UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-08-08



  • [JWB] William Chesnutt [Vice President]
  • [CFE] Zack Wong [Treasurer]
  • [FVP] Felix von Perger [Secretary]
  • [GIR] Caira Bayman [Fresher Rep]


  • [BJS] Sam Benson
  • [DAS] Donald Sutherland


  • [CHB] Alden Bong [OCM]
  • [LCY] Chien Yi Lo [OCM]


  • [GOZ] Andrew Gozzard [President]


  • [KAT] C. C. 'Blake' [OCM]


  • [NTU], [DOM]
  • Wine Appreciation Club

Meeting opened at 13:00:52

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Absent.

Vice President's Report

  • Door policy.

Secretary's Report

  • Returned cupboard keys to Guild Student Centre
  • Added vive nights & nostalgia night to Cerberus
  • Haven't checked the mail, very busy.
  • Went to Halloween meeting
  • Need to organise an OGM

Treasurer's Report

  • Money, we got it
  • Guild: $2970.26
  • Mastercard: $81.23
  • Cheque: $6663.10
  • RCD testing happened this morning, I was here.
    • Testing went fine, post testing though...

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Went to Halloween event subcommittee meeting

OCM Reports

  • [KAT] has resigned.
  • There is a distinct lack of OCMs in the room.

Machine Technical Reports


  • [CFE] and [FVP] shut everything down before the RCD testing this morning
  • Maltair won't boot any more. Whoops.
  • Mooneye now has proper rack rails! Yay!


  • Working. Except for Maltair.
  • [CFE] notices that the camp antenna has disappeared.
    • Secretary's note: [NTU] stole it and added it to the Theftbook.


  • On desks.

New equipment

  • Nothing new.

Drinks and Snacks

  • Should do a drinks run soon.

External Entities


  • Not checked.


  • RCD testing in Cameron Hall, Wednesday 2018/08/08 08:00-10:00 AWST
    • Shamrock Electrical wants a representative to be present to coordinate testing with.
    • Contact [email protected] to discuss.
    • Email reply sent saying we would not send any representatives, [CFE] showed up anyway and made sure things didn't get totally broken.
    • Thanks to [CFE].
  • [LCY] arrives 13:10
  • [CHB] arrives 13:12
  • [JWB] motions to approve the updated subcommittee regulations.
    • [CFE] seconds.
    • Motion passes: 5 in favour, 1 abstain.

Other Affairs

  • Wine Appreciation Club wants a reply to their email
    • Wanted wifi, webcam and to participate in Cameron Hall culture.
    • Wifi: Not offered as a service to clubs, only as a service to UCC members across Cameron Hall.
      • Members can sign up individually to use UCC services.
      • UCC can provide a wired internet connection (ie. for use with a clubroom computer) as it does for UniSFA and UWAnime.
    • Webcam
      • UCC can provide a webcam service, but it simply allows the webcam to be viewed, a semi-reliable archive and no security or service guarantees of any kind.
      • UCC shall not be held liable for any matter related to the webcams.
      • WAC will need to pay the costs of installation.
    • Signup as a club is possible at the non-student/non-guild price. Ask a door member in UCC to sort this out.
    • TODO: [JWB] to send an email reply.


Movie nights

  • Movie nights have been cancelled since [KAT] was running them and has now resigned.
  • Nobody wants to revive them.
  • Joint movie nights with UniSFA?

Vive Nights

  • Vive nights are now on Wednesdays
    • TODO: [JWB] Make facebook event for Vive Nights.

Sysadmin "Tech-talk" workshop

  • Deferred.


  • Pay invoice
    • Price has gone up to $35 pp pn this year
    • Invoice is for $1700.00, has not been previously budgeted.
    • [JWB] Motion to pay Camp Leschenaultia the $1700.00 we owe them.
      • [CHB] seconded.
      • Motion passes unanimously.
    • TODO: [CFE] Pay the invoices.
  • Book for next year
    • Explore alternate venues.
    • [FVP] Consider joint camp event with Unigames?
      • Everyone apart from [FVP] and [LCY] disagree with this prospect.
  • Write camp docs
    • TODO: [CFE] and [FVP] to write camp documentation.

Nostalgia Night (11-08-2018)

  • Event has been created on Facebook, posters have been put up, displayed on Cerberus.
  • Bring your oldschool games and consoles to UCC this Saturday evening!
  • TODO: [FVP] to send email about Nostalgia Night to [email protected]

Charity Vigil

  • Elect UCC subcommittee reps
    • [GOZ] and [JWB] have volunteered as reps.
    • Committee is in consensus.
  • PCS is interested in joining the event. Are we cool with this?
    • Committee cannot think of any problems, scheduling nightmares aside.

Cameron Hall-oween

  • Elect subcommittee representatives.
    • We elected reps a while ago, [FVP] and [GIR]. If it didn't get minuted/ratified properly we should do that again.
    • Committee is in consensus about selection of reps.
  • Approve subcommittee regulations
    • See above.
  • Mistakes were made, Panto is part of the event and we need to organise another meeting.

Relay for Life

  • UCC is in a joint team with UWAnime.
  • [JWB] UCC has to do more laps than the other clubs.
  • TODO: [LCY] Make Facebook event for Relay for Life.
  • TODO: [FVP] Make some graphical material for Relay for Life advertising.

Anniversary Dinner

  • Where?
    • The venue should ideally be near UWA
    • Have a look at venues used in the past
    • Suggestions are welcome.
  • When?
    • Event should run mid-October, depending on venue availability.
  • How much ($$$)?
    • Research past dinners and look at tabs and ticket prices.
    • Event will likely be run at a loss if it ends up being a good event.
  • Advertising / EMP
    • This would be a "major" event under the Guild regulations.
  • Aim to have this done in the next 3 weeks.
    • TODO: [JWB], [CFE] and [CHB] - investigate possible venues.

Open Day (Sunday 12th August)

  • Open Day is from 10am to 4pm.
  • Who will be there and for how long?
    • [JWB] is happy to be there later in the day.
    • [FVP] can be there at 10:00.
    • [CFE] can be there at 9:00-10:00.
    • [LCY] can be there 9:00-12:00.
    • [CHB] can be there after 13:00.
    • [GIR] can't make it.
  • We have a 3x3 marquee and a trestle table in the big marquee.


  • We have a new 3D printer, let's make an event for it!

Action Items from 2018-07-31


  • Ask Camp Lesch to install some eyelets.
    • Waiting to pay invoice/book at the same time.


  • Ensure that committee has access to the draft door policy before next meeting. - done


  • [CFE] Implement committee handover documentation archive - ongoing.
  • [CFE] to reimburse [FVP] $318.34 AUD for 3D printer - not yet done.


  • [FVP] and [CFE]: Organise sysadmin workshop for semester 2 - ongoing.
  • [FVP]: Produce specsheet for new porcupine - not done.


  • [KAT] and [CFE]: Print cards for machine specs and clubroom rules - deferred.
    • [KAT] is sadly no longer with us.


  • [JWB], [LCY] and [CHB]: Continue discussing door policy reviews - almost done

General Business

  • [CFE] Motion to reimburse [LCY] $14.58 for Nostalgia Night posters.
    • [JWB] seconds.
    • Motion passes: 5 in favour, 1 abstains.
  • [CFE] Motion to reimburse [LCY] $8.54 for Up&Go
    • [JWB] seconds.
    • Motion passes: 5 in favour, 1 abstains.
  • Update door policy
    • Changes are not finalised yet, next week?
    • TODO: [JWB] Finish door policy stuff.
  • Organise OGM to elect a new OCM
  • [DOM] Ben Zhao
    • [JWB] warned [DOM] 4-5 times to stop being noisy and disruptive.
    • [JWB] left the room and told [BJS] to door [DOM] if disruptive behaviour continued.
    • Disruptive behaviour continued and [BJS] was about to send dooring email when [DOM] left.
    • [JWB] This kind of behaviour is disrespectful and repulsive to new/occasional members.
    • [JWB] Expel [DOM] from the clubroom for 1 week, effective as of 8/08/2018.
      • Committee is in consensus.
  • [JWB] Objectives of the club with regard to Windows computers.
    • One of the reasons we are a charity is that we help people with their degrees, and help to promote computing.
    • We have reached the point where we are essentially a LAN cafĂ©.
    • This has likely caused some people with bad self-control to ruin their degrees.
    • Before exams, I would like to reduce the number of Windows machines again by 1.
    • We need a concrete plan to get more new people engaged in the technical side of the club.
    • [GIR] Initially I joined at the start of the year to learn more about computers, so far all I have seen is gaming.
      • And I would have joined Unigames for that.
    • [DAS] Increase the amount of tech events, don't be afraid to kick people off computers for project use, club use or anything else (since gaming is the lowest priority use of computers).
      • Lead by example: Committee shouldn't be seen playing games.
      • Instead of using laptops, use the desktops for projects! ([CFE] and [FVP]!)
    • [FVP] Running more tech events may be able to engage the tech interests in potential new members, casual members or even hardcore gaming members.
      • TODO: [FVP] Send emails asking about tech talks.
      • TODO: [GIR] Coordinate with [JWB] about CITS first year unit study groups.
    • [JWB] Lecture bashing for first year units.
    • [JWB] Change cichlid to Linux at the end of week 12.
      • Committee is in consensus.
  • [JWB] Halfway through the year we typically halve membership prices.
    • People get half the benefit by joining halfway through the year.
    • [JWB] Motion to reduce membership prices to half, rounding down.
      • [GIR] seconds.
      • Motion passes unanimously.

Meeting closed at 14.56:17 - under 2 hours!

Current Action Items


  • Ask Camp Lesch to install some eyelets.
    • Waiting to pay invoice/book at the same time.


  • Send a reply email to Wine Appreciation Society.
  • Make facebook event for Vive Nights.
  • Finalise updated door policy.


  • Implement committee handover documentation archive.
  • Reimburse [FVP] $318.34 AUD for 3D printer.
  • Finish inventorying and make spec cards for machines.
  • Pay invoices, including camp lesch.
  • [CFE] and [FVP] to write camp documentation.


  • [FVP] and [CFE]: Organise sysadmin workshop for semester 2.
  • Produce specsheet for new porcupine.
  • Send email about Nostalgia Night to [email protected]
  • Make some graphics material for Relay for Life advertising.
  • Send emails asking about tech talks.
  • Find date for and advertise for OGM.


  • Coordinate with [JWB] about running CITS first year unit study sessions.


  • Make Facebook event for Relay for Life.


  • [JWB], [CFE] and [CHB]: investigate possible venues for Anniversary Dinner.

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