UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-12-12


  • [THA] VP: Tom
  • [FVP] PRESIDENT: Felix
  • [LCY] OCM: CY
  • [GIR] FRESHER REP: Ciara
  • [CHB] OCM: Alden
  • [MTP] OCM: Jack
  • [042] SECRETARY: Will


Meeting opened 1801

Confirmation of minutes from 2018-11-26

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Spoke to new Tenancy chair last week, see Guild/SOC
  • Also spoke to Guild managing & associate directors with [LCY], see Guild/SOC
  • Can confirm that replacement heating elements for 3D printers have been purchased but seller hasn't posted them yet
    • I'll follow up on that and get a refund / order more as necessary.
    • They have arrived, we may get them for free
  • Can also confirm that no 10GbE parts were purchased, so we should do that sometime soonish

Vice President's Report

  • Back from being away Weird flex but ok
  • Will be away for 2 months in January/Feb
    • Will not be here for ODay

Secretary's Report

  • Considered options for getting rid of the suns
    • Donate to Education
    • Donate to CSSC
  • Going to finalise t-shirt designs to send to redwood press and get quote

Treasurer's Report

  • Accounts:
    • Cheque: $6067.98
    • Mastercard: $61.27
    • Guild: $3734.09
  • Grant money needs to be spent
    • May get interest when amount exceeds $3000

Ask whether Ed team, Soc team, Secretary or OCMs want to make a report

Fresher Rep's Report

  • No Freshers ATM

OCM Reports

  • Jack has nothing to report
  • [LCY]
    • We may need to document server room

Machine Technical Reports


  • The Proxmox cluster now also runs ceph RBD for storage
    • This is using the 3 x Samsung 850 Evo SSDs installed in loveday, medico, maltair
    • Some service VMs have been migrated (gitlab, samson, mussel) and should be faster now


  • More services now using SSL (HTTPS) with certificates from LetsEncrypt:


  • Cichlid's new PSU still hasn't been installed


  • Nothing to report.

New equipment

  • 3D printer heating elements arrived

Drinks and Snacks

  • What is in machine room is sufficient until start of next semester
  • Budget has still not been finalised

External Entities


  • Mail has been checked, no mail


  • [FVP] spoke to Taco of SOC
    • Confirmed the existence of the Guild Master Plan (TM)
    • Cameron Hall is on the agenda for 2020, including possible "major renovations" to the entire space
    • Any plans we make should be coordinated with Guild/SOC to make sure we don't waste money doing things that get undone/redone shortly after, and get Guild to pay for as much of it as possible.
  • Meeting with Tony Goodman and Jack Spagnuolo of Guild: 201812121400 (@1544594400)
    • Guild is happy to help facilitate a number of renovations to the existing clubroom;
      • Build a roof or extend the walls upwards
      • Redo the floors (either preserve the wood, replace it with the same material, replace it with something better, or put industrial carpet on top)
      • Possible more minor renovations (ie. rebuilding machine room) could be handled later
    • Talk to Jack with details so he can get quotes (from UWA-approved contractors)
    • Main concerns are relating to fire safety and other compliance issues
      • The existing machine room would have to go, and so would our aircon
      • Campus management may respect precedent of aircon being used in the space, however we will need to get it approved.
    • Guild doesn't have any funding available right now for Cameron Hall matters, except for their maintenance budget
      • Redoing the floors could be counted as maintenance
      • UCC would need to pay for most of it
    • All expenditures and plans must be approved by SOC / Tenancy, so they will be kept informed as planning progesses
    • Term Deposits may line up well with Masterplan
    • Favourable Option is Extending Walls
    • Getting everything ready for AGM would be useful

Other Entities

  • UWAnime has expressed interest in upgrading their wifi
    • Recommendation seems to be the Unifi AP AC Lite for around $150 AUD
    • Committee approves due to possibility of new members


Uncharity Vigil - [CHB], [MPT]

  • Meeting Thursday 13th of December 2018

Cameron Hall-oween - [FVP], [GIR]

  • Budget has been sent to committee
    • Alcohol sales have not been accounted for yet, intention was to deal with that separately.
    • [FVP] Motion to approve budget for cameron halloween (subject to sunkist being sold and subject subcommittee approval)
    • [042] Seconded
      • Motion fails 4-4-0

Action Items from 2018-11-26

  • [FVP] Send email to tech about AD stuff
    • Not done, but may as well go on wiki instead
  • [FVP] Look at [yautja]'s membership application
    • Done
  • [FVP] Send emails to other computer clubs regarding their existence
    • Done, no replies yet
  • [CHB] Make new fresher guide - add some door stuff
    • In Progress
  • [042] Look into selling the Suns
    • In Progress
  • [FVP] Forward the Cameron Hall-oween budget to rest of committee for examination
    • Done
  • [FVP] Send another email to tech about more different AD stuff - specifically everything breaking
    • Done, probably
  • [Committee] Brainstorm O-Day activities and what we want the club to be
    • [THA] people start coming for access to computers or snaccs. Now comes to hang out with people. UCC needs to get and keep good members (not there to dissapear into computers). Multiplayer games really help socialising
      • Introverted Audience
    • [Jack] Looking for personable regardless of purpose.
    • [MVP] Engaging space, engaging activites, good door members
    • [042] leaves 19:05, Enters 19.06
    • [CHB] We provide services. Attract people with tech they don't normally have access too. Maintenence of services is an attraction.
    • Door should run ODay stall
      • Further Events or Training for Door
    • Vote on door members next week after they come. Research door requirements and rewrite over holidays. Potentially call door meeting.
    • [LCY] Don't use gaming as as much of a marketing tool
    • Potentially create space for collaboritive projects and new infrastructure to be created.
    • Gaming potentially should be used as less of a marketing tool.
    • [GIR] Used it as an educational opportunity, questioned its welcoming atmosphere. More social events that apply to non-gamers.

General Business

  • [FVP] Get the list of handover stuff and add to action items
  • Move to action items

Meeting closed at 1957

Current Action Items

  • [FVP] Sell Sunkist
  • [FVP] Make Subcommittee Approve Cameron Halloween Budget
  • [THA] Create Plan for UCC selling storage
  • [CHB] Fresher and Door Guide
  • [042] Deal with Suns
  • [COMMITTEE] Deal with Door.
  • [LCY][FVP] Look into intial steps for UCC renovation in relation to Guild Masterplan

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