UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-06-19



  • [JWB] William Chesnutt [Vice President]
  • [CFE] Zack Wong [Treasurer]
  • [FVP] Felix von Perger [Secretary]
  • [CHB] Alden Bong [OCM]
  • [LCY] Chien Yi Lo [OCM]


  • [BIG] Nicholas Coetzer
  • [TBB] Alfred Burgess


  • [GOZ] Andrew Gozzard [President]


  • [GIR] Caira Bayman [Fresher Rep]
  • [KAT] C. C. 'Blake' [OCM]


  • [LDT] Roland Kerr
  • [THA] Thomas Hill Almeida
  • [TRS] James Andrewartha
  • [EAR] Elton Rodrigues

Meeting opened at 10.18

Confirmation of minutes from 2018-06-12

  • Minutes are confirmed.

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Absent, report delivered late.
  • It's been a solid week of lit review and shenanigans.

Vice President's Report

  • Thought about door policy, did nothing else.

Secretary's Report

  • Checked the mail, nothing there.
    • [CHB] someone should follow up with [LDT] about Electrolux
  • Put up the posters for camp!
  • No further response from Andrew Shugg or Kelvin Lee

Treasurer's Report

  • Accounts:
    • Cheque: $5359.39
    • Mastercard: $30.62
    • Guild: $1753.00
  • Exams are over so I have time to do stuff.
  • ACNC wants our AIS (Annual Information Statement)
    • [JWB] was reminded about obligations under Associations Incorporations Act to provide Information Statement to Dept of Commerce.

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Not here.

OCM Reports

  • [KAT] is absent.


  • Can't come for the next 2 meetings, will send formal apologies later.


  • Paper in various forms (tissues, paper towels and printing paper) has been purchased. I would like to be reimbursed.
  • [CFE] motion to reimburse [LCY] $16.39 for assorted paper.
    • [CHB] seconds.
    • Motion passes unanimously.
  • [LCY] Motion to reimburse [LCY] $30.00 for the headsets.
    • Bought from the reject shop (since JB HiFi only sells really expensive gear)
    • 2x cheap ones for $9 each, separate plug for microphone and audio
    • Another one for $12 with an inline microphone, may need a splitter
      • [FVP] has some spare splitters lying around at home, can bring one in later.
    • Bought the headphones on a whim, committee does not need to reimburse me.
    • [BIG] It's extremely convenient for members to have them, just like chairs.
    • [JWB] Point was made last year by someone on committee that people playing with headphones on makes the club feel like a LAN cafe.
      • [BIG] In my experience, cooperative playing is equally likely with or without headphones.
    • [BIG] If you want to have headphones, you need a system to take care of them.
    • Discussion deviates somewhat to door policy in general.
    • [FVP] is in favour of club headphones, if we have headphone stands and rules to look after them.
    • [GOZ] enters the meeting at 10:35.
    • [JWB] Any arguments against the club owning headphones?
      • [BIG] Probably the best argument against it is that they will get destroyed.
    • Motion does not pass, 2 in favour, 4 against.

Machine Technical Reports


  • Serving.


  • IPv6 is sort of broken, in some circumstances.
  • [CFE] Plans have been made to move the webcams to a different VLAN.


  • [CFE] was reminded by [EAR] to look at getting the water cooler replaced/repaired.
  • Catfish has been getting disk errors.
  • New SSD has arrived for Pinball.
  • Porcupine doesn't boot, doesn't recognise its hard disk.
  • Cobra has a really small hard disk or partition used for storing profiles, it always gets full.
    • [CFE] It is possible to do quotas using AD.
    • [BIG] has done a course on AD but doesn't want to touch it.
  • Reports of freezes / crashes while using Cobra and Christmas/Catfish.
  • [CFE] is still working on doing an inventory of our desktop hardware.
  • Status of desktops is that they are all getting a bit "long in the tooth", waiting on inventory to figure out what to do.


  • Status of the Cameron Hall comms room is still uncertain. Getting access to it temporarily is not too much of a problem though.

New equipment

  • Paper, tissues and paper towels.
  • [FVP] Purchased some mini-DP adapters on eBay. Will send invoice to treasurer when they arrive.
  • [LCY] has donated 3 sets of headphones to the club.
  • Nice new SSD for Pinball.

Drinks and Snacks

  • Nothing new.
  • [LCY] has kindly donated some coke zero to the floor and [FVP]'s jacket.

External Entities


  • Nothing came in the mail.


  • Busybee on Saturday.
    • [JWB] will make a Facebook event for it.
    • [GOZ] will probably get some generic carpet cleaner for the couches.
  • [JWB] names [TBB] and [BIG] for being annoying.

Other Affairs

  • No response from Kelvin Lee about LDAP.


[ROB] UCC Nostalgia Night

  • Proposed daterange (late June) is coming up soon.
  • [GOZ] Should we schedule this on Sunday 8th July. (same weekend as Winter LARP)
  • [FVP] can come in early to help set up.

Movie nights

  • [JWB] proposes an end of exams movie night.
  • [GOZ] Saturday 23/06 after the busybee.
    • [JWB] People who are at the busybee would have had pizza for lunch...
    • Pizza at 18:00, movie starts at 19:00.
    • Suggestions for movies are welcome.

Sysadmin "Tech-talk" workshop

  • [FVP] I can finally start working on this.


  • We finally got the poster artwork!
    • [FVP] And now the posters are up as well!
  • Need to do consent form.
  • [GOZ] Beatentrack's disk is currently AWOL, should find it at some point.
  • [CFE] The antenna jack on the old modem was broken so we might need to buy a new one.
    • [GOZ] Asus makes a dedicated 4G-AC53u modem/router device for around $260, I am happy to chip in.
  • Skywhale has been located in the box on the camp antenna pole, no USB 3G/4G dongle was connected.
  • Camp network night: Wednesday 18/07/2018 starting at 16:00, 1.5 weeks before camp
    • [GOZ] In the past, it has been on the Wednesday more than a week before camp.
    • [GOZ] will be happy to do a food run.
  • [JWB] Are we allowed to play drinking games on camp?
    • No.

Tech Busybee (24/06/2018)

  • Are we buying more crates?
    • [GOZ] $50 should be sufficient to get an appropriate number of crates.
  • [FVP] will look into buying crates and things as necessary.
    • We can also get some sticky notes / stickers to put on things to mark them for keeping / disposal.

Action Items from 2018-06-12


  • [GOZ] Discuss with other clubs to gauge interest in wifi upgrades - done
    • Not heard anything back yet.
    • [FVP] talked to Simon from UniSFA, they will discuss it at their next meeting.
  • [GOZ] Look into cleaning the couches - done
    • Will buy generic carpet cleaner and isopropyl alcohol for the cleanup on the weekend.
  • [GOZ] Obtain a poster for Camp and make social media posts - done.


  • [CFE] Untangle financial records for 2016 - in progress
    • They're less tangled than they were before.
  • [CFE] Implement committee handover documentation archive - in progress
    • Not done, but I do have an idea.
    • Create a samba share, create a webpage and we're done.
  • [CFE] Chase up [LDT] and ask about Windows licenses - not done


  • [FVP] Reschedule tech cleanup to Sunday 24th June - done
  • [FVP] Send the money related things from Quizmittee to [CFE] - done
  • [FVP] Buy Mini-DP adapters - done
  • [FVP] and [CFE]: Organise sysadmin workshop for semester 2 - ongoing
  • [FVP] Investigate options for camp internet - done by [GOZ]
    • [GOZ] For $70 we can get 100GB through OVO (Optus), not on a contract.
  • [FVP] Update the Camp wiki page - will do


  • [KAT] and [CFE]: Print cards for machine specs and clubroom rules - ongoing


  • [CFE] and [JWB] to resolve the storage applications issue - done
    • [CFE] sent the email through on Thursday. No reply yet.
  • [JWB], [LCY] and [CHB]: Continue discussing door policy reviews - in progress
  • [LCY]: Organise first-year unit study events (next semester) - not going to be done.
  • Committee: Everyone with RSA or Food Safety certificates, please send them to [CFE].
    • TODO: [JWB] to do Food Safety Training.
    • TODO: [FVP] to do Food Safety Training.

General Business

  • [TBB] President of JapSoc has asked if they can have a webcam in their clubroom.
    • [GOZ] Where is the clubroom located?
      • [TBB] 3rd floor guild building above CCZ.
    • [GOZ] No, it is not technologically feasible to do so.
  • [FVP] Oh, btw, some of our door members (according to doorgroup mailing list) aren't even current UCC members.
    • [JWB] Only 3 people who are no longer members of the club.
    • Accounts are still disabled so it isn't a huge problem.
    • TODO: [FVP] remove the people from doorgroup list who are not members.
  • [FVP] Can we buy a SATA-USB adapter of some sort? Preferably with its own power supply to support 3.5" drives.
    • [GOZ] Motion to budget $50 to acquire a SATA to USB hard drive dock.
      • [CFE] seconds.
      • Motion passes, 5 in favour, 1 abstains.
      • TODO: [GOZ] Buy SATA-USB adapter.
  • [FVP] Catfish is getting disk errors as well.
    • Can we buy a bulkload of SSDs to upgrade our machines. We're stuck with a pre-2010 computing experience using hard disks.
    • [GOZ] Wait for the inventorying system to be set up and then we know what we need to get.
  • [FVP] please please please upgrade / bin porcupine. It's completely broken.
    • Budget something like $900-$1200 for this ASAP.
    • [CHB] I think [THA] is already working on a proposal for this to be sent to tech@.
      • End of semester and exams probably got in the way.
      • Relevant minutes are 18th May 2018.
      • Follow up on it?
    • [JWB] Upgrading 2 machines per year sounds like a good plan.
  • [FVP] Organise a door meeting to discuss door policy / guidelines.
    • [BIG] doesn't think that hard rules are good - everything should be under door members discretion.
      • Remind people that complaints are a thing.
      • In the past complaints have led to action.
  • [TRS] Renewing ucc.asn.au
    • [CFE] has already done that, enetica keeps sending us emails for some reason.
    • Domain has been transferred and renewed, we can ignore the emails.
  • [GOZ] Interpreting the constitution.
    • Creation of policies, as constitutional amendments, can be done only by a 2/3 majority at a General Meeting
    • Committees can create regulations which are an agreement within the committee about how things are run.
    • Proposal to clarify nomenclature:
    • The committee thus interprets the constitution such that the following are true:
      • Policies: Official amendments to the constitution approved at a General Meeting.
      • Guidelines: Permanent standing operational guidelines for the club that can be created and modified by the committee and last beyond the term of a committee.
      • Regulations: Agreements by a committee that only last the term of that committee.
    • [GOZ] Thank f***, that means we don't have to redo anything.

Meeting closed at 12.17, 1 hour and 59 minutes later

Current Action Items


  • [GOZ] Organise couch cleaning equipment for Saturday.
  • [GOZ] Buy SATA-USB adapter.


  • [JWB] Do Food Safety Training.


  • [CFE] Untangle financial records for 2016.
  • [CFE] Implement committee handover documentation archive.
  • [CFE] Chase up [LDT] and ask about Windows licenses.


  • [FVP] Remove the people from doorgroup list who are not members.
  • [FVP] and [CFE]: Organise sysadmin workshop for semester 2.
  • [FVP] Update the Camp wiki page.
  • [FVP] Do Food Safety Training.


  • [KAT] and [CFE]: Print cards for machine specs and clubroom rules.


  • [JWB], [LCY] and [CHB]: Continue discussing door policy reviews.
  • Committee: Everyone with RSA or Food Safety certificates, please send them to [CFE].

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