UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-10-17



  • [JWB] William Chesnutt [Vice President]
  • [CFE] Zack Wong [Treasurer]
  • [FVP] Felix von Perger [Secretary]
  • [LCY] Chien Yi Lo [OCM]
  • [THA] Tom Hill Almeida [OCM]


  • [CHB] Alden Bong [OCM]


  • [GIR] Caira Bayman [Fresher Rep]


  • [GOZ], [LLL]
  • Koha of UniSFA
  • UWA IT
  • "New" door members: [DIE], [TBB]
  • Ex-door members: [osterguard]

Meeting opened at 13.00:02

Confirmation of minutes from 2018-10-10

  • [CHB] was late, not absent

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • No President.

Vice President's Report

  • Very busy with take home tests and assignments.
  • Put a thing in Discord about Anniversary Dinner.
  • Messaging people asking them to come has been somewhat successful.

Secretary's Report

  • I am disappointed with the behaviour of certain committee member(s).
  • Checked the mail.
  • Received set of keys from [GOZ].

Treasurer's Report

  • Accounts:
    • Guild: $2970.26
    • Mastercard: $77.74
    • Cheque: $3920.21
  • Not had a chance to look at monitors.
  • Been murdered by assignments.

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Absent.

OCM Reports

  • [THA] I'm being murdered by assignments.
  • [LCY] has nothing to report.

Machine Technical Reports


  • UniSFA Koha was down, might not have been fixed.
  • Logrotate isn't working on mussel, the disk was full.


  • [THA] Did we ever get a new CA set up for the wifi?
    • [CFE] Nope, been meaning to look into that for a while.


  • Cobra's display seems to have started working again...
  • [THA] is still working on fixing Steam, probably to be fixed after exams.
  • Dodgy power supply in Cichlid (according to BIOS warning).
    • Good idea to order a new one, see general business.


  • UWA IT cannot open a generic ServiceNow account for UCC Wheel, such an account would pose problems for Security and Auditing.
    • [FVP] is still working on it.

New equipment

  • [FVP] has donated a Type-N to RP-SMA antenna adapter cable.

Drinks and Snacks

  • We are almost entirely out of soft drinks, except for 1 pack of coke.

External Entities


  • No mail.


  • SOC meeting this evening
    • [FVP] can attend.

Other Affairs

  • Electrolux hasn't sent us any further invoices.


Vive Nights

  • Dead, to be re-vive-d soon.

Artemis LAN

  • [CHB] is working on it.

Cameron Hall-oween

  • Approve proposed budget for event.
  • [JWB] Motion to approve the budget as put forward by the Halloween subcommittee.
    • [LCY] seconds.
    • Motion passes unanimously.

Relay for Life

  • Went well, according to [LLL].
  • UCC attendance unknown, don't want to know.

44th Anniversary Dinner (2018-10-20)

  • Booking confirmation email from The Royal:
    • Inside venue is preferred.
    • Pizzas will be served in staggered fashion.
    • Wristbands for bar tab will be provided on the evening.
    • [CHB] arrives 13:09:38.
    • Bar tab restriction: tap beer, tap cider, wine by the glass, house spirits, "royal mocktails".
    • Reduce pizza order to 20 from 27.
    • TODO: [JWB] Reply to The Royal.
  • Discuss auction format & items.
    • [JWB] I'm a huge fan of silent auction.
    • [JWB] leaves at 13:34:45.

Study Events for all CITS units

  • It was good, reasonable turnout, thanks to UEC for providing pizza.
    • Would be worth organising more events like this in the future.

Language Week Stall

  • Was fun, went well, event was poorly attended.
  • Parabolic 2.4GHz antenna is somewhat set up and can be used for wifi.

Action Items from 2018-10-10

  • Committee: Determine which things are up for auction at Anniversary Dinner - not done.
  • [GOZ] Book camp at Camp Leschenaultia for 19th to 22nd July 2019 & ask to install eyelets - done.
    • Details have been sent to [FVP].
  • [CFE] Implement committee handover documentation archive - not done.
  • [CFE] Continue writing camp network documentation - not done.
  • [CFE] Buy USB-C chargers - not done.
  • [CFE] Investigate options for new monitors - not done.
    • [FVP] can do this.
  • [CFE] Make sure Charity Vigil financial matters are resolved - not done.
  • [FVP] Remove ex-door members from door - done.
  • [CHB] Facilitate discussions about machine room renovations - ongoing.
  • [CHB] Follow up / redo Anniversary Dinner EMP - done.
  • [THA] Finish inventorying and make spec cards for machines - partially done.
    • Inventory is complete, just need to make cards.
  • [THA] Figure out how to best install/fix Steam on Linux desktops - not done.
  • [GIR] Organise a drink/snack run.
    • TODO: [THA] Coordinate snack run with [GIR].
  • [JWB] Forward subcommittee meeting minutes to committee - done.

General Business

  • Buy a new power supply for Cichlid.
    • 600W or 700W should be sufficient.
    • [CFE] Motion to budget $100 for a new power supply for Cichlid.
      • [THA] seconds.
      • Motion passes unanimously.
    • TODO: [THA] Send email to tech@ and order power supply.
  • Door applications
    • [DIE] Cam Locke
      • [THA] Motion to add [DIE] to door.
        • [FVP] seconds.
        • Motion passes: 5 committee in favour, 2 absent, 1 vacant.
    • [TBB] Alfred Burgess
      • Committee notes that [TBB]'s door application should not be used as an example.
      • [FVP] Motion to add [TBB] to door.
        • [THA] seconds.
        • Motion passes: 5 committee in favour, 2 absent, 1 vacant.
    • TODO: [FVP] Add new door members to door.
  • Door removals
    • [osterguard] was removed from door by circular for leaving the room open too often.
  • Organise a drinks & consumables run
    • Wide masking tape (someone stole the last roll), more gaffar tape.
    • Methylated spirits.
    • Blutac.
    • UCC Wishlist whiteboard has been reclaimed for actual things to buy.
    • [THA] can probably do a drinks run next week.
    • Woolworths does free delivery on orders over $300.
    • TODO: [THA] Organise a drinks run.
  • Group admission guidelines
    • [CFE] For door we should keep (formalise) the existing procedure with LOLCATDOG.
      • [FVP] The current guidelines don't explain explicitly how people should go about applying for groups, this could lead to confusion in the future.
    • [THA] Wheel should still need to nominate members who are on wheel, this should be in the regulations/guidelines.
      • However, not everyone can go to Project Night...
    • [THA] Can we remove the inactive wheel member accounts from the wheel group?
      • [FVP] We have 40+ inactive UCC member accounts who are currently on wheel.
      • [THA] If someone with a locked wheel account comes to UCC and renews their membership, should they immediately have wheel access again?
      • [FVP] Removing wheel members is controversial - I think we should work to gradually transition to a system where wheel memberships are "renewed" in a similar fashion to door (long term).
        • I would like to change the idea that our systems are maintained by people who you've never met.
    • TODO: Committee: Write draft group admission/application guidelines.

Meeting closed at 14:45:24.

Current Action Items

  • Committee: Determine which things are up for auction at Anniversary Dinner.
  • Committee: Write draft group admission/application guidelines.
  • [CFE] Implement committee handover documentation archive.
  • [CFE] Continue writing camp network documentation.
  • [CFE] Make sure Charity Vigil financial matters are resolved.
  • [FVP] Find suitable USB-C chargers to purchase.
  • [FVP] Investigate options for new monitors.
  • [FVP] Add [TBB] and [DIE] to door.
  • [CHB] Facilitate discussions about machine room renovations.
  • [THA] Print spec cards for machines.
  • [THA] Figure out how to best install/fix Steam on Linux desktops.
  • [THA] Coordinate snack run, and check with [GIR].
  • [THA] Send email to tech@ and order power supply for Cichlid.
  • [JWB] Reply to The Royal.

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