UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-04-13



  • [JWB] William Chesnutt [Vice President]
  • [CFE] Zack Wong [Treasurer]
  • [FVP] Felix von Perger [Secretary]
  • [GIR] Caira Bayman [Fresher Rep]
  • [KAT] C. C. 'Blake' [OCM]
  • [CHB] Alden Bong [OCM]
  • [LCY] Chien Yi Lo [OCM]


  • [GOZ] Andrew Gozzard [President]


  • [BIG] Nicholas Coetzer
  • [BOB] Andrew 'Bob' Adamson
  • [AJT] Alex Thatcher
  • [CHS] Oscar Hermoso
  • Max Cartwright

Meeting opened at 16:00:53

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Sumbitted a conference paper; unrelated to UCC.
    • Was unable to attend previous meeting due to working on paper.
  • Has driven to Clarkson, picked up the new aircon, driven back. Thanks to [BIG] and [JWB] for helping to install it.
    • Was done during a short break whilst working on paper.

Vice President's Report

  • What did I do this week?
  • We've got the aircon! (That was interesting).
  • The 'baffling' which was cut previously by [BOB] was dodgy. Probably going to fail at some point.
    • Learned a new word! "Baffling"

Secretary's Report

  • Checked mail, one letter from Westpac

Treasurer's Report

  • Accounts
    • Cheque: $6259.57
    • Guild: $1753.65
    • Mastercard: $49.87
  • Some difficulty with approving reimbursments, still trying to figure it out.
  • Reimbursals:
    • [GOZ] to be reimbursed $1189.00 for new aircon

Fresher Rep's Report

  • All freshers are still OK.

OCM Reports


  • Has not been able to keep up with advertising this week.
  • Present at Easter LAN during the entire event. It was fine.
  • Also attended the Wrestlemania screening.
    • [KAT] Standout event of the semester so far.
    • [JWB] Vehemently disagrees with [KAT].


  • Was at LAN, was good.


  • Nothing to report.

Machine Technical Reports


  • Still serving.
  • Loveday is now active again following successful installation of aircon.


  • Wifi is broken as per usual.
  • What was not broken remains unbroken.


  • Pinball is still experiencing difficulties.


  • TRS-80: Backups to mollitz (colocated at Christchurch Grammar school) will be offline from night of Friday 20/04/2018 to Monday 23/04/2018.

New equipment

  • We have a new air conditioning unit!
    • [JWB] Warranty for new aircon existed on a number of conditions.
    • New aircon warranty comes with a 5 year warranty.
    • The old aircon could possibly have been void of warranty as a result of being installed without a qualified technician
    • However, [LDT] was successful in persuading technicians to come anyway.

Drinks and Snacks

  • [JWB] is unhappy about price of chips.
  • [CFE] When doing snack/drink runs, please write the price of purchase on the packaging.

External Affairs


  • Mail has been checked. One letter from Westpac.


  • [FVP] Went to the SOC meeting.
    • Two new affiliations were presented
    • Vegan/Vegetarian society.
    • 8 Ball Society (billiards club)
    • Storage reallocations coming up soon.
  • [JWB] We still need to sign that tenancy agreement.
    • TODO: Exec to sign tenancy contract.

[GOZ] arrives at 16:21:52

Other Entities

Cameron hall clubs

  • Would UCC support drinking water dispenser in Cameron Hall?
    • [CFE] We had one, it broke.
    • [GOZ] Saw a similar project started when he was last on committee (2015)
    • Removing kitchenette in the loft.
    • Replacing with filtered, refrigerated drink fountain.
    • Committee supports adding a water fountain to Cameron Hall.
  • [CFE] would consider donating a kettle to the club.
    • [GOZ] Every kettle that has been left in Cameron Hall has been broken.
    • [JWB] Just buy a cheap kettle that is easily replaceable.

UWA Womens Department

  • [KAT] has been contacted asking about UCC running a coding workshop.
  • [GOZ] enjoys teaching and enjoys programming; thus would also be happy to teach programming.


Easter LAN

  • Overall turnout: more organisers than attendees.
  • [KAT] it was nice to watch The Martian.
  • [GOZ] Generously said, two attendees. Special mentions to [CHS] and Max Cartwright.
  • [LCY], [CHB], [GOZ] and [CFE] attest to being there.
  • [GOZ] Event organisation started late enough that we did not have time to market it properly.
    • Recommendation: next year, start Easter LAN organisation before committee changeover.
    • [JWB] Not necessarily more attendees by hosting LAN on Easter weekend.
    • [JWB] Facebook was put out a bit late. Sorry.
  • [KAT] Should we run another LAN soon?
    • [GOZ] Exams coming up soon. Maybe not such good timing.
    • [KAT] People want to do LANs during exam period!
    • [GOZ] suggests running LAN study sessions.
    • Next LAN likely to be after start of study break.


  • [GOZ] "[REDACTED] is a good meme, but it should die."
  • [GOZ] Conducted survey on Facebook to judge interest for camp.
    • Created an initial poll. Only 6 responses.
    • Created a second poll: Total of 14 respondees this time.
    • Should start a much stronger drive to get interest in camp.
    • "Market research" is permissible according to the Guild.
    • Need to push more extensive "market research" to get attention of interested persons.
  • UCC has currently less than 200 members, less than previous years.
    • The 2017 camp had a total of 19 people in attendance, 21 tickets were sold.
    • Given low attendance of previous camp, it may not be feasible to run camp this year at all.
    • So far, 7 organisers and 7 attendees for 2018. We need at least 25 people to make it worthwhile.
  • [LCY] How easily can we get stats on memberships from previous years?
    • "I want to look at numbers and come up with unscientific gut feeling."

Cameron Hall Quiz

  • [FVP] and [CHB] are on the Cameron Hall Quizmittie.
  • Does UCC have any sponsors to ask about getting prizes for the quiz night?
    • [GOZ] We have never succeeded in obtaining standing sponsors in the past.
    • [JWB] We should talk to Varsity. They may have been officially a sponsor for 12 months at some point.
    • [GOZ] By its nature as a computing club, there are not many ways to sponsor the UCC cheaply.
    • [CFE] We had sponsors at one point, now we do not.
    • Anything that people could possibly want as a prize, we will not give away.
    • The Club can donate things for the losing table prize. Lots of things.
  • [GOZ] Quiz night subcommittee must agree to the new subcommittee regulations.
    • Modifications to regulations: rules are now considered standing regulations and can be easily modified as required.
  • TODO: [FVP] to confirm whether Quiz Night EMP requires club President contact details.

Hearthstone Tournament

  • [LCY] Move committee meeting from 16:00 Friday to another slot so that it doesn't conflict with tournament.
  • [GOZ] Committee meetings (by timing) should not interfere with club events.
  • [LCY] Shall be printing posters.

Action Items

  • [CFE] will contact [AJT] or meet him in person regarding missing financial reports - not done yet.
    • [AJT] is departing for China in 2 days.
    • [JWB] ETA on reports is 2-3 weeks, optimistically.
  • [GOZ] to book [REDACTED] and pay deposit if necessary - awaiting results from "Market Research".
  • [KAT] and [CFE] to coordinate printing cards for machine specs and general clubroom rules - not done.
  • [CFE] to add [KAT] to committee role on Discord - not done.
    • [KAT] to make a discord account - done.
  • [FVP] to figure out appropriate way to make a to-buy list for members - sort of done.
    • Currently located on whiteboard.
  • [GOZ] to buy an air conditioning unit - done.
  • [FVP] to make informational tape to show where things should be placed - needs tape.
  • [LCY], [JWB] and [CHB] shall discuss door policy reviews - it has been thought about; ongoing.
  • [LCY] to investigate first-year unit study events; will talk to Elton [EAR] - too late; not going to be done.
  • Easter LAN - done.

General Business

  • [BOB] has reclaimed a screen that he allegedly donated to the club previously. It was not being used.
  • [*OX]: Can we buy a jeweller's vice? Very useful for soldering etc.
    • [BOB] actually can we get a panavise, they knock the socks off any other vice for soldering
    • [CFE] Motion to budget $160 to [GOZ] to buy a Panavise 350.
    • [FVP] seconds.
    • Motion passes unanimously.
  • [BOB] Our bible is out of date, can we please get the updated version? https://www.bookdepository.com/The-Art-of-Electronics-Paul-Horowitz/9780521809269
    • [CFE] reckons that the book would be worthwhile getting.
    • Cost of purchase is about $100.
    • [CHB]: always free shipping on bookdepository.
    • [JWB] Motion to budget $110 to [CFE] to buy The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz.
    • [CHB] seconds.
    • Motion passes unanimously.
    • TODO: [CFE] to purchase The Art of Electronics
  • [FVP] Accepting payment online or with card.
    • Investigate setting up a payment gateway for online purchases (ie. dispense credit, etc)
    • Fat Zebra: Must inquire about pricing. Probably around $110 + 24c per transaction.
    • Paypal (accepts major cards and paypal)
      • Website Payments Standard: "It’s just 2.6% + $0.30^ per sale"
      • Braintree: "1.75% + $0.30 per transaction."
      • [GOZ] UCC has a paypal account but it was locked ages ago.
    • Alternatively, accept card payments in person or online using Square
    • Card reader is $59 from Officeworks; should work with any smartphone/tablet/rpi with android etc.
      • [BIG] Started own business and did not have upfront costs with Square.
      • [BIG] A lot of research suggests that card readers are superior to physical cash in terms of revenue.
    • Flat rate of 1.9% (contactless) or 2.2% (if keyed) on transactions. No monthly fees.
    • Also has APIs for online purchases with website integration.
    • OR Westpac merchant account
    • Genie app: no monthly fees, uses Bluetooth card reader ($100 once-off, 1.95% flat rate on transactions)
      • No obvious indication of discounts for Not For Profit organisations.
    • OR Standalone portable terminal: $55 to $225 per month (!)
    • [GOZ] Do more research and talk about it next week.
    • [FVP] would be willing to work on it as a project.
  • [FVP] running CTF events at UCC: training sessions/making teams etc.
    • [JWB] Need to do more research to determine when next big CTF event takes place.
    • [GOZ] UCC doesn't have expertise (or time) to run such an event itself.
    • Submitting teams to open access events sounds like a good idea.
  • Door applications:
    • [JWB] We want more welcoming door members.
    • [GOZ] Since we are considering redoing door policy.
    • po0rspirit (Sam Benson)
    • [GOZ] Some errors in door application, although relatively minor.
    • [GOZ] Moves to add Sam Benson to door group.
      • [LCY] seconds.
      • Passes unanimously.
    • TODO: [JWB] to talk to Sam about door member responsibilities.
  • [FVP] Discuss appropriate language in the clubroom.
    • [JWB] I don't think that it has been getting worse recently.
    • [BIG] If someone feels uncomfortable, they should let a door member know.
    • [GOZ] Door members should be responsible for handling this on a case-by-case basis.
    • If it is a specific case, a door member should witness it and handle it appropriately.
    • [JWB] Committee should not be required to hunt down individuals on the basis of antisocial behaviour.
    • [KAT] Two people at Wrestlemania event were being antisocial.
    • Not active UCC members but known amongst member base.
    • Talked to them and seems unlikely to happen again.
  • [JWB] Need to name new aircon.
    • [GOZ] Theme for naming is deserts.
    • Kalamari (originally Antarctica) was previous aircon.
    • Suggestions are welcome!

Meeting closed at 18:02:14

Current Action Items

  • [CFE] to retrieve financial reports from [AJT].
  • [GOZ] to book camp after performing "Market Research".
  • [KAT] and [CFE] to print cards for machine specs and clubroom rules.
  • [CFE] to add [KAT] to committee role on Discord.
  • [FVP] to put to-buy list somewhere suitable.
  • [FVP] to organise project bench cleanliness standards and nice tape markings.
  • [LCY], [JWB] and [CHB] shall continue to discuss door policy reviews.
  • [LCY] to talk to [EAR] about first-year unit study events.
  • Executive to sign tenancy contract.
  • [FVP] to confirm whether Quiz Night EMP requires club President contact details.
  • [CFE] to purchase The Art of Electronics.
  • [JWB] to talk to Sam about door member responsibilities.

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