UCC Meeting on 26th March 2021

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2021-03-26

  • Confirmation of previous minutes.
    • We should probably email them out, too (can be done manually, it doesn't need a script).
    • Need to send out the AGM meetings.
    • [MPT] will send them to [BLU] to format and upload.


  • [TEC] Timothy Chapman, President
  • [MPT] James Arcus, Vice-President
  • [BLU] Grace Fowler, Secretary
  • [LMH] Liam Hammond, Treasurer
  • [EGG] Alex Barker, Fresher Representative
  • [APA] Alistair Parkinson, Ordinary Committee Member


  • [HET] Nicholas Clemments, Ordinary Committee Member


  • [OKC] Benjamin Wright, Ordinary Committee Member

Meeting opened at 12.14

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Pity that we didn't have quorum for the general meeting. But we could still discuss on what to do about the deposit.

Vice President's Report

  • Attended Artemis and helped with the technical setup from 12.
    • Was a good time, even when I'm being told I'm a bad pilot.
  • Coordinated with [DBA] to acquire a pair of ex-UWA servers from him.
  • Also talked with [DBA] about a potential opportunity to expand GPU compute capacity in the club.
    • More to come later on that.
  • Gave my Server Setup tech-talk, had reasonable attendance.
  • Finally finished inputting all the member forms I had.
    • Just in time for O-day grants!
    • Happy now, [BLU]?
  • Organized the general meeting that wasn't.
    • At least we managed to get a reasonable amount of member input despite not getting quorum.
  • Need to poke [TEC] to coordinate advertising for future tech talks.
  • Continue to be mystified by the workings of Guild.

Secretary's Report

  • Completed the EMP for the Fresher VR event.

  • Sent an email outlining the door re-application process.

  • [MPT] gave me the member paperwork he finished, and I filed it on Thursday.

  • I met the previous secretary on Thursday and went through some off the stuff I need to know. She doesn't have the secretary keys, so they're floating somewhere around the UCC clubroom.

  • Sorted out my Westpac account on Thursday. Now I'm waiting for the previous signatures people to handover the bank account to the new signatures.

  • Stocked up the vending machine.

    • ([EGG] wrote this for me and is a simpleton for not including the full stop.).
    • The popcorn and starbursts, (I called them starbucks and got weird looks) are good to eat. Not sure about the mints and other stuff. Do I have an iron stomach like [ClY]?
  • Told ghost stories with [BRD]. Ask him about the music and vector ghost stories he came up with on the spot.

    • [CLY] died and became a ghost. RIP [CLY]. I'm sorry I didn't go to your funeral in 2002.
    • [BRD] established that I'm now a ghost. How did I die?
    • Maybe the UCC curse killed me?
  • Nearly died the second time from laughing so hard on Tuesday.

  • UCC luck strikes again on Tuesday and Friday. I wonder if I could call it good luck?

  • Made a 3D glow in the dark UCC logo. I wanted to paint it rainbow, but the white plastic wouldn't cooperate with the 3D printer :( .

  • Established I royally suck at throwing.

  • We had full capacity on Tuesday! Plus, three people standing in the doorway.

  • I finally have access to winadmins! Hmm, I wonder if I poke wheel hard enough, will they get annoyed and add me to uccpass?

    • Uccpass is temperamental when [BRD] tries to use it. LOL.
  • Found out that I have been adding membership payment in dispense wrong and gave Liam 4 hours of work to do. Whoops.

  • Been trying to figure out how the file directories work in motsugo and got lost multiple times. Why doesn't UCC have a good labelling system?

    • Found a file with directions on how to add a TLA to the website, that was written before I was born.
    • I finally figured out how to add a TLA to the website with help from [BRD].
  • Decorated the UCC clubroom with a disco ball. [BRD] helped.

  • Found out we have a stamp that should be stored in the safe, but it's not there. Did it turn invisible?

Treasurer's Report

  • Finished sorting out the money in the safe with the help of previous treasurers (thanks for the assistance). The nightmares of GNUcash have not yet ceased.
  • Figured out how much money was made from memberships paid in cash, despite half of them not being handed out properly.
  • Can I please use this space to remind everyone to use dispense to charge for memberships. Please don't just add money and take it away again.
  • Looked up Adobe packages, was immediately intimidated by the options. Will likely have to ring them to make sense of it all.

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Added a fresher discord channel. It's lonely in here :(
  • Added a social discord channel and changed Games category to Social.
  • Tried and failed to open the tool cupboard while [BRD] mocked my incompetence.
  • Club room has been at full capacity most of the time. At least the room isn't as dead as my channels. [GOZ] is very happy with this.
  • Made Facebook post for Charity Vigil. Had to learn how to use Facebook like a boomer. ([EGG] we've established that you're an incompetent Gen Z, but so is [BLU], so it's alright :P - [BL$
  • Spent too much time in the club room. I am now dreaming about being here. Help.

OCM Reports


  • Had my mind melted whilst playing the Crew in the clubroom.
  • Proceeded to melt [JTU]'s mind by showing him glitch abuse in Mario Kart Wii.
  • Would like to report [BLU]'s voting fraud in QOTD, because we at UCC take QOTD very seriously.
    • What would you classify as cheating? - [BLU]
  • Haven't been able to work much on sponsorships lately due to assignments.


  • Went to subcommittee meeting.
  • We need to approve new agenda.
  • I need to send my email for door reapplication.

Machine Technical Report


  • Server donation from [DBA] installed on 23/03/21. -[BLU] can't get into the server room cause the servers are taking up most of the standing space. Can someone please move them. -[BRD] said they took the good chair. (It's not a good chair, it's itchy. - [BLU])
    • ([BRD] replied that [BLU] doesn't know what a good chair is.)
  • New servers need BMC connection and switch configuration.
  • They have a 1TB disk each so are ready for a test drive otherwise.
  • There'll be a wheel meeting this weekend and they can decide what to do with the servers.



  • [MVP]: A bunch of desktops that we don't use for social distancing reasons are struggling.
    • We should run through and evaluate what needs replacing.
    • We should also plan build for Build+Break-a-PC.
    • Send an email to the tec mailing list and call for people's opinions.
    • Needs physical checking of each machine and component testing.
    • [DBA] is borrowing some of the "broken" GPUs to check whether they or their host systems were at fault.


  • Cobra Speakers aren't working.
  • [MVP]: Rip Old Projector?
    • We will move it into the server room, so it doesn't take up space on the table.
    • [MPT]: If no one else volunteers to pop the cover and check for bad caps, it probably goes in the bin.
  • [MPT] cleaned the spare projector, so it doesn't continuously overheat.

Action Items From Previous Meeting

  • [EGG] to do cerberus photo board.
    • Ongoing.
  • [LMH] to look into cost of Adobe licenses.
    • Ongoing.
  • Wheel to help new committee get uccpass setup.
    • Ongoing.
  • [BLU] to send out an email outlining the door renewal process.
    • Done.
  • [MPT] to show people how to be door after the renewals close.
    • Pending.
  • [MPT] to send [APA] prior work on sponsorship.
    • Will do on Friday.
  • [APA] to write up what the pamphlet would look like, finish next week.
    • Now due on Friday the 2nd of April.
    • Ongoing.

New equipment

Drinks and Snacks

  • [MPT], [BLU] and [EGG] restocked the vending machine. They also put the expired food left in the cupboard in the server room.
  • The food has migrated to the middle of the clubroom and back into the cupboard. ([BLU] is annoyed because she wanted free popcorn :( )
    • Should we be worried that the expired food has mutated and grown legs?
  • Action [BLU] to get the keys.

External Entities


  • Action [BLU] to check the mail.

Guild, SOC

  • SOC has called an extra meeting for Thursday 1st of April, 6pm to talk about club activities for the year.
  • Guild are still sending emails just to [TEC].
    • What are we? Chopped liver?
  • [MPT] recommends [TEC] automates the Guild and SOC emails [TEC] is sent, to committee@.


  • Chloe was busy with Fringe week this week (PAC), but aims to now:
    • Give out the locker keys properly.
    • Will discuss busy bees soon.

Other affairs

  • [BLU] now has a Westpac ID, so she can be added to online banking.

  • Need to arrange time for [MPT] and [MLG] to go to Westpac to add and remove signatories/admins.

    • [TEC] to sign the resolution letter.
    • Need full copy of the minutes with the motion to remove admin access and give it to new people.
  • ACTION: [MPT] - bully rest of committee until they give him their darkest secrets to pass on to the ACNC.

    • [BLU] has already done that, so her secrets are safe :P
  • Action [MPT] to add [BLU] as an approver on the Westpac account.



  • ARTEMIS is stored on the USB with the UCC logo.

  • The backup projector works.

  • Established that [MPT] sucks at navigating, flying the UCCS Roofless into a mine and killing the crew.

    • Or maybe [BLU] is a rubbish captain?
  • The UCCS Roofless are now known as war criminals.

    • PS: What do you think of the ship name Floorless?
  • [GOZ] runs a tight ship :P

  • The ship name SS SAIYAN (Super Arrogant Idiots Yielding Abysmal Neurons) won Winslade's ship name competition.

    • [EGG] still hasn't gotten his free drink from [MVP].
  • The USS Mine Magnet won second place. Maybe downstairs should have named their ship the USS mine Magnet?

  • [BLU] still thinks the United Criminal Control should have won. It was keeping in line with UCC naming ;)

  • [MVP]: Event ran well, 2 ships, One Clubroom, One Loft.

    • Thanks to UniSFA and Unigames for promoting the event.
    • Started almost exactly when planned (1pm for 2pm start, Actual start: 2.07pm.)
    • We only ran 2 encounters before hot weather drained energy.
    • Think the event can be updated.
      • [GOZ] has suggested options that are linux friendly.
      • Would add a little more variety and keep the event fresh.
      • One day I will use the mission editor.
    • UCC Wiki page incoming but it won't be today (And it won't be tomorrow either).

Tech Talk: Server Setup

  • Average attendance, went fine.
  • Covered everything [MPT] wanted to cover.
  • Will do it again next semester.
  • [MPT] didn't set up the recording system.
    • Aww, no one else heard his angelic voice :P

Tech Talk: How to Git

  • Once again, needs advertising sooner rather than later.
    • [MPT] will avoid the responsibility for this one.
  • It should be called how to Git Started.

Fresher VR

  • [BLU] submitted the EMP to Guild. Waiting for them to approve it.
  • [BLU] created a Facebook event.
  • Posters are ready to be posted around campus.
  • Missed giving them into Guild, but we can put them up ourselves.
  • Post on the public Facebook page once a week reminding people about the event.
    • [BLU] wants to post reminders every 2nd day, but will probably be sued for harassment.
  • Call Dominoes a couple hours before the event.
    • Apparentley some Dominoes stores won't allow a big order with only a couple hour's notice. But other stores do.
    • Relationship problems, anyone? Or maybe miscommunication?

Charity Vigil

  • Need to pass new budget because we passed the wrong one!
    • There won't be a set amount of money for the raffles.
    • [EGG] will email the budget to committee. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UZWqmlJqxbADSEJr5yZtw4kFLcQ7GiDB/view
  • [EGG] Motions: To accept the new budget.
    • [BLU] seconds.
    • Unanimous.
  • Discuss prizes for raffle.
    • RBG items.
    • Raffle existing stuff we have, but don't need.
    • USB.
  • Need to do a discord post. Waiting a few days due to the large number of events posted.
  • Donate all money made from vending machine?
  • [EGG] Motions: To donate the vending machine income to the charity vigil.
    • [MPT] seconds.
    • Unanimous.
  • [EGG] created a Facebook event.


  • All clubs have accepted the move to 3 sub-committee members.
    • Unigames: Jackie, Emrald, Alex.
    • UniSFA: Merlin, Harry, Lexie.
  • Will have a sub-committee meeting in a while.



Door Re-applications

  • Alfred Burgress

  • Cormac Sharkey

  • Cameron Locke

  • John Hodge

  • David Adams

  • Matt Winslade

  • Everyone who has applied so far will continue to be on door.

General Business

  • Mini fridge. [BLU] is hungry and needs some variety in her life - [EGG]. (Is readily available and cheap, milk and ice cream too much to ask for? Plus, I can put my water bottle in there, so I get cold water. - [BLU])

  • People can also put their lunch in the fridge.

    • [MVP]: Don't object to mini fridge but advise to be wary of milk.
      • Recommend you talk to UniSFA and Unigames about why they don't regularly stock milk items.
  • Fridge could be under the desks?

  • Stuff under the desks should be moved out.

  • Maybe we can sell some of it?

  • Or give it to the computing museum.

    • http://www.aceware.com.au/acms/
  • [APA] proposes someone creates an inventory of what we have.

  • [APA] can create an excel sheet for it in the future.

  • Thinking about having self-containing server racks.

  • If the air conditioner is more environmentally friendly, could we apply for an environment grant?

  • Minute's system. Could we use github? Can use webhook to automatically post them to the discord.

  • [BLU] could copy the minutes and paste them in github.

  • Action [MPT] to help [BLU] figure out how to upload the minutes to the website.

  • Simplify member registration. Buying a membership from someone else's account seems a bit over complicated.

  • Poke [CFE] to come up with improvements to the portal.

  • [NTU]: Reimbursement request: $220 APNIC renewal 2021-03-15 https://lists.ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au/pipermail/tech/2021-March/005442.html

  • Already budgeted for in previous meeting.

  • Action [LMH] to take care of it.

Meeting closes 13.08