UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-08-15



  • [GOZ] Andrew Gozzard [President]
  • [JWB] William Chesnutt [Vice President]
  • [CFE] Zack Wong [Treasurer]
  • [FVP] Felix von Perger [Secretary]
  • [CHB] Alden Bong [OCM]


  • [NTU] Nick Bannon
  • [AJT] Alex Thatcher


  • [GIR] Caira Bayman [Fresher Rep]
  • [LCY] Chien Yi Lo [OCM]


  • [TBB], [BOB], [LDT], [TFM], [laptop], [BIG], [DAA], [dadams], [aurora]
  • Jasmine of Unigames
  • UWAnime
  • Camp Leschenaultia

Meeting opened at 13.04

Confirmation of minutes from 2018-08-08

  • Nothing wrong with last minutes.

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • [Screams in LaTeX]
  • Still writing same paper as last time.
  • Nothing else to report.

Vice President's Report

  • Reinstalled Cobra as Linux.
    • SOE instructions don't work for Mint 19, [CFE] got it working eventually.
  • Went to Charity Vigil meeting.
  • Open day went well, things were a bit messed up with the Vive to start with but it worked out.
    • Discussion continues about lighting conditions and positioning of sensors.
  • Accidentally typed ping mooneye into IRC.

Secretary's Report

  • Checked the mail, we have no mail.
  • Went to Cameron Hall-oween meeting, more details later.
  • Open day was fun
    • Brought my Toshiba T1000 and it went well, using [NTU]'s RGB monitor.
    • Space invaders was played at least 50 times.
  • Organised OGM on the Tuesday 21st August, 13:00.
    • TODO: [FVP] Book Guild Council Meeting Room.
  • Sent out parts list for Porcupine upgrade.

Treasurer's Report

  • Accounts:
    • Guild: 2970.26
    • Mastercard: 81.23
    • Cheque: 6322.76
  • Some more things will be paid shortly.
  • waves around long receipts left over from camp
  • Camp food total was $572.85.
    • [GOZ] Motion to retroactively endorse spending of camp food.
      • [JWB] Let's not do this again next year.
      • [CHB] seconds.
      • Motion passes unanimously.
  • Receipts:
    • Camp snacks + some extra hot dog rolls, total was $359.28.
      • [GOZ] Motion to retroactively approve camp snack spending and reimburse [FVP].
        • [CHB] seconds.
        • Motion passes unanimously.
    • [TBB] bought a couple of packets of CR2032 batteries.
      • [GOZ] Motion to reimburse [TBB] $7.98 for batteries.
        • [JWB] seconds.
        • Motion passes unanimously.

Fresher Rep's Report

  • No fresher rep.

OCM Reports

  • [CHB] More info needed to get quotes / information for venues.

Machine Technical Reports


  • Maltair is definitely still very dead.
    • [BOB] managed to find a part on the motherboard matching the description in (the article)[https://support.lenovo.com/au/en/solutions/ht118532].
    • Should we look into getting a replacement some time soon?
    • [FVP] We should discuss replacing Maltair (suggested budget $1000).
      • [FVP] We want at least a replacement "motherboard" (ie. compatible base system to which we can just swap bits with).
      • [GOZ] Replacement of Maltair is not urgent.
      • [GOZ] Better to approve any spending by circular if something pops up on eBay / auction.
      • [CFE] has a Dell R710 server at home, may be able to sell it to the club.
  • [CFE] and [FVP] are trying to figure out the best way to fix Samba / samson / sampa / AD.
    • [CFE] had to restore samson from backup, one account got broken but it has all been fixed now. (Secretary's note: at least 2 accounts were broken, 2 fixed so far.)
    • ucc-adduser script warns about bad password quality but the actual error was completely different.
  • CSS on http://webcam.ucc.asn.au/ seems broken?
  • [GOZ] I fixed the authentication problem affecting my account!


  • Working.


  • Cobra is now Linux.
  • Cichlid's disks were completely full!
    • [GOZ] deleted a bunch of games from C: and found a Recycle Bin on D: which was 250+GB, which was also deleted.
  • [FVP] emailed out parts list for Porcupine rebuild, to be discussed later.

New equipment

  • 3D printer has now been opened and partially assembled.

Drinks and Snacks

  • [GOZ] can do a snack run on Saturday?
  • [GIR] can also drive.
  • [NTU] points out that both [BIG] and himself can drive and can do snack runs.

External Entities


  • No mail.


  • SOC meeting tonight.
    • [JWB] can attend on behalf of UCC.
    • [GOZ] will also be there for PCS.

Other Affairs

  • Electrolux still has our aircon, no actual news.


  • [GOZ] Events in general - the Facebook group is too large, not possible for event creator to invite everyone in the group.
    • Cutoff is around 500 members.
    • [NTU] Tools exist to scrape events from Facebook, which could be used to keep non-Facebook people up to date.
    • [GOZ] Suggestion: cull members from group.
    • TODO: [JWB] Figure out how to fix Facebook group.
    • [GOZ] Flame was running until not that long ago, that was a great "social network".

Vive Nights

  • On tonight, so far decent reception on Facebook.
  • [FVP] We should do emails about these as well.
  • [JWB] Loft has been booked, EMP has been submitted.

Sysadmin "Tech-talk" workshop

  • With Maltair dead, we probably can't use the original plan for this event (each attendee having their own event).
  • Still deferred. (Secretary's note: awaiting further interest / time).


  • Invoices will be paid very soon.
  • TODO: [CFE] Write camp network docs.
  • TODO: [FVP] Write other docs.
    • [GOZ] wants the committee docs (including camp docs) to be web-accessible in some form.

Nostalgia Night (11-08-2018)

  • Facebook notifications were generally dodgy, nobody seemed to know about it.
  • Thanks to [TFM], [LDT], [FVP] and [laptop] for attending.

Charity Vigil

  • Some complaints about subcommittee regulations, modifications have been discussed but have not been provided to committee.
    • This will have to be discussed next week.
    • [GOZ] I am of the opinion that our reps, [JWB] and myself (who was absent from the last meeting), are capable of making this decision.
  • TODO: [GOZ] Ensure subcommittee regulations can be published and publish them accordingly.
  • Event shall be held Saturday 22nd September.
  • Wine Appreciation Club wanted to be involved, Jasmine from Unigames is talking to them about it.

Cameron Hall-oween

  • Event planning is going well, we are ahead of time.
  • Likely to be in CCZ, on the weekend before, on the evening of, or on the weekend after Halloween.

Relay for Life

  • UWAnime has signed up for the event, we are in a joint team.
  • TODO: [CHB] Contact UWAnime and find out what we need to do.
    • [CHB] I will not be attending the event, probably just relaying information.
  • [GOZ] We could do a nerd version of this event like Unigames' Roleplay for Life.
    • Suggestion: "Relay for Life" with an actual relay controlling power for clubroom / network.

44th Anniversary Dinner

  • [CHB] We need to email venues with specific details about the event to get quotes.
  • Tentative estimate for number of attendees is 25 people.
  • [GOZ] We could run an "Anniversary Sausage Sizzle by the Foreshore" as a very low-effort event.
    • [GOZ] Especially considering our doubts about attendance, I recommend that we don't go for a high committment event.
  • Options for venues (generally);
    • Cheap, low-committment "venue" such as Matilda Bay
    • UWA Tavern
    • Restaurant / fancy venue
  • Quick poll of committee finds that the Tav is unanimously considered a good choice from available options.
  • We don't have a ticket price for this event, subject to change depending on choice of venue.
  • When: Friday October 5th
    • Starting at 6pm with nibbles available.
    • Main meal around 7pm.
    • Continue until 10pm.
  • TODO: [FVP] Contact Tav about bookings and catering.

Open Day (Sunday 12th August)

  • Open Day went very well.
  • The Vive was popular with small children.
  • Notes for next time:
    • Indoor area / walled marquee for Vive
    • More signs.


  • [LDT] started building it already, [AJT] joined in and it didn't quite get finished.
  • [GOZ] I believe this event is one that we really should run, so I am willing to bring in my own (yet to be assembled) 3D printer of the same model to assemble during the event.
    • Once printer is fully built, then I will pick a date to run the event.
  • [LDT] would be able to help run the event.

Action Items from 2018-08-08


  • Ask Camp Lesch to install some eyelets.
    • Waiting to pay invoice/book at the same time.
    • Payment will be made shortly.
    • Booking for next year: deposit can be refunded if we cancel booking up to 90 days before.
      • Propositional dates: week before end of midyear break (19th to 22nd July 2019).
      • [JWB] Camp should be earlier in semester break, if we can book before Unigames then we may get more attendees.
      • [AJT] points out that we have a lot of technical setup and that would potentially have to be done during semester.
    • Camp leaders can be changed, EMPs can be modified up until the last minute etc.
      • Do the paperwork super early so we can start advertising any time.
      • TODO: [GOZ] Book camp at Camp Leschenaultia for 19th to 22nd July 2019.
    • [FVP] Motion to budget $400 for booking of Camp Leschenaultia.
      • [GOZ] seconds.
      • Motion passes unanimously.


  • Send a reply email to Wine Appreciation Society - not done.
  • Make facebook event for Vive Nights - done.
  • Finalise updated door policy - in progress.


  • Implement committee handover documentation archive - not done.
  • Reimburse [FVP] $318.34 AUD for 3D printer - done.
  • Finish inventorying and make spec cards for machines - not done.
  • Pay invoices, including camp lesch - being done.
  • [CFE] and [FVP] to write camp documentation - not done.


  • [FVP] and [CFE]: Organise sysadmin workshop for semester 2 - not done.
  • Produce specsheet for new porcupine - done.
  • Send email about Nostalgia Night to [email protected] - done.
  • Make some graphics material for Relay for Life advertising - not done.
  • Send emails asking about tech talks - not done.
  • Find date for and advertise for OGM - done.


  • Coordinate with [JWB] about running CITS first year unit study sessions - not done.


  • Make Facebook event for Relay for Life - not done.


  • [JWB], [CFE] and [CHB]: investigate possible venues for Anniversary Dinner - done.

General Business

  • [CHB] Discuss project bench / moving the machine room
    • [FVP] Guild redoing floors at the same time would be handy, but will that ever happen?
    • No further news about Cameron Hall comms room.
    • [GOZ] I have a lot of input on this and not any time this meeting.
    • To be discussed next meeting.
  • Joint movie nights with UniSFA
    • [FVP] UniSFA can just use UCC as a venue for their existing screenings, it makes sense.
    • Committee generally agrees.
  • Door applications
    • [dadams] David Adams
      • [JWB] I propose to add David Adams (not Zanchey) to door.
        • [GOZ] seconds.
        • Motion passes unaninimously.
    • [aurora] Connor Smith-Birch
      • Nobody present at the committee meeting knows who [aurora] is.
      • Committee recommends that [aurora] gets to know some of committee before applying for door.
  • [FVP] Joint study events with CSSC - they already run study evenings most nights per week.
    • [FVP] Also CSSC has a quiz night coming up, we could promote it through our channels.
      • [GOZ] Instead of promoting their event ourselves (which we have no information about) we should just get a couple of UCC tables together to compete at their event.
    • Generally speaking we could try to collaborate more with them where possible.
    • TODO: [FVP] Contact CSSC about running collaborative study events.
  • [GOZ] Consider replacing all the bad keyboards.
    • Hasty discussion about types of keyboards, something about "Das", etc.
    • [GOZ] leaves at 15:06
  • [FVP] Upgrading / replacing porcupine
    • [CFE] has not looked at parts list yet.
    • Can be approved later by circular.
  • Square (not Paypal)
    • Committee is in consensus that we should use Square rather than Paypal.
    • Using the reader with a committee member's phone is not an option.
    • The reader is $59 (available from Officeworks).
      • Requires an Android/iOS device, connects via bluetooth, supports contactless/chip cards.
    • Flat rate on contactless card transactions is 1.9%, and 2.2% on other transactions (including manually entering card details on app/website).
    • [CFE] We should have a device which the reader can be connected to, preferably not a standalone mobile phone, before purchasing the reader.
    • TODO: [FVP] Configure device to connect to Square reader.

Meeting closed at 15:21, with a duration of two hours and seventeen minutes.

Current Action Items


  • Book camp at Camp Leschenaultia for 19th to 22nd July 2019.
    • Ask Camp Lesch to install some eyelets.
  • Ensure subcommittee regulations can be published and publish them accordingly.


  • Send a reply email to Wine Appreciation Society.
  • Finalise updated door policy.
  • Figure out how to fix Facebook group and do so.


  • Implement committee handover documentation archive.
  • Finish inventorying and make spec cards for machines.
  • Pay invoices, including camp lesch.
  • Write camp network documentation.


  • [FVP] and [CFE]: Organise sysadmin workshop for semester 2.
  • Make some graphics material for Relay for Life advertising.
  • Send emails asking about tech talks.
  • Book Guild Council Meeting Room for OGM.
  • Contact CSSC about running collaborative study events.
  • Contact Tav about bookings and catering for Anniversary Dinner.
  • Write other camp documentation.


  • Coordinate with [JWB] about running CITS first year unit study sessions.


  • Make Facebook event for Relay for Life.


  • Contact UWAnime and find out what we need to do for Relay for Life.

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