C Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-11-28




  • [FVP] -- President
  • [CFE] -- Treasurer
  • [MPT] -- OCM
  • [CHB] -- OCM
  • [LCY] -- OCM


  • [GIR] -- Fresher Rep


  • [THA] -- Vice President
  • [042] -- Secretary


  • [TRS]

Meeting opened: 18:13

Confirmation of minutes from 2018-11-21

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Went on a tool cupboard supplies run, see below
  • Broke and then subsequently unbroke AD, see machine tech

Vice President's Report

  • Absent

Secretary's Report

  • Absent

Treasurer's Report

Accounts: Guild: $2808.08 Mastercard: $61.25 Cheque: $5918.88

  • Haven't received the money yet, but grant allocations have been released
  • $928.66 allocated to UCC, which was the maximum (down from last sem)
  • Most of the terminals have now been paid for, just waiting on [TRS]

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Apologies

OCM Report -- [CHB]

  • Nothing to report

OCM Report -- [MPT]

  • Been pressganged into being secretary [042][Oi I'm still editing this]
  • Nothing else to report

OCM Report -- [LCY]

  • Nothing to report

Machine Technical Reports


  • Samson no longer a 32-bit container


  • Networking
  • IPv6 still broken because UWA


  • Still topping desks
  • Roaming profiles fixed
  • Start menus now intermittently broken, but can be fixed


New equipment

  • [FVP] bought some things - Should have more things coming in the mail - remember to check - Bought a lot of tape, intended to last for another 6 months (allowing for present crime rates) - 25mm snap-off knife plus 10pk extra blades, should last a while - Methylated spirits (2 * 1L) - Some fresh permanent markers (which hopefully will stay fine-tipped) - Total was $130.41, plz reimburse - [MPT] motions to reimburse - [CFE] seconds - 4-0-1 - Motion passes

Drinks and Snacks

  • Nothing new so far
  • [FVP] Stuff in the machine room from CamHalloween is now ours, and we owe them money (if we agree) - It's all been acounted for, at least - [CFE] wants to know how much it will cost us to buy - Not agreeing unless we get it for the same price as could get from the supermarket

External Entities


  • Not checked


  • Nothing except grants

Other Entities

  • No other entities (we are alone in this world)


Uncharity Vigil - [CHB], [MPT]

  • [CHB] We have to decide on a date (either 1st or 2nd of February) - [FVP] That's the week before exams for summer units - [CFE] Won't have any benefit from weekday attendence over the holidays - [MPT] Might be better to have it on Sat to make setup on weekend - Consideration of public transport - Club doesn't have an opinion
  • [CHB] Need to think of events to run

Cameron Hall-oween - [FVP], [GIR]

  • [FVP] Proposed budget is available, not yet officially approved by the subcommittee - [CHB] We should have the budget forwarded to us to read through - Numbers still subject to change because drinks not fully dealt with, nothing to vote on

Action Items from 2018-10-31

  • [CFE] Make sure Charity Vigil financial matters are resolved - Done
  • [CFE] Do research for oscilliscopes - Probably want to get a Rigol - good value for money and pretty nice - Recently released a new product, want to wait and see whether it's good for us
  • [FVP] Send email to tech about AD stuff - Did, but not about that particular stuff
  • [FVP] Look at [yautja]'s membership application - Being done, not by [FVP]
  • [FVP] Forward handover document to Uncharity Vigil reps - Done
  • [FVP] Purchase USB -> Ethernet adapters - Done, on their way - Don't send stuff to Guild again
  • [FVP] Send emails to other computer clubs regarding their existence - Not done
  • [MPT] Send email about WACTF and maybe make a Facebook event - Not done, too late - Remember to remove this action item
  • [CHB] Facilitate discussions about machine room renovations - Ongoing - Probably do the floors first, but could do both at the same time - Needs to look into quotes for flooring
  • [CHB] Make new fresher guide - Ongoing
  • [042] Look into selling the Suns - Unknown, not here
  • [LCY] Make door closing checklist poster - Done

General Business

  • [FVP] Has the 3D printer base sticker arrived yet? If not, maybe order another one - [CFE] Done, expecting it to be shipped - Has not been lost in the mail

  • [FVP] Thoughts on what to over holidays - Should brainstorm for O-Day - Everyone should know their role in getting O-Day done - [CFE] We lose people on their way to the clubroom

  • [FVP] Maybe get another pinup board - Put on machine room door - General agreement

  • [MPT] When to have next meeting - Someone will be away every week until next year - Things are slowing down, need less frequent meetings - General agreement on meeting two weeks from now - Can pass things by circular or can wait, check Discord

Meeting closed at 19:11

Current Action Items

  • [FVP] Forward the Cameron Hall-oween budget to rest of committee for examination
  • [FVP] Send another email to tech about more different AD stuff
  • [Committee] Brainstorm O-Day activities and what we want the club to be

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