UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-06-26



  • [GOZ] Andrew Gozzard [President]
  • [JWB] William Chesnutt [Vice President]
  • [FVP] Felix von Perger [Secretary]
  • [LCY] Chien Yi Lo [OCM]


  • [CFE] Zack Wong [Treasurer]
  • [CHB] Alden Bong [OCM]
  • [KAT] Blake [OCM]
  • [GIR] Caira Bayman [Fresher Rep]


  • [KEK], [LDT], [chaseelialex], [THA]
  • Lots of door members.

Meeting opened at 10.12.57

Confirmation of minutes from 2018-06-19

  • Any mentions of PUBG were removed from the minutes.
  • Comment about laughter was also removed.
  • Guild building has a 2nd floor, not a 3rd floor. Or does it?

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • General interclub relations: a Presidents' Summit in Cameron Hall is coming up soon
  • Was at Tenancy Busybee
    • Arms of couches look almost new
  • Tenancy consultation meeting
    • Much of little significance
    • Room 183 has been allocated jointly to the Wine Appreciation Society and Craft Brewing Society
    • Tenancy is now considering allowing clubs to get Occasional Liquor Licenses for events held in tenant spaces.
    • This sounds like a bad idea.
    • If other clubs had events with alcohol, no under-18s could be legally present in Cameron Hall. Shenanigans.

Vice President's Report

  • Swore very loudly when I woke up and saw the storage allocations.
  • Thought about door policy.
  • Talked to [KEK] about finding out who the Red Bull representative is, got a name and added them on Facebook.
    • No response so far, doesn't look like we will have free Red Bull on camp.

Secretary's Report

  • Bought 6 crates, medium adjustable wrench, mini vise grips and hand soap.
    • Hand soap can be considered a donation to the loft if UCC doesn't want to pay for it.
    • Total: about $70
  • Also donated some teatowels to the kitchen upstairs.
    • If they actually get used then I'll probably take them home to be washed occasionally.
  • mini-DP adapters have arrived, sent receipts to [CFE].
  • Someone else ([CFE]) needs to log into Square to do the ID verification stuff.
  • Still no further progress with PayPal.
  • I have no working phone number right now so I can't make calls. :(
  • More correspondence with Andrew Shugg
    • Possibility of a more formal relationship with UCC and UWA IT including dedicated ServiceNow login
    • For authenticated UWA LDAP access... hahahahah. But it is likely possible.
  • Turnout at tenancy busybee was not fantastic, but the place was looking much cleaner afterwards.
    • Good job [GOZ] for making the couches great again.
  • Turnout at tech busybee was abysmal.
    • Exactly 1 wheel member was present.
    • I am extremely disappointed.
    • We now have an unofficial vintage computer display in Cameron Hall.
    • Thanks to [TFM], [DAS], [TFD], [chaseelialex] and mystery UCC member for helping out.

Treasurer's Report

  • Absent on account of unwellness.
  • Accounts:
    • Cheque: $5369.39
    • Mastercard: $30.62
    • Guild: $1753.65

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Absent.

OCM Reports

  • [LCY] has nothing to report.
  • [KAT] and [CHB] are absent.

Machine Technical Reports


  • [FVP] mini DP to VGA cable was installed on Gothamburg, not sure if it works
  • Maltair went down twice on Monday. Don't run fstrim on it. Ever.
    • Motsugo went gaga and AD looks broken but actually works.
  • Proxmox upgrades are planned.


  • Net works.


  • Pinball now works, did a fresh install of Mint 18.3 on the new SSD.
  • [THA] hasn't sent anything in yet about upgrading Porcupine.


  • We have a lot of VTs to test.

New equipment

  • Crates x 6
  • Tools x 2
  • Cables x 2
  • [FVP] is happy to leave reimbursements to the next meeting so that [CFE] can do that kind of stuff.

Drinks and Snacks

  • We need coke zero.

External Entities


  • Mail has been checked. Nothing in the mail.


  • Tenancy busybee
    • Received apologies from: [JWB], [CHB], [AJT], [TPG], [DJF], [BJS]
    • Apologies (perhaps a little late) from: [JDN], [TFM]
    • Attended: [MVP], [CFE], [FVP], [DIE], [NTU], [TFD], [BIG], [GOZ], [KAT], [LCY], [TBB], [LDT], [ROB]
    • No apologies: [KEK], [BRO], [BLZ], [DAS], [HYT], [johnn27], [PJA], [THA]
    • Not current UCC members: [M12], [EAR], [LDA]
    • [GOZ] We do not officially state that communication with door members will come by email, so many people expect that a Facebook event will be created but we didn't do that.
    • Late apologies from [TFM] did not give a reason for why the apologies were late.
    • Door members to be removed: [KEK], [BRO], [BLZ], [DAS], [HYT], [johnn27], [PJA], [TFM], [THA], [M12], [EAR], [LDA]
    • TODO: [FVP] Send emails to door and [TFM].
  • So far we have not been allocated any cupboards, we will need to clear them out in the next few weeks.

Other Affairs

  • Electrolux has called [LDT] and say that they now have all the parts to repair the aircon!


[ROB] UCC Nostalgia Night

  • Scheduled on Saturday 2018-07-07, 18.00 until late.
  • We need to write an EMP by this Sunday.
  • [GOZ] Need to make sure we have emulators in case people don't bring consoles.
  • A pizza run (or some sort of food) will be organised for the event.
    • [GOZ] may be attending and should be able to do a food run.
  • TODO: [LCY] write an EMP for the event and submit it.

Movie nights

  • Dead for now.

Sysadmin "Tech-talk" workshop

  • Probably also dead for now.


  • TODO: [FVP] Upload the consent form to the wiki.
  • TODO: [FVP] Send reminder email to ucc-announce.
  • [GOZ] Lack of committee members who can drive is a practical issue.
  • [JWB] Can we look into hiring a bus?
    • [GOZ] No.
  • [FVP] should be able to find a supervising driver willing to be dragged around for a day or so for transporting equipment.
  • [GOZ], [KAT] and [GIR] have licenses. [FVP] has a van but no license.

Tech Busybee (24/06/2018)

  • See Secretary's report above.
  • Stickers were put on things.
    • Green = keep.
    • Magenta = keep one of that type of thing, subject to discussion.
    • Orange = remove from clubroom (bin, give away, sell, etc).
  • Due to lack of attendees, things took longer than anticipated.
    • Almost everything under desks was taken out. Anything without a sticker has yet to be inspected.
    • Contents of cupboards were not inspected.
    • No sorting of crates was performed.
  • Suggested course of action is to organise another event to finish the cleanup.
    • Tenancy busybee end of July could be a tech/wheel event, provided clubroom stays relatively clean.
    • [FVP] Compulsory wheel attendance (apologies accepted) would probably be the most effective way to get the job done.
    • [GOZ] We will need to hire our own e-waste skip, Tenancy will hopefully have the busybee skip present before Camp so we can use that as well.
    • Wheel should be invited to the busybee a week before camp as well as door.
      • [GOZ] The other clubs have their busybee during camp so we should have Cameron Hall mostly to ourselves.
  • [JWB] We have lots of lego mindstorms which haven't been touched for a year.
    • [GOZ] now has some time so might be able to run some kind of "Intro to Robotics" course.

Action Items from 2018-06-19


  • [GOZ] Organise couch cleaning equipment for Saturday - done.
    • Couches are remarkably clean.
  • [GOZ] Buy SATA-USB adapter - acquired, on the shelf
    • Will do reimbursement next week.


  • [JWB] Do Food Safety Training. - ongoing


  • [CFE] Untangle financial records for 2016.
  • [CFE] Implement committee handover documentation archive.
  • [CFE] Chase up [LDT] and ask about Windows licenses.


  • [FVP] Remove the people from doorgroup list who are not members - ongoing
  • [FVP] and [CFE]: Organise sysadmin workshop for semester 2 - ongoing
  • [FVP] Update the Camp wiki page - ongoing
  • [FVP] Do Food Safety Training - ongoing


  • [KAT] and [CFE]: Print cards for machine specs and clubroom rules.


  • [JWB], [LCY] and [CHB]: Continue discussing door policy reviews - in progress.
  • Committee: Everyone with RSA or Food Safety certificates, please send them to [CFE].

General Business

  • [CHB] Reiterating [FVP], we should get plans for a room upgrade, probably tap into a term deposit.
    • [FVP] Organise some meetings specifically to talk about this, anyone interested can come?
    • [GOZ] Floors will be redone at some point in the nearish future - we should plan ahead.
    • Committee takes a pause while [GOZ] goes and renews parking.

Meeting closed at 12.11.00

Current Action Items

Food safety training can be found here


  • [JWB] Do Food Safety Training (done as of 12.49).


  • [CFE] Untangle financial records for 2016.
  • [CFE] Implement committee handover documentation archive.
  • [CFE] Chase up [LDT] and ask about Windows licenses.


  • [FVP] Remove non-door members from dispense and mailing list.
  • [FVP] and [CFE]: Organise sysadmin workshop for semester 2.
  • [FVP] Update the Camp wiki page.
  • [FVP] Do Food Safety Training.
  • [FVP] Send emails to door and [TFM].
  • [FVP] Send camp reminder email to ucc-announce.
  • [FVP] Upload updated camp consent form (done as of 12.47).


  • [KAT] and [CFE]: Print cards for machine specs and clubroom rules.


  • [LCY] Write an EMP for Nostalgia Night (2018-07-07) and submit it.


  • [JWB], [LCY] and [CHB]: Continue discussing door policy reviews.
  • Committee: Everyone with RSA or Food Safety certificates, please send them to [CFE].

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