UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-11-21




  • [FVP] -- President
  • [THA] -- Vice-president
  • [CFE] -- Treasurer
  • [MPT] -- OCM
  • [CHB] -- OCM
  • [LCY] -- OCM
  • [GIR] -- Fresher Rep


  • [NTU]


  • [042]: 19:03


  • [TBB]
  • [DIE]
  • [ALI]
  • [BOB]

Meeting opened: 18:05

Confirmation of minutes from 2018-10-31

Committee Reports

President's Report

Vice President's Report

  • Power supply bought
    • Still in the machine room
  • Looked at monitors to buy

Secretary's Report

  • Absent

Treasurer's Report

Accounts: Guild: $2808.08 Mastercard: $174.25 Cheque: $6013.66 - Guild grants aren't in - We'll get an email when they come in

Ask whether Ed team, Soc team, Secretary or OCMs want to make a report

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Freshers are almost no longer Freshers

OCM Report -- [CHB]

  • Ran Artemis LAN

    • Was good minus the technical difficulties
    • Events are easy to run!

      OCM Report -- [MPT]

    • UWAnime Uncharity Vigil reps selected and added to group chat

    • Have submitted availability on whenisgood, awaiting other responses
  • Machines hate him

    OCM Report -- [LCY]

  • We need to actually send out the dumb terms that were bought

Machine Technical Reports


  • Actually work


  • UWA IT is planning major core network upgrades on Sunday 2018-11-18 and Sunday 2018-12-09
    • IPv6 services will be impacted
    • Wheel is being kept updated with relevant info
    • External v6 is currently mostly broken
  • AD has been broken since Monday, fixed thanks to [CFE] et al.
    • Roaming profiles are probably still borked


  • Cobra has had more weird graphics card issues, apparently fixed by reseating
  • Clownfish also had strange graphics card issues, started working again by itself
  • Cichlid still needs the new power supply to be put in


  • Outgoing emails from UCC may be marked as spam by UWA mailservers
  • Clubroom port 14 (behind napoli/clownfish) is very dodgy but works with some cable wiggling

New equipment

  • USB-C chargers
    • Have been placed in tool cupboard for now, should we put them out somewhere more obvious?
    • Reimburse $147.90 to [FVP]
  • Power supply for Cichlid
    • Reimburse $94.00 to [THA]

Drinks and Snacks

  • Halloween subcommittee still has to decide what to do with the leftover stuff in the machine room.

External Entities


  • Letter for [GOZ]
  • 1 membership form from [yautja]


Other Entities


  • Any thoughts about doing something for WACTF?
    • Saturday-Sunday 1-2 December, held in Bankwest Place (Murray St, Perth)
    • Registration closes 24th November
    • [MPT] did this last year, says it was fun

Uncharity Vigil - [CHB], [MPT]

  • Whenisgood not done by some people
    • They know who they are

Artemis LAN - [CHB]

  • Reimburse for posters
    • $4.20 to [CHB]
      • [FVP] motions to reimburse
        • [CFE] seconds
        • 6-0-1
  • Good turn out
  • Probably should be run again

Cameron Hall-oween - [FVP], [GIR]

  • Wrapup meeting Thursday 22 November, 11:00
  • [FVP] should check the amount that has been gotten by Square and EventBrite

Anniversary Dinner

  • Terminal sales
    • Actually give them out/get money for them

Action Items from 2018-10-31

  • [CFE] Continue writing camp network documentation
  • [CFE] Make sure Charity Vigil financial matters are resolved.
  • [FVP] to make Square work
    • In progress
    • Nexus 5X from [THA] looks to be the best option for hardware
    • Square reader from [FVP] is $59
    • Peripherals: subject to testing, likely a bunch of cheap adapters from eBay
  • [FVP] Purchase suitable USB-C chargers.
    • Done, arrived, labelled & engraved.
    • Would be nice to put something up so people know we have them.
  • [FVP] Facilitate dicussion about new monitors.
    • STOLEN by [THA]
  • [FVP] Add [TBB] and [DIE] to door.
    • Done
  • [CHB] Facilitate discussions about machine room renovations.
  • [THA] Print spec cards for machines.
  • [THA] Figure out how to best install/fix Steam on Linux desktops.
  • [THA] Get tampons for the first aid box.
    • Done by [LCY] and [042]
  • [MPT] Look into clubroom stickers.
    • Looked up prices
    • 75ยข per
  • [042] Look into shirts.
    • Sort of done
    • We need to think about colours
  • [042] Look into the price of getting keys cut.

General Business

  • Door Applications
    • [ALI] Alistair Langton
      • [THA] motions to add
        • [LCY] seconds
        • 6-0-1
      • [ALI] to be added to door
  • [FVP] Planning, documentation & handover (mostly handover) for events next semester
    • Open day
      • Write/update fresher guide
    • Start of semester events
      • Fresher welcome
    • Workshops & tech talks
      • [ATA] is likely available
      • [FVP] will be running some kind of Linux sysadmin workshops
      • [DOM] has expressed interest in running Unity tutorials
      • Suggest booking in tech talks for at least first 6 weeks of semester ASAP, can go in fresher guide
    • Weekly events
      • Vive nights
        • [GIR] and [MPT] would like to run them
      • Movie nights (possibly w/ UniSFA)
        • [FVP] to look into them
    • Camp
      • Camp Leschenaultia booked for 3 nights, Friday-Sunday 19-21st July 2019
      • Remind about installing eyelets when/if we confirm booking
      • Still waiting on other clubs to figure out if there's somewhere better to go
        • Woodman Point it a no -- we can't book it in time
        • UniGames is looking at something
        • [FVP] to look at things
    • Interclub events
      • Quiz night
        • [CHB] to look at handover
      • Charity vigil
        • Maybe ask [JAS] about a handover documents she's already written
        • [FVP] to forward handover document to Uncharity Vigil reps
      • Uncharity vigil
  • Buy some useful USB peripherals - see the wish list
    • [042] arrives -- 19:03
    • USB to Ethernet (100Mbps) - $6.19 each
    • USB 3.0 to Gigabit ethernet - $12.79 each, RTL8153-based
    • USB-C hubs (see President's report)
    • Further discussion is required especially regarding hubs
    • [FVP] Motion to budget $30 to buy USB -> Ethernet adapters
      • [042] Seconds
      • 8-0-0
  • Look into setting up committee-only password store for things that shouldn't be in uccpass
  • Selling the Suns: who wants to do it?
    • [042] will look into it
  • [FVP] Ping other computer clubs to make sure they still exist
    • COMSSA (Curtin), MITS (Murdoch), CASSA (ECU)
    • Can we do anything together? Any ideas for cross-club, cross-uni events in the next 18 months?
    • COMSSA has a server colocated in our machine room, are they actually still using it?
  • Room closing checklist poster for door members.
  • [FVP] Make eggman say things via dispense (with surcharge)
    • Is it a good idea? How much should it cost?
    • Bad idea
    • Maybe preset options would be alright
  • [FVP] Buy a decent benchtop power supply
    • 0-30V 5A regulated power supply - Jaycar $179 or Altronics $189 (but possibly down to $155)
    • [BOB] recommends one of these for $515
      • Existing benchtop power supply probably just needs to be labelled, it can do fixed voltages fine
    • 0-30V/5A from Element14 for $112.84
    • Will be voted on in circular
  • [FVP] Get a 10GbE card for Loveday
  • [333]: Finalise the winners of the glass terminal auction, and discuss the process for contacting them and arranging payment.
    • People can pay by bank transfer, dispense or square (if available)
      • If square, people will have to pay the surcharge
    • We need to make sure door knows about dispense payments
    • After payment is guaranteed, we can send the terms
  • [333]: Chase up the original auction sheets from [CFE] with the unique item numbers to avoid any ambiguity (eg. member X won a VT320 - which VT320?)
  • [FVP] motion to reimburse [DJF] $270.13 for snack run
    • [042] seconds
    • 8-0-0
  • [FVP] motion to reimburse [TBB] $4.75 for paper towels
    • [CFE] seconds
    • 8-0-0
  • [FVP] motions to budget $50 for two USB-C cables
    • [042] seconds
    • 8-0-0

Meeting closed at 19:45

Current Action Items

  • [CFE] Continue writing camp network documentation
  • [CFE] Make sure Charity Vigil financial matters are resolved
  • [CFE] Do research for oscilliscopes
  • [FVP] Send email to tech about AD stuff
  • [FVP] Look at [yautja]'s membership application
  • [FVP] Forward handover document to Uncharity Vigil reps
  • [FVP] Purchase USB -> Ethernet adapters
  • [FVP] Send emails to other computer clubs regarding their existence or lack thereof
  • [MPT] Send email about WACTF and maybe make a Facebook event
  • [CHB] Facilitate discussions about machine room renovations
  • [CHB] Make new fresher guide
  • [042] Look into selling the Suns
  • [LCY] Make door closing checklist poster

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