University Computer Club Committee Meeting Minutes 2024-04-19


  • [SEB] Bones Gazey, Vice President
  • [GPO] Gary O'Donovan, Treasurer
  • [ROY] Roy Xu, Ordinary Committee Member
  • [DOC] Diarmuid O'Connor, Ordinary Committee Member
  • [LHP] Lauren Pudney, Ordinary Committee Member


  • [BLU] Grace Fowler, President
  • [KKZ] Ariel Carter, Secretary
  • [SVN] Lyla Peng, Fresher Representative


Start Time

  • 16:56

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • No report

Vice President's Report

  • "Achieved absolutely jack shit"
  • Went to tech meeting
  • "Uni's fucked up"
  • Door trained Lauren
  • got all of our events "approved" by guild environmental officer

Secretary's Report

  • Went to Tech meeting/Project Night.
    • Winadmin now yay.
  • Did some thinking about project night poster and made up a design but need to actually implement it.

Treasurer's Report

  • Westpac Main $6,320.89
  • Westpac Savings $46,250.12
  • Westpac Card $46.71
  • Guild Account $3,051.26

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Haven't done much
  • (seriously underestimated workload and successfully missed deadline today :D

OCM Reports

  • [ROY]

    • Finally sorted out Apple account.
    • Went to git Good tech talk.
    • Went to Tech meeting/Project Night.
    • Trival stuffs
      • Wiki update, communicate stuffs about backups with wheels
  • [DOC]

    • Had 3 assessments this week, so didn't have much time for anything :(
  • [LHP]

    • Door trained
    • Went to Git talk

Action Items from Last Meeting

  • [GPO] to find cartridges for new printer

    • Not done
  • [GPO] and [DOC] will email past tech talk people for requests.

    • Done, can do more.
  • Need to decide on manufacturer for stickers.

  • Make new project night poster

    • [KKZ] has made an idea/template thing.
  • [GPO] will try to get Commbank account sorted so we can start going into this.

    • Not done (kill)
  • Committee/Wheel: Write data retention policy.

    • In progress
  • Advertise in CS building for Project Night.

    • Wait for poster
  • Exec to sign Tenancy agreement.

    • [GPO] to follow up on MOnday
  • [BLU] to update the ACNC personal page with [SEB] as VP.

    • Not done?
  • [ROY] will continue with setup for Apple developer account.

    • Done
      • Yippee
  • [BLU] will make a shopping list.

    • Not done
  • [SEB] will set up a when2meet for Westpac.

    • Not done
  • [SEB] will make 'Soviet Russian Gag' shirt.

    • Not done
  • [KKZ] will reach out to other clubs about advertising.

    • In progress, UWAES has expressed interest in co-hosting their next minecraft competition server.

Machine Technical Reports


  • No updates
  • No vuln scanner, maybe something to look into?
  • Regular reboot for kernel patches?


  • Backup projector is dead
    • Look at second hand, ask for recommendations
    • [ROY] [DOC] [GPO] New projector search

New Equipment

  • No updates

Drinks and Snacks

  • Out of stock of several drinks - coles/woolies/spudshed
  • Spudshed / campbells run for snacks

External Entities



  • SOCPAC meeting april


Other Entities



  • More info about apple dev account (wiki page coming soon)
    • Eligibility is renewed each year, one committee member must be representative each year.
    • We need to decide how to assign roles to people interested in using it.
      • [BRD] and [RME] have gotten accounts
      • Case-by-case basis for needs, but default is normal dev account
    • No hackintosh use on that dev account


Past Events

Git Good at Git Talk

  • Co-streaming on discord was a success
  • Venue was good

Charity Vigil

  • Fridge money is done, so budget will be done soon.

Confirmed Events

Project Night

  • Poster being made

Tech Talks

  • [EAR] and [CHS] are doing WebRTC tech talk Wk 9, 3pm 1/5

50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary LAN
  • Run during sem break, weekend July 20/21st
  • will do pizza order
  • [SEB] will make the EMP
Sit Down Dinner
  • Tickets: $80 for students, maybe $90 for non-students. Total quote is $4850 at the moment
  • UniClubs 20240921T1830
  • Merchs and other stuffs available in subcom 1 Apr's minutes
  • Current committee members should join subcom

Tentative/Future Events

Joint Camp

  • $1700 deposit paid
    • It's happening yaaaay!

Club Collaboration

  • Minecraft Server collab with Esports
    • Draft
    • Managed by Esports, hosted by UCC
      • We should get on board with managing if sever is going to be advertised as "Cam Hall MC server"
    • Arena mode for next week
    • Faction mode during sem break
    • Appoint someone as "GameMaster" (event runner)? Not necessary to be UCCan
  • Laser Tag with Esports
    • They've approached us before, waiting for futher communication
  • [GPO] to talk further with esports
  • Revive UWA Tech clubs collaboration server
    • [GPO] and [LHP]

Closed Section

Door Applications

  • [BRZ], [JCK] (Jack Langoulant) were appointed as door members

General Business

Important/Get Done Soon


Major plan/ideas to do this year

New equipment we should get

Action Items

  • [GPO] [LHP] Rebuild UWA Tech Clubs collab server
  • [SEB] will make the 50th LAN EMP
  • [ROY] [DOC] [GPO] New projector search
  • [BLU] will make a shopping list.
  • [SEB] will set up a when2meet for Westpac.
  • [SEB] will make 'Soviet Russian Gag' shirt.
  • Exec to sign Tenancy agreement.
  • [BLU] to update the ACNC personal page with [SEB] as VP.
  • [GPO] to find cartridges for new printer
  • Committee to decide on manufacturer for stickers.
  • [KKZ] [GPO] Make new project night poster

End time

  • 18:24