UCC Meeting on 16th June 2021

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2021-06-16

  • Last minutes not uploaded yet.


  • [MPT] James Arcus, Vice President
  • [LMH] Liam Hammond, Treasurer
  • [EGG] Alex Barker, Fresher Representative
  • [HET] Nicholas Clements, Ordinary Committee Member
  • [OKC] Benjamin Wright, Ordinary Committee Member
  • [APA] Alistair Parkinson, Ordinary Committee Member


  • [TEC] Timothy Chapman, President
  • [BLU] Grace Fowler, Secretary

Start Time

  • 16.12

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Yay! Holidays!
  • Been yoinked away to rotto at short notice
  • Talks with guild about server room possibilities in progress
    • Someone is coming by on Thursday to assess the structure from a safety perspective
  • Hope to hear more from ethical hackers
  • Would like to call an OGM, but would be good to hear back from guild
  • Have setup a Pterodactyl instance on Loveday
    • Was a massive PITA, but it's done (thanks [MTL] for the help)
    • Can host all sorts of games servers very nicely
    • Have been contacted by Andrew from UWAnime about it being potentially nice to have a long-running UCC-hosted Minecraft server (unofficial). This is currently being set up.
  • Sad I'm not getting to see you all :( next time...

Vice President's Report

  • Busy marking assignments
  • Watered the Lettuce
  • Helped [DBA] fix the motherboard
  • Attended camp sub-committee meetings

Secretary's Report

  • It's been a while so I can't remeber what I've done.
  • Attended and missed some sub-committee meetings.
  • Restocked the vending machines once or twice.

Treasurer's Report

  • Semester Grant is in (with a whopping 10 minutes to spare)!
  • Refilled snacks once or twice, not much left until recent snack run
  • Emptied the safe again
  • ...Yeah mostly grant stuff + exams honestly.

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Dealt with discord bot invasion.
    • Deleted all invites & made a new one.
  • Didn't do much else due to exams (also accidentally deleted my report note)
  • Spent birthday in the clubroom. Nerd.
  • Struggled to navigate through the machine room multiple times.
  • Participated in multiple vending machine restock production lines. It was very efficient.
  • Planted a lettuce plant. I called it lett-ucc. It's mouldy.

OCM Reports


  • Minecraft event organisation.


  • Looked into server cooling, have not phoned to get a quote yet.

Machine Technical Report


  • Nothing blew up. That we know of...


  • UWA IT emailed wheel about every port being open on our server.
    • We have every port open to allow people who have port 22 blocked to access it still.
    • Only 1 SSH server using every port.


  • [DBA] apparently fixed the Mobo on Corvo


  • Cerberus still busted.
    • May be time to retire the computer running it. It has hardware from 2007.
    • Can likely build a new PC from old parts from recent Build & Break.
    • Screens are fine, the problem is with computer. Specifics unknown.

Action Items From Previous Meeting


  • Talk to Guild about server solutions.
    • Have met with Chloe, WIP


  • Show people how to be door after the renewals close.
    • Ongoing.
  • Send [APA] prior work on sponsorship.
    • Ongoing
  • Bully rest of committee until they give him their darkest secrets to pass on to the ACNC.
    • Done
  • Find the secretary keys for [BLU].
    • Ongoing.


  • [APA] to write up what the sponsorship pamphlet would look like.
    • Ongoing.


  • Look into server cooling Australian company quotes.
    • Ongoing.


  • Wheel to help new committee get uccpass setup.

New equipment

  • Lettuce plant :)

Drinks and Snacks

  • [EGG] to go on food run with Alice.
    • Will poll desired snacks/drinks on discord.
    • Also get paper towels.

External Entities


  • [BLU] hasn't checked the mail in awhile.

Guild, SOC

  • SOC meeting today.
    • [MPT] will attend.
  • Last SOC meeting minutes came through. [MPT] attended.
    • Reminded us about student leadership training.
      • People
    • Grants coming up.
    • Reminded us about what general meetings are. We are probably fine.
    • Reminded us that constitutions exist and we need to follow them.
    • No tenancy information.

Other affairs

  • ACNC
    • Submission of new committee members on time.
    • Need to submit annual information statement of 2020 including details on member numbers, statistical info and financial info (which should be prepared).
    • Action [MPT] to deal with annual information statement.


Quiz night

  • Prompt for someone to explain what it is
  • UCC needs to appoint two people to the subcommittee, and approve subcommittee regulations
  • It's nice if one person has done this before, but it's not a hard requirement
  • Appointees should join the Quiz Night Organisation discord ASAP (today)
  • Link is in #committee-confidential
  • [MPT] moves to appoint [BLU] & [APA] to subcommittee. [HET] seconds.
    • Unanimous.


  • EMP done. Thanks Jackie & Cam. Needs to be approved.
  • Need to discuss ticket pricing model & theme.
    • $100 early bird ticket. $110 for later purchases.
    • Discount if member of multiple clubs. May be too complex.
    • [MPT] suggests early-bird model.
    • Theme: Pyramid "3-3-3". Themed quiz night round, not much else.

Tech Talks

  • Holiday tech talks probably won't be successful

General Business

  • Got requests for IKEA shark plushy :)
    • If a shark plushy is donated, we will take it. It will be loved in it's new home.
  • We should wash existing plushies. The poor panda's gone grey.

Meeting Closed

  • 16.43