIR] and [FVP] that Student Leadership Training is in 2 days (04/04/2018 and 05/04/2018)
    • [GOZ] redacted is coming up soon and we need at least 2 redacted leaders and ideally some backups.
    • [GOZ] Responding to [LCY], backup redacted leaders must be present on the days of the redacted.

Other Entities

  • [FVP] Got reply from RFLAN Secretary. Nothing new there.


Easter Lan [JWB]

  • Advertising is done, email has been sent out.
  • Notable interest amongst older members.
  • [KAT] Cameron Hall should be open 24 hours.
    • Will call security to make sure that this is OK.


  • [GOZ] It is a little bit complicated.
  • Only one model which will be accepted for the EMP.
  • 2 redacted leaders needed; must be completely separate from rest of redacted staff.
  • Good idea to have backup redacted leaders.
  • Must have a Head Chef who will plan the menu and make sure people get fed.
  • 3 duties required per day:
    • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) / First Aid (must be sober during 100% of the redacted)
      • [GOZ] First aid training is cheaper booked through Guild (group discount)
    • Cleaning (kitchen, washing up)
    • Cooking: everyone must have food safety training (free and online)
  • [GOZ] If I am a redacted leader, the redacted will be run dry.
    • Does not want to stake PhD on other people's ability to restrain drinking.
    • Will be getting first aid training and can do first aid officer during the redacted.
    • Happy to get food safety training and perform other duties.
  • [FVP] and [CFE] volunteer to be redacted leaders.
    • [GOZ] redacted leaders recommended to have RSA training, (certificate not required?)
    • [GOZ] volunteers as backup redacted leader and first aid.
    • [GIR] and [CHB] volunteer for first aid (must attend training first)
    • [KAT] will also do first aid training but may not be there full time.
    • [KAT] volunteers to help out with menu design. Not studying at UWA so cannot officially take head chef position.
    • Head chef and cooking/cleaning volunteers required.
      • [KAT] and [JWB] volunteer to do cooking. Must do Food Safety Training.
  • Suggestion to provide volunteers with rewards ([KAT]: badges are nice)
  • [GOZ] to run survey to gather interest for redacted at certain dates.
    • [GOZ] Available dates for reacted are 13-16, 20-23, 27-30 July.
  • [FVP] and [CFE] agree that redacted will include alcohol.
    • [FVP] I have a number of valid RSA certificates, however they may not be so useful in this case.
    • 2 First Aid volunteers required, must have RSA certification ([CHB], [GOZ], [GIR] have volunteered)

44th Anniversary Dinner

  • To be run after the redacted.
  • [KAT] can be run any time during the year.
  • [GOZ] UCC tradition to run sometime in September.
  • Good chance to involve older members.

Action Items

  • [CFE] will contact [AJT] regarding missing financial reports
    • Still waiting for that. Next time we meet in person it will be fixed.
  • [GOZ] to follow up about tech talks
    • Sent an email, no response. Closed.
  • [JWB] to chase down [CHS] and find out about machine keys. done
    • See VP report.
  • [GOZ] to perform account locking.
    • Account locking has been performed. See President's report.
  • [FVP] to oversee and delegate organisation of the redacted - done
  • [GOZ] to book redacted and pay deposit if necessary.
    • Delayed until we do the unofficial poll.
  • Easter LAN:
    • [JWB] shall write event management plan. done
    • [CFE] to do technical setup not committee business
    • [KAT] to do marketing done
  • [JWB] will yell at Oscar [CHS] regarding putting V in the Coke Zero slot. done
  • [KAT] and [CFE] to coordinate printing cards for machine specs and general clubroom rules.
    • Busy doing other stuff.
  • [CFE] will work through remaining Active Directory glitches in free time. not committee business

General Business

  • [GOZ] moves to reinstate the policies and regulations of the previous year's committee
    • [CFE] seconds.
    • All committee members vote in favour.
  • [TPG] recommends AGAINST purging door group
    • [LCY] UCC has better measures than other clubs for door members.
    • Your input has been noted.
  • [FVP] use Slack or Discord for committee messaging
    • [GOZ] Slack works effectively for the PCS committee.
    • [CFE] to add people to committee role on Discord.
    • [GOZ] Propsoal to move committee discussions to Discord. Nobody objects.
  • [FVP] suggests to buy more tape.
    • On a side note, also to create a more official location for members to suggest things that the club should purchase. (such as tape)
      • [GOZ] Really ancient to-buy list on the Wiki.
      • [FVP] to find suitable way to sort that out.
    • [GOZ] must buy an aircon later so he can get tape as well.
  • aburgess: Can we please have money outside the safe so I can break notes for member sign ups. @Door members have access to the machine room and we have a money box. - [TBB]
    • [GOZ] Discuss later with duties and powers of door group.
  • [TFM] Review doorings
    • Ben (thedom102).
      • Doored by [TFM] for repeated littering.
      • History of littering offences.
      • [GOZ] Exponential backoff may apply in this case.
      • [LCY] Suggests linear increase of dooring.
      • [JWB] The length of doorings done in previous years should not be precedent for doorings made this year.
        • [GOZ] Precedent has been the bane of UCC committees in the past.
      • [GOZ] I propose that we agree to sustain the dooring until 4/04/2018
        • Committee votes unanimously in favour.
    • Dooring of [osterguard].
      • Rubbish was left in clubroom.
      • Accounts have been locked so the dooring lapses.

[KAT] leaves room at 14.54

  • [MMM] (Shahzad) wants to borrow Vive for other non-UCC-related events (Perth Festival and culture clubs) sometime mid-April.
    • [GOZ] Precendent is that the Vive is not loaned out. Members cannot remove it and use for their own purposes.
    • [CFE] Should not be able to be used without explicit committee supervision.
    • Committee is in consensus that the Vive will not be loaned out.

[KAT] enters room at 14.59

  • [FVP] Discuss appropriate use of project bench space.

    • [GOZ] Historically the project bench was kept clear enough to be used during the day.
      • [GOZ] likes it that way.
    • [CFE] suggests cleaning out space under bench for use as project bench storage.
    • Committee in consensus that benchtop should be kept clear of projects that are not being actively worked on.
    • It is individual member's duty to ensure that project bench is cleared after use.
    • Door: If you don't pack up your own project, Door may do so for you.
    • Members have right to ask people using project bench for gaming to move.
  • Duties of door group

    • [GOZ] Various shenanigans have ensued regarding suggestion to review door group memberships. Here is the explanation.
      • Part of issue with club culture in recent years is that door has been doing a substandard job.
      • Review of door policy would be good to do in order to find out what is wrong.
      • There should be a process to filter door group that does not involve 'grandfathering' existing door members with automatic readmission.
    • [JWB] We do not have any pressing need to purge door members regularly (such as Unigames) since there are limited security concerns (no cash accessible to door members).
      • If we do want to moderate and remove certain people, it would be best for current door members to simply remove undesirable door members.
      • Many members are good door members but only come in occasionally; hence such people may simply decide not to renew their membership at the club's loss.
      • [GOZ] Excellent point. Primary purpose of door purge is that it is easier to not put them back than it is to kick them out.
    • [GOZ] Perhaps we should simply consider all door members to have automatically reapplied however everyone is individually reviewed in order to reinstate their membership.
      • Is there a pressing need to review door policy?
      • [CFE] Some things should be improved but I don't know what.
      • [CFE] Not a pressing matter.
      • [GOZ] If policy is good enough and followed by members
    • [LCY]: What is the problem exactly?
      • [GOZ] In a general sense, it feels like the club has become less welcoming and less well maintained. This is the responsibility of the door group and thus it should be policy to make sure that they do that properly.
      • [GOZ] Degradation in the club seems to be caused by poor management.
      • [LCY] Door members should acknowledge new members coming into the club within a certain amount of time.
      • [GOZ] Hats or fluoro vests for door members!
    • [JWB] We don't need to review door policy now.
      • [MVP] Freshers come start of semester 2, we should be looking at it now so that we are ready by then.
      • [GOZ] This should be dealt with sooner rather than later.
      • [JWB] Unsure what needs to be changed or what could be changed.
      • [GOZ] Suggestion: action someone to review the policy.
    • [JWB] Any reviews will likely result in restrictions on what door members can do whilst in the club (such as gaming).
      • UCC already suffers allegations that it does not treat members well.
      • Door members perhaps decide that gaming at home is better than coming to UCC.
    • [GOZ] Matter for further discussion. Suggests that [JWB] should be involved in policy review due to having valid points to discuss.
      • [JWB] is happy to be involved but is very busy right now.
      • [LCY] would be interested in helping and hearing what [JWB] has to say.
    • [MVP] Reminding committee that door meetings should be held more often.
      • Committee should use door meetings for discussing door policy reviews.
    • Committee is in consensus that door policy needs to be reviewed to find if there is any potential for it to be improved.
    • TODO: [LCY], [JWB] and [CHB] shall discuss door policy reviews.
  • Project night

    • [GOZ] An event that UCC should run officially.
      • Has been run unofficially for a few years thanks to [BOB].
    • Attempt to make the unofficial event official ([KAT] posted event on Facebook)
    • Concern expressed by members who attend project night that unneccessary expectations (such as being required to teach people things) will be placed on them.
    • The event, as it was run unofficially, was not an event in and of itself; one could say that it was simply a meeting time at the club.
    • Project night was running for many years but it did not appear to be intended as a time for new members to bring along their projects.
    • [FVP] Multiple project nights could be worth while if there was sufficient interest.
    • [LCY] It is good to have a time for people to come along to help others and get help with their own projects.
    • [KAT] This is already happening unofficially so it makes sense to make it official.
    • [KAT] Project night should be made official simply so that it does not end up conflicting with something else that we do.
    • [GOZ] and [KAT]: Wording on Facebook event has been adjusted so that it is more welcoming to people who are perhaps not so confident in their abilities.
    • [GOZ] Committee should organise for someone to be present for the sake of helping others. [GOZ] would like to volunteer but does not have time.
    • TODO: [JWB] to hunt down someone to be the designated learning facilitator during official Project Nights.
    • Matter for discussion at next meeting: restricting gaming during Project Night.
      • [GOZ] does not want to make outright decision since this issue is controversial.
      • Constitutionally, gaming is not actually one of the Club's aims thus it should not be an issue for the average member.

[JWB] leaves room at 15.47

[JWB] returns at 15.48

  • [FVP] discuss possibility of inviting oldguard (and wheel) to come along and sort through stuff in clubroom.
    • [CFE] Stuff is dragged out during clubroom cleanup, asking wheel to look at it then is probably the best way to go.
    • [GOZ] Proposal to move item to next week's agenda.
    • Committee agrees.
  • [FVP] ask Guild about possibility of a "vintage computer display" in Cameron Hall (outside clubroom) to complement the other vintage items lying around
    • [GOZ], [JWB], [CFE]: Guild will not even consider that.
    • To be discussed in future committee meetings.
  • [FVP] display "Happy Birthday [???]" messages on Cerberus (from MemberDB?)
    • Not possible unless we get individual member approval.
    • Something to consider for next year's membership forms.
  • [JWB] rejecting silver coins for dispense?
    • Someone added $5 to account using too many silver coins
    • Unpleasant for everyone involved.
    • Suggestion: Door members should be able to refuse silver coins on a case-by-case basis.
    • They are generally a pain for door members and treasurer.
  • [JWB] Educational events for fresher units
    • [EAR] suggests running educational events for units such as MATH1011 (Multivariable Calculus).
    • [GOZ] suggests a club-organised study session.
    • [LCY] Encourage people to come to learn and others to teach.
    • [GOZ] Worst case there will be no interest, we should try to organise one.
      • No EMP required. Could book the Loft.
    • TODO: [LCY] volunteers to spearhead organising and will talk to Elton
  • [GOZ] New aircon.
    • [LDT] (Roland Kerr) has attempted to get aircon under warranty.
      • Service technician had a look and will take another 1-2 weeks to fix.
    • [GOZ] considers buying a new aircon this evening. (if there is time!)
    • [GOZ] Motions for committee to approve purchase of new aircon with budget from last year's committee ($1300)
    • Committee votes unanimously in favour of buying a new aircon with budget from last year's committee.
  • [GOZ] Reimbursements for drinks & printing.
    • [GOZ] has receipt from [KAT] to give to [CFE].

[LCY] leaves room at 16.14

  • Door applications
    • [FVP] 6 vote for; 2 abstain. PASSES
    • [CHB] 6 in favour; 2 abstain. PASSES

Meeting closed at 16.21

Current Action Items

  • [CFE] will contact [AJT] or meet him in person regarding missing financial reports.
  • [GOZ] to book redacted and pay deposit if necessary.
  • [KAT] and [CFE] to coordinate printing cards for machine specs and general clubroom rules.
  • [CFE] to add people to committee role on Discord.
  • [FVP] to make official to-buy list for members
  • [GOZ] to buy an air conditioning unit.
  • [FVP] to make informational tape to show where things should be placed.
    • Also will make signs to state purpose of project bench.
  • [LCY], [JWB] and [CHB] shall discuss door policy reviews.
  • [JWB] to hunt down someone to be the designated learning facilitator during official Project Nights.
  • [LCY] to investigate first-year unit study events; will talk to Elton [EAR]

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