UCC Meeting on 14th March 2021

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2021-03-14

Committee Reports


  • [TEC] Timothy Chapman, President
  • [BLU] Grace Fowler, Secretary
  • [Liam] Liam Hammond
  • [EGG] Alex Barker, Fresher Representative
  • [APA] Alistair Parkinson, Ordinary Committee Member


  • [OKC] Benjamin Wright, Ordinary Committee Member


  • [HET] Nicholas Clements, Ordinary Committe Member

Other Attendance

  • [MVP] Matthew Winslade

Start Time

  • 10.30.
  • Confirm AGM minutes, they haven’t been uploaded.
  • MPT confirms last committee minutes from 2021-02-25.

Technical reports


  • Nothing.


  • Nothing.


  • [MPT] fixed Cerberus. Printer needs ink.


  • Webcam all good.


  • The projector won’t turn on out of standby.

New equipment

  • In agenda [MPT] moves that we accept the donation of the mechanical keyboard from Gary.
    • [TEC] seconds.
    • Unanimous.

[MPT] arrives 10.34.

Drinks and Snacks

  • We were running low, now overflowing with diet coke. Keep up the stock. Automatically reimburse people for food runs. [MPT] moves to continue with the $300 drinks and snacks reimbursement.
    • [TEC] seconds.
    • Unanimous.

External Entities

  • No one has checked the mail, last checked 3 weeks ago.
  • Guild tenancy agreement submitted, registered as new committee. O-Day grants due on the 28th. Talks about treasure stuff to Liam. Should run someone through the EMP process. Need to submit afterhours access.

Chair broke.

Other Affairs

  • Submit new committee details to the AC.


Charity Vigil

  • Need to confirm if we’re doing it and reps. [MPT] recommends [HET] for subcommittee rep. [EGG] recommends himself. [TEC] motioned to officially appoint [HET] and [EGG] as reps for Charity Vigil.
    • [MPT] seconds.
    • Unanimous.

Artemis LAN

  • UniSFA and Unigames have a facebook event up for ARTEMIS LAN. We have one up as well, but we need to advertise the event on discord and Instagram. [MVP] will create a wiki for it. [MVP] suggests that committee run ARTEMIS on emptyempsilon, for Linux for semester 2.

Tech Talks

  • Tech talks about tech stuff that might interest people. Linux intro last week, Git was meant to be this week, pushed back to week 6. Linux talk 2 next week. Git week 6. Linux talk 3 week 7. After study break LaTeX build pcs. Advertise for Linux tech talk next Tuesday. Will send to discord general discussion list asking if anyone wants to come in and talk about anything. We’ve been contacted by a software engineer from BHP who is interested on talking about AMA, ask me anything. [MPT] mentions getting more people in for a panel discussion.


  • UniSFA, Unigames and UCC discussed about having a camp together last year. Preliminary budget $1000 deposit for a venue at Manjedal Activity Centre this year. [MPT] moves to approve we spend $1000 for the camp and with the expectation we are reimbursed a third of the money.
    • Liam seconds.
    • Unanimous.
  • Will want 3 people from each club for the subcommittee. Leave for now.

Club Carnival Recap

  • Peg the gazebo down! Need paperweights that aren’t pegs, like tape. The roller chairs were a good idea, they were comfy, though you couldn’t roll them over grass. The stall needed more decorations, like a vertical banner. Bring something techy down next time.


Door Update

  • Only have active members on door. Expression of continued interest in 2 weeks.


  • Four door applications. Alex Barker, Gary O’Donovan, Alistair Parkinson and Djimon Jayasundera. Door policy available here https://www.ucc.asn.au/infobase/policies/regulations_20180926.ucc#door_manual.

[TEC] leaves 11.21.

[TEC] arrives 11.26.

  • [TEC] motions for Alex Barker to be on door.

    • [APA] seconds.
    • Unanimous - 5 people
  • [TEC] motions for Gary O’Donovan to be on door.

    • [BLU] seconds.
    • Unanimous.
  • [MPT] motions for Alistair Parkinson to be on door.

    • [EGG] seconds.
    • Unanimous - 5 people.
  • [EGG] motions to defer Djimon Jayasundera to be on door.

    • 1 against, 1 abstaining, 4 for.

General Business

  • US$13.06 for universitycomputer.club (1 year).

  • $73.75 for aberfoyle.net.au (5 years)(needed for IP addresses).

  • $220.00 for APNIC non-member fee (1 year) (needed to maintain IP addresses).

  • [TEC] moves that we budget $300 for aberfoyle.net.au and APNIC.

    • [MPT] seconds.
    • Unanimous.
  • [MPT] moves that we budget $13.06 US to renew the domain universitycomputer.com.

    • [TEC] seconds.
    • 1 for. 1 against. 4 abstaining.
    • Motion does not carry.
  • Our term deposits are maturing on 29 March.

    • Current rate is 2.90%, we will likely only be able to renew at 0.35%.
    • Club investment policy: https://www.ucc.asn.au/infobase/policies/appendix.ucc.
    • History of resolutions made under that policy, unsure on what the most recent one is.
    • Either way, all specify targeting a rate of no more than 1% p.a. lower.
    • Likely need to call a General Meeting to resolve.
  • [TEC] motions to call a general meeting for Thursday the 25th at 5pm.

    • Liam seconds.
    • Unanimous.

Door Follow up

  • Tell the committee if you want to continue being a door member, resubmit details, or don’t reapply if you don’t want to be door anymore. Formal callout for new door members. [MPT] motions that committee calls for reapplications for door, with the exception of those who have been appointed this year.
    • [TEC] seconds.
    • Unanimous.

Other Stuff

  • [TEC] said [GOZ] has mentioned getting an Adobe license. Raising issue with motion later. Have a look at the amount to budget.

  • [EGG] raises, photo board of committee and door members with discord tags, pining introductions of the committee. Action discord for [TEC]. [EGG] will take the photos.

  • [EGG] raises that Tracy wants to change the website to get UCC sponsorships. OSI as a sponsor? [APA] to look into sponsorships.

  • Wiki could be improved, join wiki and website? [MPT] says to keep them separate, the wiki is more for tech stuff and wiki for people to see what we’re about.

End Time

  • 12.36.