UCC Meeting on 27th October 2021

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2021-10-27

  • Last committee minutes uploaded to the website.


  • [TEC] Timothy Chapman, President
  • [MPT] James Arcus, Vice President
  • [BLU] Grace Fowler, Secretary
  • [LMH] Liam Hammond, Treasurer
  • [EGG] Alex Barker, Fresher Representative
  • [APA] Alistair Parkinson, Ordinary Committee Member
  • [HET] Nicholas Clements, Ordinary Committee Member
  • [OKC] Benjamin Wright, Ordinary Committee Member



Start Time

  • 13.14

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • This year has gone quickly! Can't believe we're already at the end of semester 2.
  • The first run of the tech clubs quiz night is nigh, it should be a good night 🙂
  • Good luck to everyone with exams!

Vice President's Report

  • Last due date now on Friday, then I will be able to think again!
  • Have set aside a bit of time before and after the meeting to do UCC-related action items/tasks.

Secretary's Report

  • Updated the Busy Bee record.
  • Have lost some UCC emails.

Treasurer's Report

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Installed custom songs/mods for Beat Saber on Catfish.
  • exam study :)

OCM Reports

Machine Technical Report


  • Mailman (the software responsible for our mailing lists) was upgraded by [MTL].
    • This fixes a few vulnerabilities, which is a good thing.




Action Items From Previous Meeting


  • Talk to Guild about server solutions.
    • Progressing (Ongoing).
  • Still nothing from Kelvin and Lauren.
    • Ongoing.
  • Poke James to poke people for action items.
    • Poking attempted, results unsatisfactory. Will repeat.
    • Ongoing.


  • Send [APA] prior work on sponsorship.
    • Not done.
  • Find the secretary keys for [BLU]
    • Not done.
  • Look into server cooling Australian company quotes.
    • Ongoing.
  • Give [BLU] the annual meeting minutes (Before the next GM)
    • Ongoing.
  • Ask Kelvin and Lauren about what's going on.
    • Ongoing.
  • Announce about the hacking night on Tuesday.
    • Ongoing.
  • Follow up on the IMC club prospectus email.
    • Ongoing.


  • Write up what the sponsorship pamphlet would look like.
    • Ongoing.
  • Follow up on the IMC club prospectus email.
    • Ongoing.


  • Talk to his father who works for Sales Force, about what they're willing to do.
    • Ongoing.
    • [BLU] will repeatedly ping [HET] and he will not respond.
    • We'll get free snacks if he doesn't.


  • Check which headphones are working
    • Ongoing.


  • Email door about enforcing the clubroom rules.
    • Ongoing.
  • Email tech list about tec talks.
    • Ongoing.


  • Look into where we can get a vertical banner.
    • Ongoing.

New equipment

Drinks and Snacks

External Entities


  • Not checked.


  • SOC meeting.
    • ERF Requirements For every executive on your ERF, a photocopy/scan of your driver's license/passport must be handed in with your ERF. ERF will not be approved in the signatures do not match as of today.

    • AGM Reminder Tldr make sure to have quorum, elect new committee and vote on any motions at AGM. Submit ERF no later than two weeks after AGM. Read handover document on Guild Website.

    • Grants Update Semester 2 grants close 15/11. If we have received an SPG this year, submit a report to [email protected] by 15/11 showing how the money was spent. Envirogrants (grants given for environmentally sustainable events) applications are open until 1/11.

    • References If anyone would like a reference, feel to ask Eleanor for one at [email protected].

    • Tenancy We will be receiving an email from Eleanor/Chloe about paying money. They are generally happy with the state of the clubrooms.

    • Elections 2022 Elections are on 28/11 3PM Social Sciences Lecture Theatre. Make sure to send committee member to vote for SOC and PAC positions. Guild subcommittee voting meeting tomorrow afternoon.


  • The Busy Bee attendance list has been updated.
  • Multiple people have missed 2 Busy Bee's with no apologies.
    • Send an email in bulk to them.

Other Affairs


Tech Talks

  • Police talk?

Cameron Hall-o-Ween

  • Went well.
  • Still need to have a wrapup meeting.


  • Beatsaber mods:

    • Installed on Catfish by [EGG].
    • Every update breaks mods, so someone will probably have to update the mods .
    • Unsure if custom songs transfer between UCC accounts/steam accounts.
    • github.com/Assistant/ModAssistant/releases/latest
    • [EGG]'s recommended mod list:
      • Default installs +
      • MappingExtensions
      • Chroma
      • BetterSongSearch
      • FastFail
      • FasterScroll
      • SearchFixes
  • Site visit and alcohol policy.

    • [MPT] called them and still needs to email them.
    • Site visit will most likely be next week.
  • Further advertising.

    • Jackie made a timeline of when we should post stuff.

Tech Clubs Quiz Night

  • Had a problem with security but it got cleared up.

  • EMP has been approved.

  • Financials, minuted approval of subcommittee who approved the budget.

  • The subcommittee minutes are under Notion.

    • Should be publicly available.
  • Can't see items being motioned and passed.

    • Next meeting can sort out procedural stuff.

General Business

  • Confidential complaint.

    • [MPT] hasn't seen them in person. Or [TEC] could.
    • If we don't see them soon, DM them instead.
  • Another confidential complaint.

  • Cameron Hall enviro grant written by Jackie and Cowan.

    • Can collection in the loft.
    • Signatory to the grant?
  • [LMH] Motions That: The upcoming can collect enviro grant we split profits and costs not covered under the grant with UniSFA and Unigames.

    • [TEC] seconds.
    • Unanimous.
  • Make sure we have some input on the document.

  • No meeting through exams. Post semester have less meetings.

  • Have a meeting after Camp and Tech Quiz Night.

    • Between quiz night and camp?
    • That week or the next week.
    • After that monthly meeting.
  • Vertical banner base included?

    • Comes with a stand.
    • [LMH] will have a further look.
  • UniSFA has a Netflix they need to pay monthly.

  • The treasure has asked if they can transfer us money and use our club card.

    • They don't have a club card.
    • If they transfer upfront there shouldn't be any issues.
  • Discuss next meeting?

  • [TEC] Motions That: We receive UniSFA's payment from them and pay on their behalf, providing they pay upfront.

    • [BLU] seconds.
    • 5 in favour.
    • 3 abstain.

End Time

  • 13.57