UCC Meeting on 6th July 2021

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2021-07-06

  • Last meeting minutes uploaded to the website.


  • [TEC] Timothy Chapman, President
  • [MPT] James Arcus, Vice President
  • [BLU] Grace Fowler, Secretary
  • [EGG] Alex Barker, Fresher Representative
  • [APA] Alistair Parkinson, Ordinary Committee Member
  • [OKC] Benjamin Wright, Ordinary Committee Member
  • [HET] Nicholas Clements, Ordinary Committee Member


  • [LMH] Liam Hammond, Treasurer


Start Time

  • 16.19

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Urgh, more covid restrictions :(
  • Looking forward to back to no-mask meetings in clubroom.
  • Tenancy busy bee and consultation happened.
    • UCC's room got a clean bill of cleanliness.
    • Consultation meeting was exceptionally uneventful.

Vice President's Report

  • Went to subcom meeting, reported below.
  • On a personal note, things are finally moving with my studies again.
    • Yay!
  • Responded to emails from UniIT Cybersecurity about our SSH setup.
    • Have been responding and consulting with wheel.
  • Showed Kelvin (Guild staff (IT & some facilities stuff)) and Lauren (Guild OH&S) around when they came to inspect the machine room.
    • See info below in Guild section.

Secretary's Report

  • Haven't been around the clubroom much, so I don't have a lot to report on. (You guys don't get to hear about my funny antics in the clubroom :( )

  • Didn't go to the busy bee cause of health reasons, also I wouldn't have been of much help anyway.

  • Haven't been keeping on top of posting the minutes :(

    • Thankyou [EGG] for posting them in my stead.
  • Am thinking that because we can't find the secretary keys, we should just commission new ones.

  • Will need help with writing up questions for the UCC round for the quiz night.

  • [MPT] still hasn't given me the Annual Meeting Minutes.

  • Nearly forgot to add full stops in my report.

  • Started playing Minecraft on the server a while ago and had a scare in the clubroom.

    • Someone thought I had been murdered. (Whoops)
  • Had 4 of my pets drowned while in my care. (How does that even happen?!)

  • Started a UCC cult with [EGG].

    • You guys are really missing out if you don't play Minecraft ;)
  • Have died 30 something times.

    • I'm deader than a ghost.

Treasurer's Report

Fresher Rep's Report

  • University Cleaning Club time!

  • Rebuilt a shelf with [MPT]. Had to move the froggy whiteboard :( Perhaps it will be restored some day...

  • Cleaned up the machine room with [MPT]. We can walk in there again!

  • Went to 21-06-03 busy bee. Moved a lot of the boxes under the desks onto the shelves. At last our knees can stop being destroyed.

  • Uploaded past 3 meeting minutes o.o

  • Played a lot of Minecraft on the UCC server.

    • Started a cult, fought Egg Zombie invasion, built a town with [BLU], [APA] [MDD] & others.
    • Server is doing fantastic apart from the TPS issues. Thanks [TEC] & Andrew.

OCM Reports

  • [HET]
  • Forgot about my ONE TASK due to the pandemic so I will be transferring my knowledge to someone else.
  • I also assisted in building the shelf, why do we have uneven numbers of nuts and bolts?

Machine Technical Report

  • Nothing new.





Action Items


  • Talk to Guild about server solutions.
    • Ongoing.
  • Get [BLU] and [APA] to write up report for [REDACTED].
    • Done.
  • Reply to GhostCcamm about penetration test.
    • Done.


  • Show people how to be door after the renewals close.
    • Done after Busy Bee. Follow up session may occur.
  • Send [APA] prior work on sponsorship.
    • Ongoing.
  • Find the secretary keys for [BLU].
    • Ongoing.
  • Follow up with [BLU] and [LMH] with ACNC Annual Information Statement.
    • Done
  • [BLU] and [MPT] Complete 2020 AIS with financial info from [LMH].
    • Done.
  • Respond to last email about SSH.
    • Done.
  • Look into server cooling Australian company quotes.
    • Ongoing.
  • Give [BLU] the Annual Meeting minutes.
    • Ongoing.


  • Write up what the sponsorship pamphlet would look like.
    • Ongoing.


  • Send [MPT] info about Australian server cooling companies.
    • Ongoing.


  • Get a list of all the 1st and 2nd year com-sci units and email unit co-ords of tech talk ideas and to advertise UCC in lectures.
    • Ongoing.


New Equipment

Drinks and Snacks

External Entities


  • [BLU] hasn't checked it in weeks.

Guild, SOC

  • Tenancy busy bee and consultation.

    • Busy bee happened Saturday 3rd July 10am - 1pm.
    • Consultation happened.
      • Everything was good.
  • Exactly 7 people showed up to the busy bee.

  • Shelves got stacked, nothing on roof, empty corridor, room neat, under desk stuff taken out.

  • Clean up was a success.

  • Now have a monthly busybee date.

  • Will pick a weekend before the busybee date and clean up the clubroom.

  • Can train new door members and have a refresher course there as well.

  • If door can't RSVP to the proposed date, consequences will occur.

Other Affairs


Cameron Hall Quiz Night

  • Corin from UniSFA was elected as chair and Gwen from Unigames as secretary.

  • Lightmittee:

    • Alistair (UCC)
    • Amber (Unigames)
    • Corin (UniSFA)
    • Liam (Panto)
  • Darkmittee:

    • Grace (UCC)
    • Gwen (Unigames)
    • Chase (UniSFA)
    • Davis (Panto)
  • (Don't know if I need to add everyone who's on the committee, but eh).

  • We plan to have the quiz night in the Tav.

  • Was going to have it on the 20th of August, but that date is already booked. Alternate dates are 19/8, 26/8 or 27/8. Tav hasn't gotten back yet concerning those dates.

  • Do I add estimated guess of finance?

  • $50 budgeted for prizes. What sort of prizes are we thinking?

    • Cheap Arduino's.
    • USB's.
    • Hardware in the club, that's not in use.
  • There'll also be a wooden spoon prize. Need to think of one.

    • Old, not useful hardware.
  • There'll be 10 rounds, 10 questions with club rounds, sport, general knowledge/what's your major and a music round. If PCS is involved they might do a puzzle table round.

  • Will probably have side minigames that people can do whenever.

  • Haven't thought of a theme yet.

  • Still need to do EMP.

  • Not sure if PCS and UWASCA will be involved.

    • We agree that clubs wanting to be involved in the Cameron Hall Quiz Night, shouldn't be added last minute. There should be an actual process and a standard should be set to involve other clubs, before sub-committee is elected.
  • [BLU] will need help for making the UCC questions.

    • Get hands on questions from previous years for UCC.

Tech Club Quiz Night

  • DSC, CFC, PCS and CSSC want to hold a quiz night together.

  • Thinking of following Cameron Hall plan for quiz nights.

  • Will most likely be held in the mid semester break of semester 2.

  • Will form a subcommittee of 2 people and approve Cameron Hall sub-committee regulations.

  • [EGG] and [MPT] volunteer to be the sub-committee reps.

  • [TEC] Motions to: Approve sub-regulations.

    • [BLU] seconds.
    • 4 for, 2 abstains.
  • Get sub-committee this week and work on putting people in touch and get things going.


  • No meeting last week.
  • Venue minimum of 30 guests.
  • Final booking to be confirmed 7 days before.
  • Total venue cap of 95 guests.
  • Pending issues resolved.
  • EMP in, waiting progress.
  • Need to think about advertising.

Tech Talks

  • Nothing's happening.

  • James still wants to do his part 3 talk.

  • Need to contact people for other ones.

  • Immediate Tech talk ideas finalised before end of next week and contact potential people by then.

  • Aim for advertising finalised 2 weeks before semester.

  • ACTION: [BLU] to Contact com-si 1st and 2nd year unit co-ords to ask for ideas to cover in Tech talks and advertise UCC at the start of a lecture.

Minecraft Speedrun Tournament

  • Social event for Minecraft gamers to try their hand at beating the game as fast as possible.

    • The competition is to be first to beat Minecraft.
    • Will run on the 7th of August from 4-9pm at home or in UCC.
    • Teams must register on the day and can consist of up to 3 members.
    • $20 prize for winning team.
  • Minecraft event poster is done.

  • Need to make EMP and server. Event 2 or 1 weeks into semester.

  • Probably take 3 hours.

  • Prizes? Might be a good idea.

  • Budget $20 for prizes.

  • [APA] Motions to: Budget $20 for prizes.

    • [TEC] seconds.
    • 4 for, 2 abstains.

General Business

  • Commission new secretary keys?

    • Will wait, because we don't know where the other keys are.
  • Annual Meeting minutes.

    • ACTION: [MPT] to give [BLU] the minutes.
  • Door Application: Alice Rosario

  • [TEC] Moves to: Appoint Alice Rosario to become a door member.

    • [EGG] seconds.
    • 5 in favour, 1 abstain.
  • All the plushies except for the lama have been cleaned.

  • Clubroom needs a fresh coat of paint, clean couches and desk.

  • Clean our couches instead of getting new ones? We're thinking of getting them professionally cleaned. Not sure.

    • Budgeted $250 to get couches professionally cleaned last meeting.
  • Would like to see fresh coat of paint on the walls, clean couches and desks.

  • James arrives 4.57.

End Time

  • 17.20