UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-08-29



  • [JWB] William Chesnutt [Vice President]
  • [CFE] Zack Wong [Treasurer]
  • [FVP] Felix von Perger [Secretary]
  • [GIR] Caira Bayman [Fresher Rep]
  • [LCY] Chien Yi Lo [OCM]


  • [GOZ] Andrew Gozzard [President]
  • [CHB] Alden Bong [OCM]


  • [BOB], [*OX], [TPG], [THA], [PJA], [KAT]
  • Wine Appreciation Club (WAC)
  • Computer Science Students Club (CSSC)
  • UniSFA
  • UWA Tavern

Meeting opened at 13.03

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Absent, report delivered late.

Vice President's Report

  • Miserably sick.
  • Did admin stuff for Vive Night
    • EMP was submitted last night, probably hasn't been approved yet but that's fine.
    • Loft booking for next week.
    • Game we are going to play on
  • Sent the email to WAC

Secretary's Report

  • Did a bunch of crate sorting
    • Found some arcane and ancient "multiplier boards" on the shelf
      • Now placed on top of wooden Alpha box under desk in antistatic bags
    • Tempted to resurrect "What is that?" email series
    • Note we have an entire crate full of old/broken keyboards.
    • 2 Logitech headsets found and added to collection in audio/mice/controllers crate
    • Only one "misc bits" box which includes stuff like SATA and PSU cables, among much else.
    • Would be nice to have another large cupboard to replace 3rd rack in machine room.
    • Would also be nice to have another 4 or so crates to store papery things currently decaying in cardboard boxes
  • Want to bring back Napoli with a new SSD and a fresh install of OS X
    • Budget for new SSD? Or I just use one of 2 spare 120G SSDs lying around...
    • Already installed OS X using an old SSD (which works)
    • We don't seem to have any apple mice apart from one particularly ugly USB ball mouse.
  • Sent email asking about tech talks
    • [*OX] can do talks on just about anything between 08/09/2018 and 08/10/2018 (probably Julia programming)
      • TODO: [FVP] organise tech talk with [*OX].
  • Doing a snackrun with Tom later.
  • Emailed CSSC
  • Talked to UniSFA, no news yet
  • No reply from Tav yet.
  • Checked the mail, no new mail.

Treasurer's Report

  • Broke my email, so I have a week worth of emails to read through.
  • [GOZ] arrives 13:11.
  • Accounts:
    • Guild: $2970.26
    • Cheque: $5310.46
    • Mastercard: $81.23

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Was sick last week, like dying sick.
  • Still need to coordinate CITS study sessions.
  • Next CITS1402 project is due week 11.
    • [GOZ] contacted CITS coordinator about information sharing for teaching purposes, was denied.
  • Running vive night tonight, and ran one last time.

OCM Reports

  • CHB is absent.


  • All the things I haven't done since last week I will do very shortly.
  • Following UniSFA on Facebook, looking for news about movie nights.

Machine Technical Reports


  • [CFE]'s email is broken, everything else should be fine.
  • [GOZ] VM hosting at UCC is getting super dodgy, PCS VM was running out of memory.
  • [CHB] arrives 13:17.


  • Walnut to Bitumen LACP link (between our two primary network switches) died on the weekend, splitting the network in half.
    • That was not fun, a lot of stuff broke.
    • Thanks to [TPG] for coming in and fixing it.


  • Porcupine has been stripped in preparation for new parts.
    • [BOB] has ordered new parts.
  • Napoli is setup working with latest version of OS X (High Sierra).
    • Also connected to the domain but home directories are likely broken.

New equipment

  • 2 sets of headphones (technically not new) found in the machine room somewhere.
    • [GIR] We should get some nice headphones for the Vive.
      • [GOZ] There is an official audio head strap for the Vive.

Drinks and Snacks

  • [FVP] is doing a snack run later.

External Entities


  • No mail.


  • Next busybee has been set, week after Charity Vigil.

Other Affairs

  • No news from Electrolux.
  • No response from Wine Appreciation Club.


Movie nights

  • Remain dead for now, pending news from UniSFA.

Vive Nights

  • Alive.

Charity Vigil

  • Next meeting on Friday.
  • Proposed regulations did not pass, no votes in favour.
  • Charity is "Youth Focused".
  • New representatives from Panto.
  • $5 entry price, door purchases only.
  • [KAT] has made some draft graphics for posters.
  • TODO: [JWB] Make a Facebook event.
  • Subcommittee agreed to budget up to $30 for printing posters.
  • Activities:
    • Space timetable has been produced so we can plan who needs what space when.
    • [GOZ] may be able to bring their Vive so we can play multiplayer.
  • Need to look for sponsors and prizes.
    • [GOZ] will go to PLE at some point and try to get a sponsorship.

Cameron Hall-oween

  • Last meeting was on Saturday, [GIR] attended
  • Can't do any solid planning yet because the Tav hasn't replied.
  • Storage for decorations: Panto doesn't want to store them so alternative locations are required.
  • Seems to be going well.

Relay for Life

  • Pre-event needs to be sorted out.
    • [GOZ] Getting nerds to run is hard, getting them to play games and donate money is easier.

44th Anniversary Dinner (2018-10-05)

  • Waiting on email from Tav.
  • Need to make advertising material and EMP.
  • TODO: [GIR] Make a poster for Anniversary Dinner.


  • UCC's printer has been built, works quite well.
  • [GOZ] would like to bring their 3D printer along to run an event.
  • Filament costs: Until it becomes a significant expense for the club ($100+ per year) it will remain free to encourage people to try using it.

Action Items from 2018-08-22


  • Book camp at Camp Leschenaultia for 19th to 22nd July 2019 - not done.
    • Ask Camp Lesch to install some eyelets.
  • Coordinate 3D printer event - not done.
  • Coordinate snack run at some point - done by [FVP].
  • Purchase new computer bits - done by [BOB].


  • Finalise updated door policy.
  • Figure out how to fix Facebook group and do so.
    • From next year, start a "UCC Freshers" and an overarching UCC group.


  • Implement committee handover documentation archive - ongoing.
  • Finish inventorying and make spec cards for machines - very not done.
    • If you put things somewhere in /home/other/committee, they will eventually end up on the web.
  • Write camp network documentation - in progress.


  • Make some graphics material for Relay for Life advertising - not done.
    • TODO: [LCY] Make graphics for Cerberus (4:3) and Facebook.
  • Send emails asking about tech talks - done.
  • Contact CSSC about running collaborative study events - done.
    • [GOZ] talked to CSSC, found out that most of them don't know about UCC, we might see some of them around sometime.
    • [FVP] sent an email to [email protected], maybe we will get a response eventually.
  • Follow up with Tav about bookings and catering for Anniversary Dinner.
    • Still no reply from the Tav, seems Hayden (Tav events person) is very busy.


  • Coordinate with [JWB] about running CITS first year unit study sessions.


  • Make Facebook event for Relay for Life.

General Business

  • Discuss moving the machine room.
    • [GOZ] Meetings are probably the most inefficient way to discuss this.
    • Suggestions are welcome.
    • TODO: [CHB] Facilitate discussions about machine room renovations.
  • New aircon has yet to be named.
    • [JWB] wants to call it "Patagonia".
    • Committee is in consensus.
  • Door applications
    • [THA] Thomas Hill Almedia
      • Previously was on door, was kicked off because apologies were sent directly to secretary as opposed to committee@ by email.
      • [GOZ] Motion to add [THA] to door.
        • [JWB] seconds.
        • Motion passes unanimously.
    • [PJA] Peter Allnutt
      • [GOZ] grills [PJA] about "bad responses" in door application.
        • 20 minutes later, grilling intensifies.
        • [GOZ] grills [CFE] about Active Directory.
      • [GOZ]'s grilling finishes at 14:03.
      • [JWB] Motion to add [PJA] to door.
        • [LCY] seconded.
        • Motion passes unanimously.
    • TODO: [FVP] Add [THA] and [PJA] to door.
  • Deepthought (UniSFA computer) should have wheel keys installed and/or be joined to the domain.
    • [GOZ] It was installed with the understanding that it could be disconnected from the network at any time.
      • Worst case, we disconnect it from the network if we notice that UniSFA has violated network terms of usage.
    • [JWB] We should have the ability to do things to the computers on the network
  • tpg: Discuss a policy for other clubs using UCC network (related to Deepthought), should require UCC have a suitable level of control over the target machine (and potentially MAC-based hardware lockdown)
    • [GOZ] MAC based lockdown makes sense.
    • [GOZ] There is no more reason for us to have access to it than for UWA to have access to our systems.
  • UWA Sport wants to coordinate with us to organise more eSport events.
    • [JWB] There's not a lot you can do which matches their criteria of 15-20 minute games.
      • Rocket league is pretty much one of the only good optinos.
    • [GOZ] A lot of effort for not much gain.
  • Buy airhorn.
    • [JWB] Motion to budget $20 to buy an airhorn.
      • [FVP] seconds.
      • Motion passes, 4 in favour, 3 against.

Meeting closed at 14:12.

Current Action Items


  • Book camp at Camp Leschenaultia for 19th to 22nd July 2019.
    • Ask Camp Lesch to install some eyelets.
  • Coordinate 3D printer event.


  • Finalise updated door policy.
  • Make a Facebook event for Charity Vigil.


  • Implement committee handover documentation archive.
  • Finish inventorying and make spec cards for machines.
    • If you put things somewhere in /home/other/committee, they will eventually end up on the web.
  • Write camp network documentation.
  • Facilitate discussions about machine room renovations.


  • Follow up with Tav about bookings and catering for Anniversary Dinner.
  • Organise tech talk with [*OX].
  • Add [THA] and [PJA] to door.


  • Coordinate with [JWB] about running CITS first year unit study sessions.
  • Make a poster for Anniversary Dinner.


  • Make Facebook event for Relay for Life.
  • Make graphics for Cerberus (4:3) and Facebook for Relay for Life.

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