UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2019-01-02



  • [FVP]
  • [THA]
  • [MPT]
  • [CHB]
  • [LCY]



  • [GIR]
  • [CFE]


  • [042]



Meeting opened 18:10.

Confirmation of minutes from 2018-12-12

  • Regarding Cameron Halloween finances;
    • Subcommittee regulations (which we agreed to) state that finance breakdown as produced by subcommittee is binding
      • Hence, motions to accept/reject the financial report are irrelevant
    • Subcommittee minutes were unclear and have been amended to show that finance breakdown was approved
    • UCC had been withholding funds from Unigames, UniSFA and Panto because of the confusion.
      • The outstanding amounts have since been paid, so this has been resolved.
    • Apologies to Unigames, UniSFA and Panto for the delays and miscommunication.

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Had a bit of a screwup with Cameron Hall-oween finances, hopefully everything has been fixed now
  • Bought some 10GbE equipment as per the budget ($239.78 out of $240)
    • Forwarded order confirmations to committee-only@
  • Learned one thing this Christmas: people really don't like whenisgoods -_-
  • Had holidays
  • Did some work on MemberDB
    • It's relatively functional, and the signup / renewal forms are stable enough to use
    • No automatic account creation or payments yet.
  • Almost lost $30 on some USB-C hubs that never arrived at UCC. :'(
  • Hacked together a nice form thingy which could help avoid cleanup attendance / apologies shenanigans in the future
    • Nobody has filled it in yet though

Vice President's Report

  • Nothing to report.

Secretary's Report

  • Absent.

Treasurer's Report

  • Sends apologies.

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Sends apologies.

OCM Reports


  • Working on Fresher guides.


  • House got burgled.
  • Offended because they stole next to nothing.


  • We need to think of things to run for Uncharity Vigil.

Machine Technical Reports


  • Still serving.
  • [FVP] Winbind over to SSSD on some things.


  • Wifi can probably be fixed for Windows clients relatively easily.
    • Needs someone to regenerate the certificates with the correct attributes.


  • Not dead yet.


  • Door members can now login to MemberDB.
    • Access is based on membership of the door group in AD.

New equipment

  • SFP+ things
  • Box for square reader
  • SIM card for phone

Drinks and Snacks

  • We're probably fine until February.
  • [LCY] might buy a little more soonish.

External Entities


  • Not checked, Guild is closed anyway


  • Tenancy cleanup dates for 2019:
    • Weds 23rd January - 3-6pm
      • We should organise a busybee ASAP.
    • Thursday 21st March - 3-6pm
    • Weds 8th May - 3-6pm
    • Weds 10th July - 3-6pm
    • Weds 2nd October - 3-6pm
    • Weds 20th December - 3-6pm
    • Inspections will be carried out on the above dates, however cleanup itself can be scheduled earlier (ie. on Saturday)
    • UCC has to be open on the Wednesday so the inspection can take place
    • Tenancy meetings are at 6pm on the above dates.
  • Tenancy wants us to hand in our Cameron Hall keys
    • UCC has had CH access apparently since the 90's
    • Formal standing agreement (see attachments) with UWA Guild and UCC was in place 2010-2011
      • This resulted in the 2 sets of upper/lower keys we currently have
      • The standing agreement could probably be renewed

Other Affairs


Uncharity Vigil - [CHB], [MPT]

  • Ideas need to be had.
  • Discussion likely to be on discord.
  • [MPT] to annoy people until they do things.


  • Register for a spot (due 31st Jan, payment due 8th Feb)
  • Plan activities

Action Items from 2018-12-12

  • [FVP] Sell Sunkist
    • Done, ish, see correction of minutes above
  • [FVP] Make Subcommittee Approve Cameron Halloween Budget
    • Was already done by subcommittee, [FVP] was just being silly. See above.
  • [CHB] Fresher and Door Guide
  • [042] Deal with Suns
  • [COMMITTEE] Deal with Door
  • [LCY][FVP] Look into intial steps for UCC renovation in relation to Guild Masterplan

Some more action items from longer ago:

  • [FVP] Schedule tech talks
  • [FVP] Look into movie nights with UniSFA
  • [CHB] Write quiz night handover
  • [FVP] Buy 10GbE SFP+ cards & modules
    • Done
  • [COMMITTEE] Decide which benchtop power supply to buy
  • [COMMITTEE] Decide which USB-C hubs to buy
  • [COMMITTEE] Write new group application guidelines

General Business

  • [FVP] Do something about the new 3D printer
    • It now works, is any software configured?
    • Schedule a couple of 3D printer workshops to teach people how to use it (and promote its existence)
  • [FVP] What information do we want to collect for member signups?
    • Incorporations Act requires only name & email
    • Guild sometimes likes student / ID numbers (also they can be useful)
    • Phone number: useful for contacting people when email doesn't work
    • Date of birth: why?
  • [FVP] Quick review of room closing poster & recap door-related TODO

Meeting closed at 19:10

Current Action Items

  • [FVP] Follow up with tenancy agreement about keys.
  • [FVP] Roster and organise for O-Day
  • [FVP] Schedule tech talks
  • [FVP] Look into movie nights with UniSFA
  • [FVP] Decide which USB-C hubs to buy
  • [FVP] Something something 3D printer workshops.

  • [MPT] To annoy people until they do things for Uncharity Vigil.

  • [MPT] Schedule tech talks

  • [CHB] Fresher guide

  • [CHB] Write quiz night handover

  • [LCY] Post door poster to discord.

  • [CHB][THA][LCY] Write new group application guidelines

  • [042] Deal with Suns

  • [LCY][FVP] Look into intial steps for UCC renovation in relation to Guild Masterplan

  • [CFE] Decide which benchtop power supply to buy

  • [COMMITTEE] Deal with door

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