UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-10-31



[FVP] [THA] [LCY] [042] [MTP] [CFE] [CHB]



Meeting Opened at 1332

Confirmation of minutes from 2018-10-24

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • I can has (had) all the keys, put the extras in the safe. Need to go through and figure out who gets which ones.
  • Cameron Hall-oween went well, see events
    • Multicoloured fairy lights lying on project bench were broken, so I fixed then and borrowed them. Still don't know to whom they belong.
  • Square got its first proper test on Saturday, works really well and I (somehow) haven't managed to break it yet

Vice President's Report

  • Haven't got much done due to down internet
  • Will complete after exams

Secretary's Report

  • Working on description for UCC to put in the tav.

Treasurer's Report

  • Cheque: $5046.53
  • Mastercard: $286.74
  • Guild: $2970.26
  • Term Deposits are up for renewal

Ask whether Ed team, Soc team, Secretary or OCMs want to make a report

OCM Reports

  • Got added to a FB chat for uncharity vigil
    • They're still waiting for verything to be sorted out
  • [LCY] Put paracetamol in the first aid kit

Machine Technical Reports


  • Servers are good
  • [FVP] has been working on a virtual-new-active-directory with success
  • He turned it off and on again


  • The UWA Network broke this morning at approx 1am
  • Could be due to a power outage - Western Power could've affected a cable somewhere
  • Network seems to be back up


  • The mouse is being pretty average on corvo [LCY]
  • [THA] bought a power supply for cichlid
  • Start Menu doesn't work on 2 PCs - probably a profiles issue for [LCY] - Christmas and Catfish

New equipment

  • Fairy lights?
  • Not ours - if they're still here in 6 months, they're ours
  • Should we put fairy lights in common room, undecided.

Drinks and Snacks

  • Beer and cider is not for sale, see events
  • Will probably be done in the next couple of weeks
  • [MPT] or [THA] may go for a drinks run
  • [GIR] will be reimbursed soon

External Entities


  • [042] Hasn't checked the mail


  • Grants have been done
  • Meeting isn't until next year
  • Recent SOC email is being worked on by [042]

Other Affairs

  • E N T I T I E S
  • Meeting was arranged with westpac tomorrow - ID Needed


Uncharity Vigil - [CHB], [MPT]

  • Pending Sorting out

Vive Nights [Cancelled]

Artemis LAN - [CHB]

  • Tuesday Evening November 20th
  • Email relevant clubs
  • Different places for each team planned
  • Network needs further testing
  • CSSC Will be invited
  • [THA] or [GOZ] Will do pizza run

Cameron Hall-oween - [FVP], [GIR]

  • Was a lot of fun, thanks to everyone who helped out
  • Leftover soft drinks and unopened alcohol (beer & cider) are being stored in the machine room, subcommittee will decide what to do with it
  • UCC's Square account was used to take card payments at the bar during the event using [FVP]'s iPhone and Square reader, was rather useful.
    • Everything had 15c surcharge for card payments, enough to cover processing rates
  • Total ticket sales via UCC: $20 (1 ticket)
  • Total sales through Square: $118.70 (including surcharges), total revenue $116.38

44th Anniversary Dinner (2018-10-20)

  • Total 10 tickets sold via dispense
  • Results of auction
  • Post-event financial report
  • Total Cost approx $1100
  • Posters approx $6-67
  • Profit: $1165.02
  • Payments dispense/bank transfer, or square
  • Was run at a profit, staff were friendly, venue was good. More pizza next time.

Action Items from 2018-10-24

  • [CFE] Implement committee handover documentation archive.
    • Not Done
  • [CFE] Continue writing camp network documentation.
    • Not Done
  • [CFE] Make sure Charity Vigil financial matters are resolved.
    • Not Done
  • [FVP] Find suitable USB-C chargers to purchase.
    • Found but not purchased
  • [FVP] Investigate options for new monitors.
    • [FVP] Has found an option for new monitors but wants to put it up for discussion
  • [FVP] Add [TBB] and [DIE] to door.
    • Not Done
  • [CHB] Facilitate discussions about machine room renovations.
    • Not Done
  • [THA] Print spec cards for machines.
    • Not Done
  • [THA] Figure out how to best install/fix Steam on Linux desktops.
    • [GOZ] needs to discuss options with [THA]
  • [THA] Send email to tech@ and order power supply for Cichlid.
    • Ordered - Old one is still dodgy

General Business

  • Term Deposits
    • Will discuss tommorrow
    • Probably renew
  • USB-C chargers
    • Huntkey 60W Type-C charger - $38.00 each on eBay, free postage from NSW
    • LINDEN 60W USB C Notebook AC Power Adaptor - $69.95 from The Good Guys
      • Favoured Option
      • Can be returned if not compatible
      • [FVP] is worried about plug type and grounding.
      • Two may be nessecary
    • ALOGIC 60W USB-C wall charger w/ cable - $89.00 from PLE
    • EBAY somehow seems less dodgy than The Good Guys
    • Will get 2 from The Good Guys and then return if non-functional
    • [FVP] Motion to budget $150 to purchase 2 60 Watt USB C power adapters from The Good Guys
    • [THA] Seconded
    • Passed Unanimously
  • Monitors
  • [FVP] Buy a Nokia 3 or 3.1 for app development and eventual use with Square
    • or buy a new Mac so we can make apps for [FVP]'s iPhone
    • Also buy a hard plastic case & screen protector
    • Device can be kept in the machine room under view of webcam for time being
    • Budget of $250 would suffice for either model w/ accessories
    • 3.1 Was released this year and has the latest android. Low end devices.
    • This is to ensure that handover goes smoothley.
    • [FVP] Has sent emails to tech app.
    • [FVP] Has done the research and looked into tablets
    • Nokia is currently the best known option.
    • Needs to be in good condition
    • Compatible with android 7
    • Up to [FVP]'s discretion
    • [THA] Motions to budget for a recent andrioid device and a square reader
    • [FVP] Seconds
    • Motion Passes
    • 5:0:2 - For:Against:Abstain - This. Will. Be. Standard. From. Now.
  • [FVP] UCC propaganda material
    • At least get some large-ish stickers with the logo -[MPT] Happy to look into it
    • Blank MIFARE Classic 1K cards with logo are also a possibility
    • [TBB] Says we may already have RFID cards
    • [042] Suggests mouse pads.
    • [THA] and [FVP] Want to get larger UCC mouse pads for the clubroom.
    • Are we putting spec cards in the mouse pads.
    • [LCY] Wants to look into it
    • [042] Will look into shirts
  • [FVP] Thoughts about planning clubroom renovations
    • What are we aiming for (timing, [very] approx budget, scale of renovations)?
    • Where do we want to start & how do we engage people in the process?
    • [FVP] wants things broken into bite-sized-chunks
    • [CFE] wants room floor layout done.
    • [THA] Wants wiring considered - best possible networking, decent electrical
    • Heritage listing is not an issue.
    • Do the planning over the summer holidays
    • Resurfacing, Furniture,
    • Make Project Bench more accessible
    • Moving the machine room, rearranging the couches and project bench
    • Look into temporary storage
    • Cleaning up/tidying up events and sale of unwanted items
    • Look into a roof
  • Keys
    • [FVP] Can we get more of them? esp for machine room
    • [042] Will look into how much gettings keys cut costs
    • [MPT] Left 15.07
    • Only treasurer has a machine room key
  • [THA] Wants to put tampons in the first aid kit
    • [LCY] wants a bigger first aid box -Meeting closed at 1519

Current Action Items

  • [CFE] Implement committee handover documentation archive.
  • [CFE] Continue writing camp network documentatio
  • [CFE] Make sure Charity Vigil financial matters are resolved.
  • [FVP] to investigate square
  • [FVP] Purchase suitable USB-C chargers.
  • [FVP] Facilitate dicussion about new monitors.
  • [FVP] Add [TBB] and [DIE] to door.
  • [CHB] Facilitate discussions about machine room renovations.
  • [THA] Print spec cards for machines.
  • [THA] Figure out how to best install/fix Steam on Linux desktops.
  • [THA] Get tampons for the first aid box.
  • [MPT] Look into clubroom stickers.
  • [042] Look into shirts.
  • [042] Look into the price of getting keys cut.

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