UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-06-01



  • [GOZ] Andrew Gozzard [President]
  • [CFE] Zack Wong [Treasurer]
  • [FVP] Felix von Perger [Secretary]
  • [CHB] Alden Bong [OCM]
  • [LCY] Chien Yi Lo [OCM]


  • [TFM] Thomas Miller
  • [PJA] Peter Allnutt
  • [ROB] Robert Hortin


  • [JWB] William Chesnutt [Vice President]
  • [GIR] Caira Bayman [Fresher Rep]


  • [KAT] C. C. 'Blake' [OCM]


  • [BOB] Andrew "Bob" Adamson
  • Chris, UWA IEEE president
  • [LE@] Elliot Nunn
  • [TRS] James Andrewartha
  • [MTL] Mark Tearle
  • [TBB] Alfred Burgess
  • [BJS] Sam Benson

Meeting opened at 16.07

Confirmation of minutes from 2018-05-25

  • [JWB] doesn't like the lack of detail on the email to [BOB].
    • There was no mention of sending a warning to [BOB].
    • [GOZ] has since sent emails to wheel@ to clarify policy issues and to [BOB] to clarify the warning.
    • The consensus of the committee was to send a warning to [BOB].
  • No other issues.

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Not a lot to report.
  • Spoke to various people including Chris, president of UWA IEEE.
  • [GIR] arrives at 16:08.

Vice President's Report

  • Absent, report delivered later.
  • Considered door policy.
  • Had an interesting discussion with [LE@] about the BeBoxen on Monday night.

Secretary's Report

  • Sent an email to [BOB]. LOL.
  • Looked into RFID cards.
    • [JWB] arrives at 16:09.
    • We might get a free "Wow Pack" from https://info.madebyoomph.com/
      • Nope, sadly they charge £20 shipping for postage outside the UK.
    • Sent a bunch of other requests to companies asking for quotes.
    • Probably around $2-3 AUD per card for low volumes (minimum order would be probably be around 50-100 cards)
  • Talked to [TRS] about wifi after last meeting.
    • See section New Equipment below.
  • Multifunction printers
    • Minimum price for something decent (colour laser printer + scanner with feeder) would be around $400
    • Price increases further if you buy it from a reputable source (online) - around $600
    • Something like Brother MFC-9340CDW might be suitable. ($597 from Harvey Norman)
    • Probably not worth it. We already have a working printer.
  • Checked the mail on Thursday.

Treasurer's Report

  • Accounts:
    • Cheque:
    • Mastercard:
    • Guild: Same as it always is.
  • Grants have been submitted.
  • Need to reimburse [BOB] $209.99 for new SSD
    • [CFE] Motion to reimburse [BOB] $209.99 for new SSD.
      • [JWB] seconds.
      • Motion passes unanimously.
  • I also now have time to actually do things, yay

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Freshers are still happy.

OCM Reports

  • [KAT] is absent.
  • [CHB] has nothing to report.
  • [LCY] has nothing to report.

Machine Technical Reports


  • [CFE] Broken things are still broken, working things are still working.
  • [GOZ] It's UCC, it takes an unfathomable amount of effort to fix.


  • Nothing new.


  • New SSD for Pinball is still on its way, [BOB] will be reimbursed for it once it arrives.

New equipment

  • Upgrade 802.11 infrastructure
    • [TRS] recommends the following:
    • [GOZ] agrees with recommendations of [TRS].
    • [JWB] It seems a bit steep.
    • [PJA] The club shouldn't necessarily be spending money to provide services outside the clubroom.
    • [TFM] Perhaps we should remove our services outside the clubroom to draw people back into the room.
    • Committee is not in full agreement that we should do a full upgrade.
    • [GOZ] Should we discuss with other committees to see if they would be willing to contribute to the upgrade cost?
      • TODO: [GOZ] to discuss with other clubs to gauge interest in wifi upgrades.
    • [FVP] Motion to budget $300.00 to buy a UniFi nanoHD.
      • [GOZ] seconds.
      • Motion passes unanimously.
  • [GOZ] unhappily realises that we now have an additional Silicon Graphics box on the shelf.

Drinks and Snacks

  • Nothing to report.

External Entities


  • Nothing came in the mail.


  • Next SOC meeting is coming up soonish.
  • [GOZ] If we can't send anyone to this meeting then we need to make sure we send apologies.

Other Affairs

  • [FVP] Called PABX supervisor on 2377.
    • Last call was from Andrew Gozzard, then UCC Vice President, in 2014
    • Confirmed that contact details are up to date
    • Confirmed that the UWA standard pricing scheme is the only option available for UWA internal landlines ($22/month, unknown but fixed call rates)
    • Suggest getting club smart/dumb mobile with a cheap plan like Amaysim $10/year
    • Asked about passwords on outgoing calls; no system to implement this seems to be currently in place according to the PABX people.
    • So, about the phone.
      • [JWB] It's f***ing useful.
      • [TFM] Easy to call security.
      • [GOZ] The phone is very convenient to have.
      • [JWB] Realistically, we pay that money so that we don't have to think about it. And it works.
      • [GOZ] If we weren't automatically billed for it, it would probably die out.
      • [GOZ] The treasurer, [CFE], does not complain about it, so it can't be significant.
      • [LCY] Something has been done, now we know more about it at least.
      • [GOZ] We can probably just live with it. We can receive incoming calls and it makes a funny ringing sound.
    • No further comment is made; committee is in consensus that the phone can be kept.


[ROB] UWA Sports eSports Event

  • [ROB] has just left.
  • [GOZ] had to bail a day before the event.
  • [CFE] was there just after the event, [ROB] said that turnout was much better than expected.
  • [CFE] doesn't know how much value we got out of it.
  • [ROB] walks back in.
  • [ROB] It was an interfaculty event, so most of the people that were invited were not already members of Cameron Hall clubs.
    • Around 70-80 people in Cameron Hall during the event.
    • Thanks to [TFM], [TBB] and [BJS] for helping out.
    • Some internal muckups due to timing of rounds and so on.
    • One new signup during the event thanks to [FVP].
    • From what I've heard from UWA Sport, they are happy with the club involvement.

[ROB] UCC Nostalgia Night

  • Something to bring up again next semester.

Quiz Night

  • [CFE] sighs.
    • [GOZ] It's not actually that bad.
  • Quizmittee meeting on
    • [GOZ] No approval was made formally by quizmittee for clubs to actually spend any money on prizes.
      • However, at least one person in each club remembered what happened in previous years and went and spent money anyway, including UCC ($60 of steam vouchers).
      • Except for UniSFA which explicitly decided to not spend any money.
    • 3 options provided by Quizmittee to resolve the interclub reimbursement issue. Options must be ranked by preference.
      • Option A: No club is reimbursed anything.
      • Option B: UCC, Panto and Unigames get $50 each, UniSFA does not get anything.
      • Option C: UniSFA gets nothing, Unigames gets $50, UCC gets $60 and Panto gets $90.
    • [JWB] reads out the Quiz Night reports.
      • Option A, B and C give us $95.00, $107.50 and $105.00 profit respectively.
    • [GOZ] Option A is the technically correct solution. Constitutionally it is dodgy whether or not we can actually approve spending to cover another club's mistake.
    • Committee discusses the options.
      • [GOZ] leaves the room to tell the people in the loft to be quiet.
      • Committee is in consensus that option B is our first preference.
    • [GOZ] Motion to officially approve options A and B with a preference for option B.
      • [LCY] seconds.
      • Motion passes unanimously.

Movie nights

  • Rolling reminder.

Sysadmin "Tech-talk" workshop

  • Also a reminder.


  • EMP is done and approved.
    • [GOZ] claps.
  • Now we need to advertise.
    • [KAT] has been busy and hasn't been able to make a poster yet.
    • [FVP] has put it on the whiteboard.
    • [FVP] is feeling sad and depressed and doesn't want to do the social media advertising.
    • TODO: [GOZ] Make social media posts for camp.
  • We also need to look into internet for camp.
    • Need a SIM card and a modem.
      • [GOZ] We have skywhale in the tool cupboard.
    • Need to run a network night sometime before camp to make sure everything works.
    • TODO: [FVP] Investigate options for camp internet.
  • Ticket sales are managed in dispense.
  • [CFE] has been working on the paperwork side of things and attendee forms.
  • TODO: [FVP] Update the wiki page.

Action Items from 2018-05-25


  • [GOZ]: Send email about door incentives - done.


  • [CFE]: Untangle financial records for 2016 - [CFE] laughs maniacally.
  • [CFE]: Write and submit SOC grant applications - done.
  • [CFE]: Implement committee handover documentation archive - to be done later.
  • [CFE]: Chase up [LDT] and ask about Windows licenses - not done.
    • [GOZ] had a chat to [LDT].
      • [LDT] has the keys if we need them.
      • [LDT] apparently has updated wheel docs... somehow?
    • [JWB] leaves the room at 17:23.


  • [CFE] and [FVP]: Finish writing and submit the EMP for Camp - done.
  • [FVP] and [CFE]: Organise sysadmin workshop - to do after exams.
  • [FVP]: Research options for multifunction printers - done.
  • [FVP]: Send an email to [BOB] - done, and done again by [GOZ]
  • [FVP]: Investigate printed RFID cards - done.


  • [KAT]: Get a poster for Camp - not done yet.
  • [KAT] and [CFE]: Print cards for machine specs and clubroom rules - ongoing.


  • [JWB], [LCY] and [CHB]: Discuss door policy reviews - ongoing.
  • [LCY]: Organise first-year unit study events - been too busy.
    • Bring back next semester.
  • Committee: Everyone with RSA or Food Safety certificates, please send them to [CFE].
    • [JWB] returns to the room at 17:26.
    • These have to be submitted sometime before the camp.
    • [LCY] notes that Coke Zero is a diuretic.
    • [JWB] complains that the meeting is going too long.

General Business

  • [FVP] Discuss BeBox sale price.
    • Do we really want to sell these? Consider Elliot's email.
    • [GOZ] When the emails went out to tech@ about the BeBoxen, the general consensus was that we can sell them.
      • [MTL]'s comment about "selling the family silver" is not wrong.
      • The club doesn't need to sell them.
    • [JWB] Selling them is irreversable.
    • TODO: [FVP] to send email to tech@ to continue the discussion.
    • [FVP] The BeBox was literally the first item I pulled off the shelf, and there's a lot of actual junk around UCC that takes up a lot more space.
    • Note to those who are interested in discussions relating to selling or investigating things around UCC, please subscribe to tech mailing list.
  • [FVP] wants to discuss the tech cleanup on Saturday 23/06/2018.
    • The point of the cleanup is to pull things off shelves and out from under desks and consider why the club has them.
    • [GOZ] Coloured stickers would be useful (ie. red to mark for death, green to keep)
    • [FVP] wants to make sure there will be free pizza.
      • [GOZ] A reasonable budget would be under $5 per person.
  • [FVP] Review long and short term goals and discuss timeframes.
    • Points raised at the AGM, which we have not yet specifically discussed:
      • More women in UCC / on committee; be more inclusive and more broad.
      • Increase focus on computer science / technological interests.
        • [GOZ] We should try to do more tech talks and stuff.
      • Clubroom renovations
        • Making clubroom better suit our purposes (better access to tool cupboard, workbench, 3D printer)
        • Machine room rebuild
        • Make the room more inviting
        • General consensus from AGM about using some of the term deposit money to generally make the clubroom better.
        • [GOZ] Something that should be done around the same time as the floors in Cameron Hall.
        • [CFE] We should figure this out before 3rd of August so we can apply for Special Project Grants.
    • What we have discussed already:
      • Door policy reviews.
        • [GOZ] personally wants the changes to be in effect by the start of semester 2.
    • [GOZ] Keep these as reminders to things from the AGM.
  • [BOB] UCC needs new couches. Our current ones are feral.
    • [GOZ] thinks we probably just need to wash them.
    • [JWB] looks disgustedly at the arms of the couch covered in human detritis.
    • [GOZ] Couches are expensive, we should ideally try cleaning them first.
    • [JWB] Some of the cushions are damaged.
    • [LCY] suggests using some kind of heavy duty "Rug Doctor" cleaning stuff.
    • TODO: [GOZ] Look into cleaning the couches.
  • [FVP] Discuss what events we are going to run in the next 3-6 months.
    • Anniversary dinner: not until September
    • UCC and Unigames camp are a month apart.
      • [GOZ] We shouldn't run anything big in between because it will probably have low attendance.
    • End of semester LAN?
    • [GOZ] Everyone keep in mind we need to think of events to run.
      • We did do some good events earlier but stopped due to low attendance.

Meeting closed at 17:48.

Current Action Items


  • [GOZ] Discuss with other clubs to gauge interest in wifi upgrades.
  • [GOZ] Make social media posts for camp.
  • [GOZ] Look into cleaning the couches.


  • [CFE] Untangle financial records for 2016.
  • [CFE] Implement committee handover documentation archive.
  • [CFE] Chase up [LDT] and ask about Windows licenses.


  • [FVP] and [CFE]: Organise sysadmin workshop (next semester).
  • [FVP] Send business case for multifunction printers to lists to get feedback.
  • [FVP] Investigate options for camp internet.
  • [FVP] Update the Camp wiki page.
  • [FVP] Respond to emails about the BeBoxen.


  • [KAT] Produce or otherwise obtain a poster for Camp.
  • [KAT] and [CFE]: Print cards for machine specs and clubroom rules.


  • [JWB], [LCY] and [CHB]: Continue discussing door policy reviews.
  • [LCY]: Organise first-year unit study events (next semester).
  • Committee: Everyone with RSA or Food Safety certificates, please send them to [CFE].

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