Offline groups, Armourers and Costumers

Here you will find various shops and stores for making costumes, armour and weapons for Medieval groups. These places are well worth a visit if they are in your local area!

It is also worth while asking the members of the group you are with about special equipment supplies for armour and equipment as they will generally know of special businesses and locations from where you can purchase the supplies you need.

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Hardware stores

Fabric shops

Leather shops

Opp shops and second-hand stores

Hardware stores for metalworking and woodworking tools and materials

Odin Street Hardware is an excellent place to get wire for chain mail along with other tools for making armour. A map to the place is below.

Phone (08) 9446 1222 or Fax (08) 9446 8591 and ask for Brian Robinson

Odin Hardware Shop

Bunnings is another great place to get grinding discs, belts and wood for making armour and weapons.

Again, an excellent place to get some of the tools needed for the making of arms and armour.

Fabric shops for making costumes

Has an excellent range of fabrics and patterns for making medieval costumes.

Another group of shops that sell a great range of fabrics and patterns.

Excellent group of shops for good quality fabrics and patterns at great prices.

Phone 9375 9600 and ask for 'Di'.

This little shop sells a great variety of womens clothing that can be associated with the Medieval ages, the clothes range from skirts to full dresses and can range from $25 up to over $200 for exquisite dresses! A shop that is well worth visiting.

Leather shops for leather tools and leather pieces

Phone: (08) 9227 9127 during business hours or (08) 9277 7304 after hours.

Facsimile: (08) 9227 1455. The person to speak to is Diana Van-Hostauyen

A great shop for leather and leatherworking tools and members of the Medieval groups in WA get a 10% discount (best to show membership card when asking for discount). A map to the shop is displayed below.

Western Leathercraft

Opp shops and second-hand stores for various costumes and utensils for eating, making protective gear etc.

A great group of shops for various bits and pieces for costuming and other sorts of crafts and work for making or getting medieval gear together.

Yet another great group of stores for finding gear for medieval stuff.

These stores have gear for camping, protective combat clothing and other stuff as well. Well worth visiting for a browse!

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