AARNET is the body that controls academic and research networks inside Australia, and the University of Western Australia's traffic may be carried across their network.

AARNET Acceptable Use Policy:

  1. The function of AARNet is to carry material which supports the academic and research enterprise of higher education institutions and CSIRO and that this material may include news and ancillary materials relevant to the aims and objectives of these organisations.
    1. The AVCC, in conjunction with CSIRO and through the AARNet Advisory Board, will decide which categories of material it will allow to be transmitted and those it will not transmit;
    2. specific materials not normally transmitted through the network may be provided to individual sites if the materials are required by network members for legitimate teaching and/or research purposes and if the request for such materials is supported by the Chief Executive Officer of the institution requesting such materials; and
    3. if material which AARNet has resolved should not be transmitted is injected into the network the membership of the network member responsible for that action may be terminated by the AVCC.
  2. This acceptable use policy includes the use of AARNet in connection with the administrative activities of the member organisations of AARNet, and also includes the use of AARNet for institutional support services.
  3. This acceptable use policy includes the use of AARNet in support of the various infrastructural service support activities associated with the academic and research enterprise.
  4. Use of AARNet for commercial purposes, and use of AARNet for purposes unrelated to the broad areas of relevance to the academic and research community is not considered acceptable use of AARNet services.
  5. The use of AARNet by Australian organisations other than AVCC member institutions and CSIRO divisions requires the execution of an AARNet Affiliate Membership Agreement by the organisation and the AVCC. The AVCC reserves the right to approve each application for Affiliate Membership on a case by case basis.
  6. Traffic originating from peer academic and research networks which conforms to the originating network's acceptable use policies is in general considered acceptable traffic to be carried over AARNet.
  7. AARNet facilities cannot be used by any individual or group of persons for any activities of an illegal or fraudulent nature, including such illegal activities as defined under the Australian Commonwealth Government Telecommunications Act 1989, or other applicable State and Commonwealth laws.