UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2019-03-07



  • [FVP] President
  • [CFE] Treasurer
  • [GIR] Fresher Rep
  • [MPT] OCM



  • [THA] Vice President
  • [LCY] OCM
  • [CHB] OCM


  • [042] Secretary


Meeting opened 18:45

Confirmation of minutes from 2019-02-27

  • Something about buying SSDs for ceph may have been left out, passed by circular afterwards anyway.
  • Minutes are otherwise confirmed

  • Circular motions:

    • [FVP] Motion to reimburse [042] $31.50 for coat rack and hangers - passed
    • [FVP] Motion to budget $250 per SSD for 6 * 1TB SATA SSDs for upgrading ceph on proxmox hosts, total of $1500 - passed
    • [CHB] Motion to reimburse [FVP] $21.99 for 10 labelmaker cartidges - passed
    • [CHB] Motion to reimburse [FVP] $109 for Square reader and phone to operate square reader - passed
    • [CFE] Motion to deposit $1150 to the cash reserve to account for inflation - passed
    • Auction-related motions:
      • [FVP] Motion to budget $700 for a HP DL380 G8 server, lot 62 - passed
      • [FVP] Motion to budget $700 for another HP DL380 G8 server, lot 61 - passed
      • [FVP] Motion to budget $600 for a third HP DL380 G8 server, lot 59 [slightly worse CPUs but includes SFP+ transcievers] - passed
      • [FVP] Motion to budget $200 for 2 Catalyst 4506-E switches, lot 123, plus an X2 10BASE-SR transceiver for $90 [for 10 gigabit fiber] - passed
      • [FVP] Motion to budget $100 for the USB-compatible 16-port internet-connected KVM switch, lot 67 - passed
      • [FVP] Motion to budget $150 for 2 * rack-mount USB/PS2/VGA keyboard & monitor combo (HP TFT7600), lot 63 [make datacenter look cool, but otherwise unnecessary] - not passed
      • [FVP] Motion to increase budgets for lot 59, 61 and 62 by $120 each, becoming $720, $820 and $820 each [to account for 15% (rather than 10%) buyers premiums and purchase of drive caddies] - passed

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Nice to sit at a proper table for our last meeting (we're in the loft)
  • Movie night was not well attended - need to advertise more!
    • Note to future committee - ADVERTISE YOUR EVENTS!!!

Vice President's Report

  • Not present

Secretary's Report

  • Absent

Treasurer's Report

  • Money probably the same as last week
  • Financial reports are done, will be available before the AGM

    • Can't personally make it to the AGM
  • Need to reimburse [BOB] for:

    • Server - $1274.50
    • Server batteries - $11.00
    • Drive caddies - US$29.70 and US$27.95
  • [CFE] Motion to reimburse [BOB] for the above + reasonable currency exchange fees

    • [FVP] seconds
    • Passes unanimously 4:0:0
  • Note: Moved $1150 into the cash reserve to account for inflation

  • Note to future committee: put all reimbursements in Tresurer section or its own section to keep things together

  • Need to reimburse [042] for T-Shirts

    • $112.75 for printing
    • $171.05 for printing
    • $112.75 for printing
    • $405.00 for blank shirts
  • [FVP] Motion to reimburse [042] for the above ($801.55)

    • [CFE] seconds
    • Motion passes 4:0:1 ([042] present for this @ 20:00)
  • [FVP] Motion to budget $171.05 for remaining shirts

    • [CFE] seconds
    • Motion passes 4:0:1 ([042] present for this @ 20:01)
    • Committee notes we can get [042] the club card for this

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Made a Facebook event poster and banner
  • Currently running the Vive, supposedly

OCM Report - [MPT]

  • Currently pretending to be Secretary - insert expletive about Vim
  • Tried to help with Movie Night, didn't really work

Machine Technical Reports


  • Maltair ist kaput, we now have neo-new Maltair

    • It's a different model (a HP) and seems to work, hasn't been rigorously tested
    • Need caddies which are on their way
  • Mystery R710 in the machine room - whose is it?


  • Is networking
  • Have a potential upgrade for Bitumen


  • Cichild is still complaining about its power supply despite having it replaced
    • Doesn't seem to come up very often
    • ASUS "smart surge detection" has been disabled temporarily
  • Swapped 1060 from Christmas and 1070 from Catfish to the inverse


New equipment

  • 1440p Dell monitor (P2418D)
  • 2x Cisco 4506-E switch chassis with assorted parts
    • Lots of PoE ([CFE]: About time!)
  • KVM over IP switch - requires expensive software
    • Bit of a flop, can probably sell on Ebay
  • Various server parts that came with neo-new Maltair

Drinks and Snacks

  • [FVP] did a snack run, need to be reimbursed - probably by new Treasurer

External Entities


  • Not checked


  • O-day Grants due 13th March

    • See [FVP]'s email asking for help
    • Some help being gotten currently - thanks to those people
    • Committee in consensus to give dispense credit of 256 cents to those who are helping significantly with forms
  • Note to newmittee: SOC/Guild loves putting important info on Facebook

    • [FVP] still has an outstanding action item to write to SOC
  • See [CFE]'s forward of email advising we won't be penalized for new Treasurer missing training

    • Action item: [CFE] Raise with new Treasurer during handover
  • Guild has offered a potential new clubroom for us with approximate same footprint on the first floor of the Guild west wing

    • Will bring this up at the AGM
    • No formal decision will be considered before proper discussion and member consultation has occurred

Other Entities

  • Electrolux has still not invoiced us (over a year now)


Fresher Welcome

  • Freshers were welcomed
  • About 10 new people showed up (out of approx. 20 total)
  • Thanks to [GIR] for making cool banner
    • OK with sending graphics to committee for reuse with later events

Tech talks

  • Need to advertise
    • Action item: [newmittee] Create Facebook events for tech talks

Vive nights - [GIR]

  • No-one except for committee showed up today
    • [CFE]: More for us!
  • Will continue to run Vive nights post-committee
    • Note: existing convention is that Vive access requires committee oversight
    • Newmittee should consider allowing trained door members to set up and run the Vive (maybe with committee approval)

Movie nights

  • Newmittee problem, really need to advertise better
    • Need to organize with Unisfa for next week


  • Deposit already paid by [FVP]
  • Only have 2 nights due to venue schedulling conflict
    • Maybe a shame, but will allow cheaper tickets
  • [CFE] has camp network documentation, will post in an accessible place

Action Items from 2019-02-27

[042] arrives 19:46

  • [CHB][THA][LCY] Write new group application guidelines
    • [THA] has some guidelines, hasn't sent them yet
  • [FVP] Deal with suns
    • Made a Ebay account linked to club Paypal
  • [FVP] Contact [RME] about Rock Band
    • Done
  • [FVP] Lobby SOC to communicate via email
    • Ongoing
  • [MPT] 3D printer workshops
    • Done
  • [MPT] Schedule tech talks
    • Ongoing
  • [MPT] Make phone case for square reader/Nexus 5X
    • Not yet done
  • [MPT] Organise UCC logo stickers
    • Ongoing
  • [MPT] Contact [GOZ] about Learn2Linux
    • Talked to [GOZ], ongoing
  • [MPT] Snack Run with club card
    • Unneeded, done by [FVP]
  • [LCY] Post door poster to Discord
    • Not done
  • [LCY] Write email to Jack Spagnuolo about clubroom renovation
    • Irrelevant
  • [LCY] Getting new wheels for chairs
    • Not done
  • [MSX] Organise purchase of SSDs and will be reimbursed
    • In progress
  • [MSX] Volunteers to purchase the shelves within budget
    • In progress
  • [CFE] Update wiki about adding members
    • Postponed, can be done as wheel
  • [CFE] Decide which benchtop power supply to buy
    • Not done
  • [CHB] Send email about server racks
    • Not done
    • Might actually just keep them
  • [042] Look into movie nights with Unisfa
    • Unisfa running their own movie nights, will participate with us on Wednesday
    • Will follow up on with Finn
  • [GIR] Vive Nights
    • Happening
  • [GIR] Post Fresher Event to Discord
    • Done
  • [committee] Deal with door
    • Ongoing
  • [committee] Camp
    • Deposit done, rest in progress
  • [committee] ODay Grant - student numbers needed by Thurs 13th Feb
    • Ongoing

[GIR] leaves 20:02

General Business

  • [BOB]: approve replacement disks for motsugo (see email to tech@)
    • [CFE]: motsugo needs a WD Black
    • [FVP] Motion to budget $190 for replacement 2TB drive for motsugo
      • [MPT] seconds
      • Motion passes 4:0:0
      • Note that we already have one spare, two disks failing
  • [BOB]: approve upgrade disk and replacement disk for molmol (see email to tech@)

    • Currently a Samsung SSD 840 pro (240 GB)
    • Believe the SSD is used for system and cache, do doesn't need to be massive
    • Recomendation to replace with current SSD of same size
    • [FVP] Motion to budget $100 for replacement
      • [CFE] seconds
      • Motion passes 4:0:0
  • [FVP] Motion to budget $600 for super-fancy PCIe SSD cache drive for molmol

    • It's a critical piece of infrastructure
    • [042] seconds
    • Motion passes 4:0:0

Meeting closed at 20:13

Current Action Items

  • [newmittee] Create Facebook events for tech talks
  • [CFE] Raise Treasurer training (Guild exception) with new Treasurer

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