UCC Meeting on 12th January 2022

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2022-01-12

  • Last committee minutes have been uploaded to the website


  • [TEC] Timothy Chapman, President
  • [MPT] James Arcus, Vice President
  • [BLU] Grace Fowler, Secretary
  • [LMH] Liam Hammond, Treasurer
  • [EGG] Alex Barker, Fresher Representative
  • [HET] Nicholas Clements, Ordinary Committee Member


  • [OKC] Benjamin Wright, Ordinary Committee Member
  • [APA] Alistair Parkinson, Ordinary Committee Member


Start Time

  • 13.59

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Not much has changed over the holidays.
  • Things generally seem to be trundleing along, but we need a bit of an organisational push to get ready for Sem 1 2022. This is starting with this meeting.

Vice President's Report

  • Haven't done much over the holidays either.
    • Did respond to a request for a prospectus with a short, pre-Christmas break deadline.
    • Will forward what I submitted on to committee@ and discuss revisions before seeking further sponsorship.
  • Finally got my Discord account fixed and am back in!
  • Updated our COVID Safety Plan for the latest government Directions.
  • Will do another can run from the clubroom today.

Secretary's Report

  • Haven't been doing much, just enjoying the holidays.

Treasurer's Report

  • Finances Report -
    • Guild Account: $4,143.25
    • Card Account: $244.11
    • Ex-Term Deposit Account: $44,820.73
    • Main Account: $935.65
  • Grant money is through, we've received $1362.13 for this semsester.

Fresher Rep's Report

OCM Reports

Machine Technical Report





  • Should get some masks, we've run out.

    • [BLU] Motions To: Budget $25 for masks.
    • [TEC] seconds.
      • Unanimous.
  • Do we need any of isopropyl?

    • We need to get some spray bottles.
      • Ask people if they have any.
  • The 3D Printer was broken, don't know if anyone has fixed it yet.

    • ACTION [MPT] to follow up with Gary to see how broken the 3D printer is.

Action Items From Previous Meeting


  • Talk to Guild about server solutions.
    • Progressing (Ongoing).
  • Still nothing from Kelvin and Lauren.
    • Ongoing (Guild AFK).
  • Poke James to poke people for action items.
    • Poking attempted, results eventually produced. Will repeat.
    • Ongoing.
  • Reply to the complaint email.
    • Ongoing.


  • Send [APA] prior work on sponsorship.
    • Done.
  • Find the secretary keys for [BLU]
    • Not done.
  • Look into server cooling Australian company quotes.
    • Ongoing.
  • Give [BLU] the annual meeting minutes (Before the next GM)
    • Ongoing.
  • Ask Kelvin and Lauren about what's going on.
    • Ongoing.
  • Follow up on the IMC club prospectus email.
    • Done.


  • Write up what the sponsorship pamphlet would look like.
    • Ongoing.


  • Talk to his father who works for Sales Force, about what they're willing to do.
    • Ongoing.
    • [BLU] will repeatedly ping [HET] and he will not respond.
    • We'll get free snacks if he doesn't.


  • Check which headphones are working
    • Ongoing.


  • Email door about enforcing the clubroom rules.
    • Ongoing.
  • Email tech list about tec talks.
    • Done.


  • Look into where we can get a vertical banner.
    • Done.

New equipment

Drinks and Snacks

  • Have taken the chocolate out of the snack machine. It is now in the server room.
  • Have checked the rest of the food and nothing is expired (On stuff we could see the use by date)
  • [BLU] manually took out all of the soft drinks and stored them in the cupboard, with [APA]'s help. (That was a workout.)
    • Will go through them to see if any of the drinks have gone by their used by date.
      • [BLU] will do that after the meeting.

External Entities


  • Has been checked. If we have mail, it's in the SOC pigeonhole.


  • Anything progressed with Kevin and Lauren?
    • They're both on holidays.


Other Affairs


Tech Talks

  • Should come up with a list of talks people want to do.

  • [BLU] has sent out an email asking for ideas for tech talks.

  • Tech talk topics

    • A 3d printer one could be good --- Gary? Cormak?
    • Intro to Linux --- James? Timothy?
    • An email has just been sent out asking for volunteers.
    • Another run of Git, Linux, LaTeX, etc.
      • Do a better job promoting in lectures this time.
      • https://missing.csail.mit.edu//

Cameron Hall-o-Ween

  • [BLU] Motions To: Accept the financial distribution of profits.

    • [LMH] seconds.
      • Unanimous.
  • [MPT] Motions To: Reimburse Grace $13.80 in accordance with the Cameron Hall-o-weel distribution of profits

    • [HET] seconds
      • 5 in favour, 1 abstention


  • [BLU] Motions To: Accept the financial distripution of profits.

    • [HET] seconds.
      • Unanimous.
  • [HET] Motions To: Reimburse James $50 in accordance with the Camp financial distribution of profits.

    • [TEC] seconds.
      • 5 in favour, 1 abstention
  • [BLU] Motions To: Book Ern Haliday for Joint Camp at the end of November after Semester 2 Exams.

    • [HET] seconds.
      • Unanimous.

Tech Clubs Quiz Night

  • [MPT] will make a when is good for the wrapup meeting.

UnCharity Vigil

  • [TEC] Moves That: We appoint [LMH] and [MPT] as reps.
    • [EGG] seconds.
      • Unanimous.


  • Have a Semester 1 event planner.

Fresher Welcome

  • Have before the AGM, on the same day.


  • [MPT] Minutes from the 2021 AGM?

  • Need to send out a survey for when people are available to come.

  • Announce that we're thinking on doing it Thursday, the first week.

  • Should ask proffossers to do our UCC Talk in lecture 1.

General Meeting

  • Should have a General Meeting to talk about the 30k.
    • The week before O-week.
    • Have a poll.

General Business

  • Complaint email.

    • [APA] will mention the email to Guild and say the report has been corroborated by 2 door members.
  • Has anything progressed with this?

    • ACTION: [TEC] to reply to the email.
  • Previous noise complaint has been sorted out.

  • [NTU]: (No assistance available last week?) Assistance requested: quote for machop 10GE; machop vmstore-bigssd space; server rails?

    • [NTU]: Thank you [OKC], I will email a summary.
  • These are the budget hardware solutions [OKC] researched for [NTU]. NVME:

    • Crucial P5 2TB (was $270 on Amazon, it's gone up in price since then) https://www.amazon.com.au/Crucial-2000GB-NAND-NVMe-Internal/dp/B0892TWDP1/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=crucial+p5+2tb&qid=1638493382&s=computers&sr=1-1
  • The principle is that from what I researched, two 2TB nvme's were cheaper and had relatively greater endurance than one 4TB nvme. NIC:

    • 10Gtek Broadcom BCM57810S Dual Port SFP+ PCIe card ($110 Ali Express) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000976424181.html?src=google&aff_fcid=5de5123a3639410f9c683c2510dd9f73-1638496944037-04166-UneMJZVf&aff_fsk=UneMJZVf&aff_platform=aaf&sk=UneMJZVf&aff_trace_key=5de5123a3639410f9c683c2510dd9f73-1638496944037-04166-UneMJZVf&terminal_id=3e29728677cf45b2b29fa0366d324d9f
  • [TEC] Motion To: Budget $300 for a 2TB SSD.

    • [HET] seconds.
      • Unanimous.
  • [TEC] Motion To: Budget $125 for a 10Gbps SFP Network Card.

    • [HET] seconds.
      • Unanimous.
  • [NTU]: (No response last week?) UCC 47th/48th Anniversary event?

    • Have previously said we will ask Oldguard to see if someone wants to organise it.
    • [MPT] might organise something for a belated 47th anniversary event.
  • [TEC] 48th aniversary worth thinking about, but that's really a matter for next committee.

  • [DAA]: Request a new Windows Server license through UWA or Microsoft (see https://lists.ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au/pipermail/tech/2010-January/003692.html )

    • [MPT] Should be able to get via charity account at a discount.
  • [NTU]: pre- and post- O-Day promotion plans.

    • Posters.
    • Lecture bashing.
    • TBD.
  • Sponsorship stuff.

    • Draft prospectus written up.
      • See [MPT]'s report.
    • Should have feedback from it and use it as a draft.
  • The Secretary keys still haven't been found.

    • [BLU] suggests that we get new keys and change the lock on the door.
    • This has become a security issue.
    • [MPT] will come back with an update next meeting.
  • [LMH] Motions To budget $90 for a vertical banner.

    • [TEC] seconds.
      • Unanimous.
  • Should write up a draft email of anouncing the AGM, new Door members and following the clubroom rules.

    • [BLU] will do that.
  • Another VR Night?

    • Good idea. Do in the first week of semester?
  • Need to engrave the other controller.

    • [EGG] Will take care of that.
  • What would be good for ODay:

    • Things from last year that were good:
      • Terminal attached to RPi was good.
      • Grafana dashboard of club's systems.
    • Things we should add this year:
      • Vertical banner.
      • Maybe a multiplayer controler based game?
        • Maybe some arcade game?
      • Plonk the 3d printer on the desk to show "we have a 3d printer".
        • Bonus: actually have it printing something
    • Other things to look at:
      • Ensure we have an ok marquee.
        • Our current one is bent?
        • May be worth getting a decent one ($150-200).
          • Will here more from [MPT] next committee meeting.
        • This may be an instance of Pratchett's Boot Economics

End Time

  • 14.52